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Chapter 463: Normal

    Chapter 463: Normal

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    If it was weather like any other, there was nothing that Luo Yuan could do.

    However, as the earth was now experiencing a nuclear winter, the temperature outside was -60 degrees Celsius. Apart from the holes, the ground was covered in snow. It was almost no difference with the north and south poles, which might be possible to deter the volcano from erupting.

    The layer of ice on a cold -60 degrees Celsius day was as tough as a rock, which thickened the earth’s crust. Although the ice layer was not thick enough yet, it would be much thicker as time went by. Furthermore, due to the unique concave terrain of the holes, it was easier to form bowl-shaped ice layer as a barricade of the volcano that was about to erupt.

    That was just his estimation. Looking at the time, it was impossible to stop the eruption completely, but delaying it was plausible.

    What Luo Yuan needed was not to completely avoid the consequences as long as the place was safe to live whenever they were still on earth. As soon as mankind left the earth, it was none of his business whether the volcano had erupted or not.

    Luo Yuan flew out of the bottom of the lake immediately. He put on his clothes, flew upwards and stopped at the wall that was covered in snow.

    It had been half a month since the disaster happened. There was a massive amount of snow that was mixed with volcanic ashes and hailstones that fell from the sky. The layer of ice in the hole was five meters thick, and it was black in color.

    He let out a long and powerful breath which formed an air column that shot 10 meters away. Soon, it became nothing but crushed ice and fell towards the ground.

    Next, a wave that could be seen with the naked eye was released from his body. The crushed ice around him has then blown away.

    The air was vibrating intensely and the force field had been altered. Countless white electric arcs the size of a thumb sparked into the air. It gave light to the dark sky.

    Under the influence of the waves, the ice layer began to crack.

    In reality, due to lack of training, his growth of power had been stagnant. However, his Strength had reached 500 tons and +32. As compared to his previous stats, his Strength had multiplied by three times. As long as he was willing to, he had the ability to even change the weather. He was indeed God-sent.

    Although the wave was intense, it was not sufficient to crush the ice layer.

    There were electrical arcs exploding everywhere. The air pressure was then compressed, the air stopped flowing and it dissolved into a liquid. It happened so fast that only a high-speed camera could capture it.

    An explosion was heard, and a shock wave had spread all over the place.

    The ice layer was crushed into powder, and even the glass layer in the hole that was solidified by the lava had been blasted. The hole that was 100 kilometers wide was reverberating.

    As the glacier disappeared, the hole was like a domino, causing the area to collapse.

    Ice layers that covered a few hundred meters fell into the lake, and soon, the area nearby started to collapse with collateral damage.

    A crumbling noise followed the massive cracks. More and more ice layers had collapsed and its impact expanded like a virus.

    It happened so quickly that within minutes, the entire hole collapsed.

    Luo Yuan who was floating mid-air was surprised. He did not expect it to be this easy to fall apart like that, but it was also caused by the unique terrain of the crates that were in a bowl-shaped from the antimatter bomb explosion. The inside of the crate was flat and smooth which made the ice layers collapse easily.

    It would be so much harder to do the same on a normal terrain.

    As the glaciers fell into the hole, loud thuds were heard. The lake that was initially boiling was soon buried by the glacier.

    As compared to the crater, the glacier was just a thin layer, but the moment that all of it fell towards the bottom, it was piled 500 meters tall. Initially, there was still water vapor coming out of the hole, but as the lake’s temperature was decreasing due to the burying of the glacier, the water vapor was visibly reduced.

    In less than half a minute, the water vapor was nowhere to be seen. Under the extreme cold, the cracks between the ice layers had soon recovered and were now stuck together again.

    Luo Yuan watched from midair for a while. Seeing that everything had stopped, he was relieved.

    Although the ice did not seem to be able to stop the eruption, the absence of the boiling lake convinced him to know that the ice layer in the crater would be piled thicker in the cold weather. And soon, the entire crater would be filled with ice.

    He proceeded to do the same to the other crater.


    There was an uncanny atmosphere in the bathroom.

    A fair body was rubbing against his. Soon, her body twitched and she sat on the floor.

    "You are hurting me!" Wang Shishi moaned while slapping Luo Yuan.

    There was nothing that he could do. His body was even harder than metal; he was not a normal creature anymore. If not for Wang Shishi’s good physique, an ordinary woman would not be able to handle him at all.

    "You deserved it! It was you who wanted to go so far!" Luo Yuan teased her.

    "Although it was uncomfortable, it was kind of fun," said Wang Shishi while planting kisses on him.

    "You’re shameless!" Luo Yuan said.

    As the most difficult time had passed, he could finally go back to his normal life.

    Without the continuous growth of his Strength, he could control it perfectly now, without affecting his life.

    The both of them spent time for a while. Luo Yuan then stood up, put on his clothes and went back into his room. Although he had full control of his Strength now, it was still too dangerous for them to sleep together.

    He was afraid that he would hurt her while he was sleeping, and that would be gravely upsetting.

    Luo Yuan sat on his bed and used Will to refine his shoes that could anchor space. He then laid on the bed.

    Suddenly, he stood up, walked to the small arsenal in his room and opened the cabinet.

    He took out a glass bottle with the Wisdom Heart that he retrieved from the Blue Dragon’s nest half a month ago.

    He was worried that consuming it would bring about an unexpected change in his body. Furthermore, the attack of the Glassians came out of nowhere and occupied all his waking hours, which caused the Wisdom Heart to be neglected in the cabinet until now.

    He opened the bottle and poured the Wisdom Heart on his hand.

    As it was left there for a long time, it seemed to be dehydrated. There were cracks on its surface, but it was still active.

    Perhaps this was the only Wisdom Heart left on earth.

    His eyes sparkled as he stared at it.

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