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Chapter 467: Terrifying Effect

    Chapter 467: Terrifying Effect

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    Luo Yuan then headed towards the ocean.

    He moved across the surface of the ice like a stream of light. Countless cyclones and tornadoes had appeared in the air and subsided as he moved along. The clothes synthesized from the Demonic Horse's Mane were destroyed and only the belt was left unscathed. Although its effect was a lot weaker, it could still allow him to reach a speed of one kilometer per second. It was sufficient for him to fly in a regular manner.

    The whole ocean had been frozen over and covered by layers of jet black ice. In some of the regions, it was visible that the sea had barely a ripple on it, which would normally be formed with the rocky waves.

    On the surface of the ice, Luo Yuan could occasionally see the traces of marine life. However, they were all dead. Perhaps it was due to the abrupt changes that occurred, its curiosity, or even the hope to obtain oxygen (for some of the sea mammals), the gigantic marine beasts attempted to break the surface of the frozen ice before it thickened. They realized that they could no longer escape from the sea as soon as they jumped up to the top layer of the ice. Soon, they were frozen to death and turned into ice sculptures.

    Most of the marine wildlife were fish; one of the cold-blooded animals.

    Compared to the mammals, the aquatic life had lower cold tolerance. Basically, they were living in an environment above zero degrees Celsius. They had a weaker resistance to cold, as compared to the amphibians. Once they were exposed to such an extreme temperature, they would bound to perish.

    Luo Yuan saw a dead body of the giant mutated fish. Regardless of how powerful the mutant was, it could not withstand such cold weather. The crater-like holes surrounding the dead body showed that the mutated fish was struggling for survival before its death.

    After flying for half an hour, Luo Yuan stopped. He was at a place that was around 1,000 kilometers away from the coastline. He looked at the frozen sea surface and decided to examine the depth of the ice sheet and the living condition of the sea wildlife.

    He struck a blow against the surface of the ice.

    The blow emitted a dazzling white line before it struck on the ice sheet. With its strong pressure, the air had turned into a blue liquid. When the attack hit the surface of the ice, ripples were formed on the entire surface of the ice as if a meteor had just landed. The impact caused a huge explosion. With his current Strength, the energy released from each attack was equivalent to 3 tons of TNT.

    With just one blow, a 60 meter-deep hole with a diameter of around 200 meters was formed.

    There was a massive crack in the ice, which looked like a big spider web forming on its surface.

    However, the hit did not completely break the layer of ice in the sea.

    Luo Yuan struck seven blows until there a flow of seawater emerged from the crater-like hole.

    The depth of the ice had reached 300 meters. However, in comparison to the thickness of ice sheets in Antarctica, this was just the beginning.

    Luo Yuan was glad that despite how freezing cold it was outside and many of the living organisms had all gone extinct, inside the ocean, there was still a hope of survival. In fact, the temperature of the seawater beneath the ice sheet was not too low. Its contact with the ice sheet was only around zero degrees Celsius. The temperature was even higher in deeper levels of seawater. The marine life would certainly be able to survive under such temperature.

    He was so close to the fresh seawater. Suddenly, he could see many marine creatures living under the sea. In just a few minutes, it was filled with a large group of fish.

    Looking at these beautiful creatures, Luo Yuan decided to stay on for a while.

    After the disaster, eating meat was a luxury. Even Luo Yuan as a supreme leader consumed only vegetables and carbohydrates for his meals. The only difference perhaps was only the taste.

    The terrestrial creatures that he encountered earlier were rare. However, the marine life here was still living healthily and Luo Yuan would definitely hunt them for food.

    After a minute, he caught an unknown mutated fish and threw it towards the surface of the ice.

    He made a cut along its belly and removed its skin. He briefly cleaned the fish and started to cook.

    Of course, there would not be a branch or a twig in sight now as everything was frozen everywhere he went However, he was certain to still find a way to cook it.

    Although the power of Will was incomparable with the Strength of his body, it was more than sufficient to use it for a barbecue skewer.

    The first attempt had caught Luo Yuan on the hop. He burned the mutated fish as soon as the fire was built.

    When Luo Yuan regained his senses, the burnt mutated fish could no longer be eaten.

    Luo Yuan then realized that he had ignited the flames with his spirit. In fact, there was a seamless connection between the ability to use his Will to generate heat and to ignite flames with his spirit.

    Using his Will to heat up and spirit ignition was actually really the same.

    He gained the ability of heart ignition after consuming the light purple wisdom heart. Ever since then, his Will heating-up ability had completely changed. It became more powerful and difficult to control, just like how the earlier occurrence had easily overpowered him.

    Being difficult to control did not mean that it could not be controlled. It was similar to how a sudden increase in Strength required sufficient time to train for and to adapt to. Eventually, he would have strong control over it again. Luo Yuan caught another mutated fish and attempted for the second time.

    As time passed, there were more and more burnt mutated fish.

    After half an hour, he carefully controlled the fire and successfully grilled a fish.

    However, Luo Yuan was curious as the fish had no smell. There was neither a fragrant nor fishy smell. The surface of the mutated fish was not carbonized. Otherwise, he would have thought that the fish was burnt again.

    Luo Yuan frowned again when he was cutting up the fish. The color of the meat looked strange as it was grayish white. He placed it in front of his nose and caught a whiff of it again. There was a very light and strange smell but he could not put his finger on whether or not the smell was a good or a bad one.

    He had never come across smell like this.

    He hesitated for a while and decided to eat it. His facial expression changed after a few bites and immediately spat it out.

    It tasted rather off. To say that it was the meat of a fish would be unlikely, as it was more of a mix of several indistinguishable meats. A strange chemical reaction had seemed to have happened when the mutated fish was grilled.

    He was really puzzled. He looked at all of the burnt fishes and most of them were only burnt on the surface. He then checked the meat of the fishes and realized that they were all the same, with grayish white meat and had no smell at all.

    Luo Yuan suddenly recalled the introduction message from the system, "The ability to evaluate and accelerate the movement of microparticles."

    Earlier, he focused on the effect of how the spirit ignition ability was able to change the temperature and completely underestimated its ability to threaten creatures and destroy physical structures.

    The internal energy of an object can be increased by working on it and transferring heat energy.

    Heating food in a microwave was one of the ways of working on the particles inside the food. Spirit ignition belonged to the former, while flame heating belonged to the latter. Compared to heating it up with microwave molecules, heat generated by spirit ignition could directly agitate quantum level microscopic particles.

    The microscopic particles were moving randomly and the molecular structure would be completely distorted.

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