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Chapter 476: Mother

    Chapter 476: Mother

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    Luo Yuan bumped into Chen Xinjie on his way back to the City Hall. She had stacks of documents in her hands as she walked towards him. The ugly work uniform became very sexy on her attractive body. Glancing at her neck, down to her chest, he could almost see the shape of her perky boobs in his mind.

    Looking at Luo Yuan’s eyes, she started feeling uncomfortable. She wanted to avoid him but it was too late. The only thing she could do was pretend that she did not see him.

    Soon they were passing by each other, Luo Yuan stopped walking. He whispered in a deep voice into Chen Xinjie’s ear, "Drop by my office later!"

    Chen Xinjie was stunned, she was mad and bit her lips. What does that even mean?

    She was just a clerk in the City Hall, even her superiors did not have the right to enter Luo Yuan’s office. Many people were watching the scene take place, she as the beauty she was would definitely be the topic of gossip if she ever did enter Luo Yuan’s office.


    Back at his office, Luo Yuan sat on his chair and read the documents that he had for the day. Soon his secretary was there with a cup of hot tea. The heat did not bother him, he had a gulp straight away and said to Cheng Guanghui, "Chen Xinjie from the Organization Department will drop by later. Just send her in when she’s here."

    The strange request did not surprise Cheng Guanghui, "Yes, Mayor! Is there anything else?" She said.

    "No, you’re dismissed!" He replied.

    "Yes, Mayor. Let me know if you need me," Cheng Guanghui said as left the office and closed the door softly behind her.

    Luo Yuan glanced at him and proceeded with the documents. Now that he was the mayor, what people thought of him did not bother him anymore. He had a bad reputation for being promiscuous anyway and everyone in the management department knew it. The women he had at home was a prove to the rumor.

    He would never be a clean leader. Although everybody knew about his behavior, nobody would dare say anything. As long as he was alive, he was still a godlike being to people, and that was what they published. In the eye of politics, this was nothing.

    Luo Yuan waited for more than 10 minutes. He had gone through all the documents that he had for the day and had a couple of tea but Chen Xinjie was not there.

    He forced a smile. His smile had the power to make everyone obey him but that did not seem to work on women. He looked at the time and was ready to head out for lunch. He could sense that Chen Xinjie was near.

    She held her head down while she walked swiftly towards his office. She hesitated at the door for awhile before she decided to step into his office.

    "Mayor Luo, what can I do for you?" She looked away while she talked to him, her face expressionless.

    "What took you so long? I have been waiting for a long time!" Luo Yuan grumbled, genuinely upset with the delay.

    "I’m busy working!" Chen Xinjie said without making eye contact with Luo Yuan.

    "Look at me when you talk to me. Where did your courage to seduce me go?" Luo Yuan scoffed.

    "I was just doing my job!" Chen Xinjie said and bit her lips. Her eyes were red with anger. She could not hold the wall that she put up any longer. An intense shame overwhelmed her. She was tearing up. She was never a flirtatious person but her job had made her do things that she did not want to do, one of them placing her in this awkward predicament.

    Between the benefit of the country and her personal relationship, her choice was the first one. But what was wrong with that? It was all over, why would he want to bring it up?

    Luo Yuan stood up and said in all seriousness, "Who instructed you to do that? The director of the Firearms Bureau? Some information department that despises evolved humans? Or was it the high committee?"

    "None of them exist anymore, what’s the point of saying all that," Chen Xinjie said, shocked and panicked with his hostile questioning. She looked at Luo Yuan innocently hoping that he could stop asking her about it.

    Her status at the Firearms Bureau was not a simple affair. Apart from the status that she held, she was secretly one of the members of the Special Information Department and she was quite highly ranked too.

    Although the organization was destroyed in the disaster, there were some of the members who remained in Hope City and were absorbed into the governmental department. If the investigation persisted, there would be much more people involved.

    Worse, the person who was investigating it all would hold the fate of mankind in his or her hands!

    "If those organizations don’t exist anymore, then which organization do you belong to right now?" Luo Yuan asked, as he walked closer to her and whispered into her ear.

    "Be… belong…" she mumbled. Feeling Luo Yuan’s breath, she felt extremely uncomfortable and slightly aroused against her better judgment. She composed herself and cleared her throat, saying "I belong to the Hope City’s Organization Department!"

    "Then who do you report to in the department?" Luo Yuan leaned closer to her, his tone becoming more and more menacing.

    "Stand… standing committee!" she stuttered. As Luo Yuan got closer to her, Chen Xinjie felt something was wrong. She had no idea what he was up to.

    "And who does the standing committee report to?" Luo Yuan was now behind her. His fingers lightly touched her body, caressing her ample curves.

    Now, even an idiot knew what Luo Yuan was up to. She was furious, she looked away but did not say a thing.

    "It’s okay if you don’t tell me, as long as you know that you are to adhere to my instructions," Luo Yuan said, as he took his hand off her body and patted her shoulder. He continued, and said in a serious tone, "Stay back at night, that’s an order!"

    She was shocked to hear such a shameless request. She stepped on the back of Luo Yuan’s foot but not only he did not feel a thing, she almost twisted her leg. Looking at his handsome face, she suddenly had the urge to scratch his face.

    "Shameless! That will never happen!" She snarled between pursed lips. She stared at Luo Yuan and said while biting her lips.

    She was worried that people would gossip if she stayed any longer. She right herself, adjusted her uniform and left his office immediately.


    As his desire went away, Luo Yuan forced a smile to his face. He used to be able to control his lust but now that his body was so powerful, he felt like a crack in the dam, nobody could stop him. What Luo Yuan presented was like one of the essays by Lu Xun, the ancient writer. When one saw a shorter sleeve, he would think of the arms, then the thighs and then the naked body. Chen Xinjie’s appearance in the corridor led to this. If not for his conscious state making him aware that they were in the mayor office, unimaginable things would have happened.

    "But should I go at night?" Luo Yuan thought to himself.

    Before he even decided, he sensed something and stood up.

    "Eh!" Luo Yuan looked to his left as if he looked at a distance of a few hundred meters away, right through the walls of his office.


    "We have been walking for almost two days, and now we’re finally arriving at Hope City. We will be home in a few hours." Lin Feiyan said as they walked on.

    Lin Feiyan looked at the map on the GPS and said to the little girl,"Are you happy?"

    The little girl who was usually giddy seemed to not be in the zone this time. She only responded a few times after Lin Feiyan called out her name.

    "What’s wrong?" Wu Qianru squat down and patted her head.

    Along the journey, Wu Qianru had gotten closer to this poor little girl. Her unusual silence upset her. "Are you worried about what would happen to you in the future? If you don’t mind, you can be my daughter," she said warmly.

    The little girl shook her head.

    "No, shouldn’t she be my daughter? I’m the leader, don’t you dare take her away from me." Looking at Wu Qianru trying to steal the little girl away, Lin Feiyan stepped in and used her rank benefits to obtain her prize.

    Unfortunately, now that the Firearms Bureau was dissolved by Luo Yuan, her power was not a big deal anymore.

    "Why not? I know how old you are, and you’re still young. Too young to be responsible for another person. Can you take good care of her?"

    "I have said this many times before and I will say it again. I have matured now. Don’t bring up my age," Lin Feiyan said, hints of anger broke through her voice.


    During the argument, the little girl suddenly said,"Aunties, I think I felt my father!"

    Hearing the strange statement the little girl said, the both of them stopped and looked at each other in shock. Wu Qianru asked, "You have a father?"

    From what the little girl said earlier, she had no parents and grew up in a lab. They were stunned.

    The little girl looked at them curiously,"If I have no father, how was I born?"

    Feeling foolish, Lin Feiyan was speechless. She did not even graduate from junior high to know the answer to that, let alone explain it to a child.

    She said softly, "I thought all you needed was a mother?"

    "What’s a mother?" the little girl said, doubtfully.

    Listening to their conversation, Wu Qianru placed her hand on the little girl’s forehead.

    The little girl’s maturity often made her think that she was older but in reality, she was not even a year old. The teacher obviously did not teach kids this young about biology, which frustrated her as she did not know anything about how babies were born.

    Though speechless, Wu Qianru taught her how parents usually explained the birds and the bees.

    "A mother is a woman, like me and this leader. When a mother sleeps on the same bed with a father, a baby would be born 10 months later!"

    "Babies would be born when they sleep together? Is this how I am created? But how come I’ve never seen my mother?" The little girl said innocently.

    "I’ll be your mother then?" Wu Qianru said and hugged her.

    "I am your mother too, so you have two mothers!" Lin Feiyan said immediately. She did not want to lose out on such a good and powerful little girl. She was not even a one year old and she was already so strong. Perhaps she would even exceed Luo Yuan abilities in the future.

    Wu Qianru and Lin Feiyan put their hatred aside and came to an agreement to be the little girl’s mothers.

    "Say, mother!" Wu Qianru said.

    "Mo… Mother!" The little girl said in confusion.

    "I’m your mother too, call me Mother too!" Lin Feiyan, jealousy apparent on her face.


    She was becoming more fluent.

    "Repeat that again?"

    "Mother! Mother! Mother!" The little girl did not know how to say no, so she said everything accordingly.

    On the other hand, both of them had forgotten about the fact that little girl mentioned her father.

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