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Chapter 454: Spirit Boosting

    Chapter 454: Spirit Boosting

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    Although it was just a spaceship for emergency purposes, it was very powerful and was able to operate in an interstellar sailing mode. Its highest speed could reach half the speed of light. Of course, it could not travel at that speed in the solar system due to the high volume of meteorites, as it would be far too dangerous. Thus, its maximum speed was almost similar to the speed of Luo Yuan's space-time bubble.

    When entering the ozone layer, its speed would be reduced.

    Due to the strong friction in the ozone layer, the giant spaceship was burning like a meteorite with flames around its entire body and a long blaze trailing behind. It was moving towards the Earth.

    In the control room, the 3D video of the virtual scene had been replaced by the flames, and they could only watch its side view.

    Luo Yuan took a glance and did not really care much. As a spacecraft traveling in a dark space, its flight did not only rely on optical detection but instead, various forms of composite detections. Even if they could not see anything outside, it would not affect its operations.

    He continued to read the data and information on the screen.

    The Glassian’s script was quite similar to Mandarin characters, as it was descended from Hieroglyphics instead of multiple terms. Hence, the Glassian’s script only comprised about 10,000 characters. In fact, he did not need to communicate in the Glassian language, as it was not necessary for him to learn the pronunciation, but rather, to remember the definition of every single character. That would be helpful for him to learn in the future.

    He had an amazing photographic memory as he could remember everything he had seen. In just a short time, he had already understood most of the Glassian script. Although a long article was difficult for him, he could still manage to read the name of the buttons on the device.

    The spaceship had finally landed and stopped after taxiing for a while.

    It was 600 thousand kilometers away from the Earth when it departed. While it only took a few minutes to complete 590 thousand kilometers, half an hour was taken to complete the last 100 thousand kilometers.

    "Mr. Captain, the emergency spaceship has arrived at its destination:

    "External gravity: 9.8 meters per second squared"

    "Wind power - 8.2 magnitude"

    "Visibility: 0.3 meters"

    "Temperature: -32 degrees Celsius"

    "Atmospheric content…"

    "Open the door!" Luo Yuan interrupted. Apparently, the sub-system duplicated from the artificial intelligence was not as intelligent as he thought it would be.

    "Mr. Captain, the door is open. Reminder, the external environment is not suitable for life, you are encouraged to put on your space suit…" The artificial intelligent reminded anxiously.

    However, Luo Yuan had left even before it finished talking.

    In order to avoid damaging the underground city of Hope City, the spaceship landed on a desert nearby. The huge size of its body remained stationary in the sand storm which made it looked like a black hill from afar. Luo Yuan turned back and took a glance before walking towards the Hope City

    After spending half a day to repair the circuits, the electricity supply had resumed operations in the underground city. The power supply in Luo Yuan’s villa was the first few circuits back in its usual operation.

    At that moment, a few people were talking and laughing inside the villa.

    Wang Shishi was wearing a green jacket; her cheeks were rosy, complemented by a pair of charming eyes sitting atop her cute face. She looked lovely with both hands propping her chin up on the table "Why is Brother Luo not coming back yet?" She asked.

    "He must be very busy now." Zhao Yali said gently. She was wearing a tight emerald jacket, as gentle as the girls in Jiangnan province. She was very excited and surprised by the external news upon hearing that Luo Yuan had become a Mayor!

    Although Luo Yuan was the deputy minister of the Firearms Bureau previously, which was of a similar rank as the Mayor of Hope City, he was only responsible for managing his department. In fact, he did not have much authority too back then, but it was different when he had become Mayor of Hope City.

    "I heard that a nuclear winter is coming soon and the Earth will be undergoing an ice age. I wonder what would happen in the future." Although Huang Jiahui was wearing a thick beige jacket, it could not cover her svelte body figure. She frowned, with worries plastered all over her face.

    Everyone immediately looked depressed upon hearing her sigh. The weather was getting cold, and they could feel the chill despite being in an underground city, let alone above ground level.

    "Brother Luo can solve this right?" Wang Shishi said, with no worries. She had been admiring Luo Yuan for a long time, and there was nothing he could not do in her eyes.

    However, he was not God, and he could not make the glacier melt. Ye Qiuyu felt rather odd upon hearing what Wang Shishi had said.

    Amongst the rest, he was the one with the thickest clothing, as her body was weaker than those who had evolved several times now. She was wrapped with a few layers of clothes but could still feel the cold.

    Suddenly, they heard some noises coming from outside; something could possibly have happened.

    It got worse after a while. Wang Shishi could not sit still anymore and said as she got up from the couch, "I’ll take a look!"

    "Quickly come back!" Huang Jiahui said. The situation kept changing from time to time. They had to check it out, otherwise, they would not be in the know of the happenings as they were living in the outskirts.

    Wang Shishi rushed out of the manor. At that moment, there were lots of policemen guarding the manor, and there was a group of military police on duty throughout the day and night.

    "Mr. Police, do you know what’s happening outside?" Wang Shishi asked.

    "I’m not sure, let me ask someone to check it out." The chief police did not dare to ignore her and quickly answered. The communication system is still down, and they were basically communicating verbally instead of using any form of device to help. Apparently, it was not about safety at all.

    "It’s alright, let me take a look outside." Wang Shishi left as she said.

    The police were not very concerned, as Hope City was under martial law at the moment, where there were military police everywhere. Even if something did happen, they would attend to it immediately. Moreover, Wang Shishi was not an ordinary person.

    After walking for a few kilometers, the crowd began to gather around and cheer. Everyone seemed to be excited and talking out loud.

    Wang Shishi was listening to their conversation and was surprised with what she heard. It was shocking – she could not believe what they had said.

    What did she hear? Apparently, there was a spaceship that landed outside Hope City and was looking to recruit manpower to modify the spaceship! Human beings were going to leave the Earth!

    Since Luo Yuan returned to Hope City, he immediately called for a meeting with the city council. In order to boost the spirit of the citizens, a series of advertising had been deployed in Hope City. At the same time, some of the government officers would migrate first.

    Among all the people in the pre-migration team, apart from the engineers and researchers, most of them were the general workers.

    The advertising campaign performed greater than expected. The citizens had stopped working, expressed their emotions with excitement and caused the workforce to be shut down for a short period of time.

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