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Chapter 452: Sand Storm

    Chapter 452: Sand Storm

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    The street was very bright under the row of torches, a big crowd was sweeping the dust under the instructions of the government officer. Some were repairing the circuits by standing on the ladder.

    At that moment, everyone in Hope City was pretty busy and there were much more people at the top level. Many of the places have fallen apart and certain regions have collapsed. A strong wind with dark gray crystals and sand blew through the cracks and made the temperature drop to below negative 20 degrees Celsius.

    However, they could not feel the cold as they have been warmed up by the torches on the street.

    Many of the residents were shouting propaganda while they tried to move the big rocks. Some were holding a pail with cement inside and poured it into the cracks on the ground.

    Due to the absence of machinery, they were carrying the cement with their hands and shoulders. Although most of the people were wearing thin jackets, they were all sweating.

    People tend to think about negative things in dire times of hopelessness. When everyone in the city began to work together, even those who were depressed would regain their spirits

    The Firearms Bureau was a special operations team placed directly under Luo Yuan.

    When they exited the underground city, the strong wind was blowing strongly until they found themselves being blown backward. Lin Feiyan, who was the smallest sized in the group was even floating in the air and then rolled a few rounds after falling on the ground. She quickly picked herself up.

    She looked embarrassed, everyone pretended they did not see it.

    Fortunately, they did proper precautionary measures for the sandstorm. Everyone was wearing a glass with cotton stuffed into their nose and ears. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for them to walk.

    Crazy Mister Wang quickly laid down on the ground to resist the strong wind. He then spat out the sand in his mouth and said, "Damn it! The wind is so strong! We could be blown away!"

    "The wind was definitely weak for Mayor Luo, but it is undeniably strong for us. Can you talk to Mayor Luo about this?" Li Dong said and smiled.

    "Li Dong, no one would think you’re dumb if you don’t talk." Crazy Mister Wang said angrily.

    "Hey, that’s enough. What kind of weapon do you think the aliens are using? It has been so long. How long can the night last anymore?" Fang Peibin tried to calm the situation down, as he looked up to the sky.

    The sky was dark with zero sunlight. It was day time, but it felt like a cold night.

    "The situation is similar to winter. There is so much dust in the ozone layer. Perhaps we would need another three to four years to see the sunlight though!" Xu Zhiqiang sighed and said.

    "By that time, the Earth would be frozen and mutated beasts would not be able to survive." Fang Peibin said. The temperature was below negative 30 degrees Celsius, the earth's temperature would be like that of the North and South Pole if this continues. Everyone remained silent.

    "We are running out of time; stop talking nonsense. We have three destinations now – why not divide ourselves into three teams? Wu Qianru and I will go to Twilight City, Fang Peibin, Crazy Mister Wang and Xu Qian Tan go to United City, the rest will head to Victory City. Any objections?" Lin Feiyan interrupted their conversation.



    As Lin Feiyan was embarrassed earlier, everyone quickly agreed to avoid offending her.

    "That’s great! Let’s go, Wu Qianru!"

    Lin Feiyan ran forward with a serious expression. Her body size was really small and she could possibly be blown away anytime.

    Xie Junhui said softly when both of the ladies had gone further, "I think the Captain would not make it to Twilight City."

    "I think so. She is so tiny, and could be blown away anytime." Crazy Mister Wang said excitedly.

    "She could probably fly faster than us!"

    Everyone was laughing.

    "I hate to remind you, but the wind direction could bring your conversation to her ears!" Li Dong said.

    Everyone was stunned and stopped talking. "Oh! I think we better depart now!"

    "You’re right! It’s quite late already, bye!"

    Everyone quickly left.

    Lin Feiyan was extremely mad, she was gripping her fists tightly. She took a deep breath and suppressed her anger, pretended that she did not hear anything and continued walking. Her big jacket and hair were blowing haphazardly due to the strong wind.

    "Let’s walk together!" Wu Qianru ran to catch up with her.

    Liin Feiyan’s expression remained unchanged, but she was holding Wu Qianru tightly.

    The wind was still around level eight or nine and it kept changing its direction. When they adapted to it, it became a tornado. They almost fell several times, causing them to feel annoyed and was on the verge of shouting.

    Lin Feiyan found a solution – both of them carried a big rock with them. Apparently, it worked quite well!

    The world was totally dark, and they could not see a thing. Lots of sand and stones pelted them like rain drops. Some of the stones were as big as a human fist. Although they were super evolved humans, they could still feel the pain.

    Compared to the low temperature of below negative 30-degrees Celsius, the sand storm was a disaster to them.

    Lin Feiyan’s evolutionary power was to absorb heat energy. She could give off cold and absorb heat even at such low temperatures. While Wu Qianru’s power was life absorption, her strength was not powerful enough, but she was the strongest survivor.

    When they arrived at the outskirts, the journey was even worse than before.

    The Reconstruction Area was in a desert. Several plants had grown since the apocalypse. There was a thin layer of corrosive substances on the ground, hence, it was difficult to find any sand at all.

    However, it turned into a desert again after the disaster.

    The sand could even be frozen under such a low temperature due to the strong wind. It swirled into a cyclone and some had formed a moving hill on the desert, which kept moving.

    The worst thing was that they could hardly see anything. Upon realizing that something was wrong, that was the time they would be buried underground.

    They had been buried in the sand a few times and ate quite a lot of sand along their journey. Luckily, they were super evolved humans, or else they would have died earlier.

    They finally found a cliff after walking for two hours.

    "Let’s take a break." Lin Feiyan said as she spat out her sand-filled saliva.

    Wu Qianru was exhausted; both of them quickly found a hiding place and sat down to rest. The wind had stopped blowing, and both of them could finally breathe normally.

    "Captain, let’s see how much further we have." Wu Qianru said while gasping.

    The electromagnetic pulse has damaged the intelligent terminal. Luckily there were a few more. Lin Feiyan checked on the intelligent terminal and exclaimed angrily, "25 kilometers more!"

    "So does this mean we had only achieved less than ten kilometers of distance in two hours?! How much further do we have left?" Wu Qianru felt helpless.

    "What we are going through now is nothing compared to those who passed away during the disaster." Lin Feiyan chimed in immediately.

    Wu Qianru recalled the corpses from the warehouses, the burnt factories, and many more cities which had been damaged. She then felt guilty and ashamed.

    "You’re right, Captain! I’m done with resting – let’s go! We need to get to the situation of Twilight City as soon as possible."

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