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Chapter 464: Spirit Ignition

    Chapter 464: Spirit Ignition

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    Luo Yuan stared at the Wisdom Heart for a while. He took a bite and chewed it. A strange, sour taste flowed into his throat and stomach.

    The Wisdom Heart had gathered a majority of the nutrients and active energy from the Wisdom Tree. This purple level Wisdom Heart possessed a terrifying power where even Luo Yuan felt a tad bloated from just a bite.

    Just when he was about to eat the remaining one-third of the Wisdom Heart, a thought crossed his mind.

    Ever since he became the mayor, he was more selfless as he was able to put his people’s lives before his own. He thought he could research further into the mysterious power of the Wisdom Heart, as its structure was still within a biological category.

    It was formed by countless cells and possessed DNA of life codes, which meant that it could be cloned.

    Now that there were less than ten million people in the world, there were even fewer researchers. With such meager numbers, it was fortunate that their technology did not progress backward.

    However, this Wisdom Heart could change everything.

    The average human Intelligence was only +10, where +12 would be considered a genius and +13 was rare, having the ability of perfect recall. A +14 brain could calculate faster than a computer and this Wisdom Heart was at the purple level, which meant it was more effective for those with an Intelligence within +18. As soon as it could be mass produced, human evolution would be drastic and there would be a complete transformation in human civilization.

    When that happened, researchers would not be unique anymore – mankind would enter an era where everyone was a researcher. Until then, even the technology of the Glassians would be obsolete within ten years and mankind would enter a technology explosion era. The more he thought about it, the more excited he was. He kept pacing around in his room.

    Suddenly, the Wisdom Heart started to take effect on his body. His scalp was numb – he put his excitement aside and tried to calm down. He quickly laid down on his bed.

    Just as he did, his five senses were stripped away from him one by one.

    Fortunately, it was not his first time eating a Wisdom Heart. He was all too familiar with the changes that he was experiencing.

    He was in darkness for a while. When he opened his eyes, the world seemed to be much brighter. He felt elevated; there was an indescribable realization that flashed through his mind. The images from his birth until the present day were crystal clear in now. Every day, every moment, to every second of his memories were played in his mind.

    He could taste his first suckle during breastfeeding, his parents’ excitement, their laughter, their chatter. The memories that he had long forgotten were so clear in his mind. He even recalled the time when he was in his mother’s womb. It was a warm and peaceful place.

    Tears rolled slowly down his cheeks…

    Those were the best memories he ever had.

    He opened his eyes and let out a sigh. He then emptied his mind and looked at the system, his Intelligence was now +17.

    He was relieved that there were no changes to his four-dimensional vision.

    Suddenly, he noticed that there was an addition to his natural abilities.

    "Spirit Ignition (Level 9)"

    He was not surprised. To be honest, he had already owned a few natural abilities where he was no longer excited to earn an extra ability. Moreover, during the genetic modification experiment, he had seen all sorts of abilities where most of them were nothing to him.

    He clicked onto the Spirit Ignition selection.

    "Spirit Ignition"

    "Level: 9 (Will-related ability)

    "Effect: The ability to evaluate and accelerate the movement of microparticles."

    "Remarks: This is an ability to materialize spirits, distance does not affect its power!"

    The remark of the ability was not convincing to him; to accelerate the movement of microparticles did not excite him at all.

    Temperature was the manifestation of particle movements. The faster a particle moved, the higher the temperature. The slower the particle moved, the lower the temperature. The system exaggerated its ability. What it meant was that the ability would increase the temperature of the materials.

    He took a look again and he was stunned.

    What Luo Yuan noticed was not its effect, but how distance did not affect its power. He thought about it and realized the ability was similar to his space-time bubble where it involved the four-dimensional world.

    Anything that involved the four-dimensional world was not going to be an easy task.

    Just like the space-time bubble, his four-dimensional travel or even the least attractive four-dimensional vision were all abilities that broke the rules of the three-dimensional world. It allowed Luo Yuan to have a complete view of the world. It was like looking down from high altitudes down on the world which was at a lower altitude.

    His Spirit Ignition ability was related to the four-dimensional world.

    He was not as calm as he was before. He looked around, opened his arsenal and took a saber. It was a level seven Zhanmadao that was made from a giant beast’s teeth. It was a gift that came with the villa. He held the saber in front of him.

    Although the system did not show him how to utilize the ability, it was not too difficult for Luo Yuan. Since it was called Spirit Ignition, it had to be related to Will, where its activation was similar to how he usually used his Will.

    He let out a breath and gathered his Will.

    As his Will drained, there was a drastic change to the Zhanmadao.

    The tip of the saber had turned red and got brighter. It let out a bright glow and suddenly, a ball of light appeared in front of him like a mini sun. It lasted for three seconds and the glow soon died down.

    "That… That’s incredible!"

    He looked at the Zhanmadao, and was in shock. He even had slight trouble breathing. The tip of the saber was gone, the place was burnt black, and there was a thick, burnt smell in the air.

    Still shocked, he looked around for metal to experiment with. However, there was no metal in the room that he could play with. The supply of metal during the apocalypse was strict. Besides some important kitchen equipment, it was rare to find metal elsewhere. It was rare, even in the villa. For the sake of his experiments, he took out one of the locks since he would not be using it anyway.

    He squeezed the lock in his hand and used Spirit Ignition.

    This time it was even shorter. Within two seconds, half of the lock was gone.

    The lock was made of alloy and other major parts of it were steel too. Luo Yuan remembered that the boiling point of steel was 2750 degrees Celcius. To be able to gasify it, the temperature was three times more than its boiling point, possibly even above 10,000 degrees Celsius. It was possible that even he could not handle such a temperature.

    Although it drained his Will, it was only five times more than the time he used his space-time bubble. If he was willing to, he could last for more than ten minutes.

    He could not hide his excitement. Before this, his Will could heat up materials but the most he could achieve was burning wood or melt metal where the temperature would not go above 1,000 degrees Celsius. It was impossible to gasify materials. However, this ability that came from the Wisdom Heart seemed to have made it possible through his Will and other unknown techniques.

    Looking at the piece of metal, he realized that if it were just pure power, it would not excite Luo Yuan that much. What excited him was that this ability made up for his drawback for lacking a long-distance attack.

    If he had this ability when he was fighting the Glassians, it would not be so chaotic when he encountered the antimatter bomb from the mothership. All he had to do was to lock the target down and detonate it from afar.

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