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Chapter 468: Untitled

    Chapter 468: Untitled

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    Eventually, Luo Yuan decided to give up on cooking the mutated fish.

    Even though it was already evening and the sky was getting darker and darker, Luo Yuan was not going home yet. Since the disaster happened, he was responsible for the survival of the nation and he most certainly did not have a chance to take a break from it now.

    He resumed his journey like a lonely traveler.

    After a few hours, he was closer to the equator and he could see the ocean once again despite the fact that the temperature was only 0.3 degrees Celsius. However, compared to the other regions, this place was undoubtedly warmer. There were a few convergence regions of the ocean’s currents, making it relatively difficult to freeze.

    There were icebergs slowly bobbing up and down in the sea like a lonely island and the ocean was shrouded by crushed ice. The crashing sound between them could be heard due to the continuous movements of the seawater.

    Without a doubt, this place had become the largest colony of organisms.

    Even above the crushed ice, there were many living organisms including mutated birds and sea mammals. On the bigger icebergs, the original color of the iceberg was no longer visible as it was crowded by organisms. Of course, there were still a large number of aquatic organisms living beneath the crushed ice though it was not visible to the naked eye.

    As the sky got darker, all of the creatures huddled together and the place became quiet and peaceful.

    There were hardly any ripples on the surface of the ocean when Luo Yuan arrived. A mutated giant bird stared at him and buried its head under its wings. Another ocean beast which was farther away from him did not even bother to move.

    The air was filled with a strong smell of blood and there were blood stains everywhere on the ice. Luo Yuan knew that this was not a peaceful place. Instead, it is a place where the living organisms ate one another in order to survive. They had a unique way of living in this unique environment. One could either be the hunter or the hunted.

    The sky further darkened and it was now the coldest time of the day. Most of the organisms were done hunting for food before the weather turned colder and the survivors were now relying on each other to withstand the extremely cold weather at night. However, the very next day, this would be a place where they killed each other again for food. But at least it was still quiet and peaceful until that moment arrives.

    Luo Yuan stepped on the crushed ice and walked step by step, passing a few giant beasts along the way. As the weather got colder, the giant beasts did not move and seemed to be hibernating. All the mutated beings that survived were high-level creatures ranging from level five to eight.

    At this moment, there was a notification from the task system and he had discovered three level eight mutated beasts. With his current abilities, he could easily have completed the given task and would probably have leveled up and gained an additional attribute point. However, Luo Yuan was absolutely indifferent to this.

    Before the disaster, the mutated beasts were human's greatest enemy. However, they were now the same as any human, struggling to survive.

    The reason why he did not kill the mutated beasts was not because he was weak. Instead, it was because he now had compassion for those mutated beasts.

    After a while, he passed through the region and the ocean began to freeze. He finally stopped and looked at the time, finding out that it was already nine o'clock at night now so he decided to return. He intentionally passed by the lightning tree on his way back.

    Coincidentally, the lightning tree was absorbing the lightning around the area when suddenly, a lightning struck the entire region! It looked like pythons wriggling across the sky and the area turned bright while the static electricity in the air grew stronger. Putting aside the erupted volcanoes, this was probably the only place on Earth that one could still see light.

    The level nine creature that was still inhabiting the Earth was not affected by the bad environmental conditions. In fact, it was more nourished than the other creatures as the dissipation of energy that happened during the process of absorption resulted in a warmer surrounding for it.

    There was a ring-liked forest forming at the border around the tree. Some of the plants that grew near the lightning tree had mutated, giving them similar electrical charge absorption abilities as the lightning tree; their leaves were now emitting a faint glow of light.

    Perhaps a unique forest will form here and after 10 years or even a 100 years, the whole Earth would be fully occupied with these unique plant species. However, humans might be living in space during that time.

    Luo Yuan did not want to waste any more time. He immediately launched his space-time bubble and arrived home in less than 10 minutes.


    "Why did you come home so late?" Huang Jiahui grumbled.

    The women were not asleep yet and were waiting for him. Luo Yuan apologized and said, "I'm going out as I have something I need to deal with. Don’t wait for me to come home and get some sleep first."

    "The food is still warm. Don't forget to eat!" Huang Jiahui replied.

    Luo Yuan nodded his head before he walked into the kitchen and ate all of the dishes. As he was about to wash the plates, Wang Xiaguang came in and said, "I'll help you to wash the plates."

    Luo Yuan was stunned for a while as he saw that Wang Xiaguang was wearing her pajamas. Her pajamas were so short that it could hardly cover her round butt. The existing factories would not have manufactured pajamas like this and it was obvious that Wang Xiaguang had modified hers.

    Wang Xiaguang blushed and lowered her head slightly as she walked in. Luo Yuan seemed to have understood something and became slightly agitated. He felt guilty as he knew that he had neglected Wang Xiaguang for some time. Since she was an independent woman, Luo Yuan did not pay much attention to her.

    Instead of leaving, he sat down and stared at Wang Xiaguang who was washing the plates. The kitchen was so bright that it made her long and fair legs look so attractive. It seemed like Wang Xiaguang could feel that his eyes were on her, which made her face even redder while her body trembled. She wanted to leave but she did not want to give up so easily.

    She understood that there would not be any romance after the apocalypse but since she had decided to stay with him, behaving in a reserved manner would make their relationship feel rather distant. Hence, Wang Xiaguang undressed herself there and then. Their first night together did not please her as it was a rather painful experience, however, her heart was filled with love and satisfaction.

    "Your body is finally mine." Wang Xiaguang said as she covered her breasts with a thin blanket.

    "I should be the one to say this." Luo Yuan replied.

    Wang Xiaguang smiled. She did not say anything but she thought in her heart, "You belong to many women, but in my heart, you're my only man."

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