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Chapter 477: Scum

    Chapter 477: Scum

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    "I think my father is coming!" The girl screamed with excitement.

    The joyful atmosphere ended when the little girl said those words. The two ladies looked at each other. They had just realized that there was a flow in the air that was previously stagnant. There were some strange, weak and unusual cyclones coming from far away. It seemed like there was a being with a terrifying aura approaching them at full speed. The aura was so horrifying that they were slightly suffocated by the pressure.

    They looked at each other again to acknowledge the danger that they were in as the atmosphere was heavier.

    "Little girl, do you really have a father?" Wu Qianru asked instantly. It was not her fault that she did not ask that question earlier as it was unusual for a parent to have a kid who was so powerful. That person had to be a super evolved human that was even stronger than the both of them combined. But the strange thing was, why would the parent leave his own kid at the lab for experimentation?

    Although there were many loopholes in the reconstruction area, such a case involved the safety of a human being. It crossed the line of an evolved person’s code of conduct. If it was exposed, it could cause instability in the reconstruction area. It was so risky that it seemed impossible!

    They suspected the little girl must be a product of some secret super-warrior genetics program where no parents were involved in the creation of such lethal force. The ‘father’ that the little girl talked about is probably only in her imagination.

    But what they did not expect was, her father was really here. Within seconds, the cyclones became mini tornados with a deep, loud buzz that filled the air. It felt like the sky was crumbling. The fearsome sight seemed like God was descending upon earth.

    Lin Feiyan’s scalp went numb. Her palms were sweating and her mind was blank.

    "Do you think that’s an evolved human from Hope City?" Wu Qianru asked nervously.

    Lin Feiyan thought about all the evolved humans that she had met and heard before but none of them could cause such sight before they even appeared.

    "I don’t know, maybe there is some other super-evolved human that we have yet to discover," she said while shaking her head.

    During the purge, many evolved humans were chased out of the reconstruction are or they ran away. Some of them were still alive and some of them might have gotten even stronger.

    "Should… should we hide ourselves?" Wu Qianru said, her voice trembling nervously. Her face was pale as they were not sure if the approaching entity was good or bad. It was even more dangerous just to stay there.

    "Let’s… see!" Lin Feiyan insisted to stay as she thought she did not do anything wrong. Even if it was a level eight mutated beast, it might let them go as they had its daughter with them? She immediately thought up hostage negotiation tactics just to be sure.

    The person that advanced towards them was none other than Luo Yuan. It was normal for Lin Feiyan to think it was someone other than him as he had left the Firearms Bureau since his last mission where investigate the aliens. He would have usually been in the wilderness on normal days where they hardly met each other anyway. Furthermore, she did not have the right to track him down at the Records Information Department, therefore, she was not aware of his ability to cause such a scene when he flew.

    Lin Feiyan looked at the little girl and realized that she was even more nervous than they were. She looked into the sky, her fists balled tight till her knuckles whitened. There was a buzzing sound coming out of her fists while her body started boiling.

    "Have… you seen your father before?" Lin Feiyan asked, now legitimately afraid.

    The little girl looked at her and continued to look at the sky, "I saw him when I was born!" She said.

    The little girl was one of the subjects of Luo Yuan’s cloning project. To avoid the clones from looking like him, Luo Yuan intentionally modified their genes where some of the Y chromosome were removed which caused the gender to change as a result. Her attributes were basically similar to Luo Yuan’s where her Intelligence was already +16 when she was born which cause her to have a clear recollection of memories of the time she was in the cloning pod.

    What the little one said shocked the both of them.

    "Do you think… your father is a reasonable man, possibly with a calm temperament?" Lin Feiyan asked carefully.

    "I don’t know. But he’s respectful and very powerful!" The little girl thought and knew that the both of them were extremely nervous! Just as they talked, the air around them became exceedingly intense. Many cyclones formed out of thin air and the snow on the ground started rising in the air and the buzzing sound became louder and louder.

    A small dot appeared in the sky. It was a blur at first but within seconds, it was magnified much larger as it approach at the speed of light.

    Seconds later, a person descended from the sky and landed on the ground. The landing made a giant hole on the ground.

    They were shocked to see who the person was.

    "You…" Lin Feiyan glared at Luo Yuan and did not know what to say. She did not expect he was the one that got all of them in a panicked state.

    She then rolled her eyes at him. She was surprised to find out that he had an unlawful daughter. But that was nothing strange as he was known to be promiscuous.

    Looking at the both of them staring at him, Luo Yuan thought they were strange but he did not dwell on it. He looked at the little girl, "So it was the both of you who found her. Where did you guys find her?" He asked.

    "Father!" the little girl blurted out before the both of them said anything.

    Luo Yuan was shocked to hear that and said, "I am not your father!"

    She was just his clone. To some extent, she was barely even his clone as they were very different. Even their gender was not the same. The only thing that they had in common was the soma that he provided while she was growing and from that soma, it gave them a unique connection.

    "But, you are my father" The little girl said softly.

    Ever since she was in the cloning pod, she and her siblings could feel the connection. She could even remember him when she first opened her eyes. The memory was brief but clear. It was a consensus that her and her batch of clones had.

    Looking at Luo Yuan’s odd expression, Lin Feiyan was tempted to call him a scum but she did not as she respected him.

    "Let’s talk about this later!" he said. Luo Yuan was slightly annoyed as such a complicated relationship was hard to explain.

    It was not because he despised kids but the problem was that this had come out of nowhere! He did not even have lunch before he came here and now he found out that he had a daughter. He was not prepared for this. Worse of all, her survival was not an accident. Perhaps there were more clones that were living out there somewhere in the world.

    There were more than 4,100 clones in this batch and the survival rate of those with fusion based bodies was almost 300 individuals per batch. If all of them were to call him father, that would be a headache.

    But no matter what, there was a chance that there were more clones survived that needed to be rescued. Those clones were not merely the expansion of his Strength and Will, as they could be trained to be terrifying warriors just as he was. Even if they did not become warriors, their outstanding intelligence would be a great asset for the advancement of human civilization.

    "Wu Qianru, where did you find her?" He turned around and asked her. Between the two of them, Wu Qianru was more trustworthy.

    "In Endeavor City. She was almost frozen in the snow." No matter how much she despised Luo Yuan’s personal life, Wu Qianru had to answer his question.

    "Endeavor City That’s very far away from New Capital!" Luo Yuan mumbled to himself.

    It was not that he had never been to the giant pothole in New Capital City. It was just that he had not sensed anything when he was there. Perhaps the clones were scattered around the region.

    After all, his spiritual sense was limited by distance. He could not sense things that were too far away.

    "Could you show me the map?" Luo Yuan asked.

    Lin Feiyan passed the map to him and he returned it to her after a quick glance. After a moment, he said, "Please go back to Hope City. I’ll go look around for awhile longer. There might be more of them around the place."

    He then looked at the little girl and said, "You, be a good girl and follow them to Hope City, where they will arrange your accommodation."

    He had yet to decide where the little girl would live as it depended on situation. If there were one or two of them, they could live with him but if there were more than ten or even a hundred of them, he would have to arrange something else or his home would become a kindergarten.

    "Yes, father. I’ll be a good girl." The little girl said.

    "It’s alright, Mayor Luo. She will stay with us," Lin Feiyan said.

    "Mother, I want to stay with father!" The little girl said shyly.

    "Mother?" Luo Yuan looked at them with suspicion. What exactly happened here?

    The both of them blushed and looked away from Luo Yuan, "She’s now our step-daughter!" Lin Feiyan said.

    Luo Yuan nodded with no disagreement to their statement and said, "Please take good care of her. I’ll be on my way then. About her accommodation, we will talk about it when I get back."

    As he finished talking, Luo Yuan slightly bent his knees, stomped hard on the ground and shot into the air like an arrow. Soon, he disappeared far away into the clouds.

    Lin Feiyan tidied her hair that was messed up by the wind and said softly, "Bastard!"

    "Perhaps there was a misunderstanding," Wu Qianru said. She liked Luo Yuan and believed that there was something behind what just happened that he did not say.

    "Why are you covering for him?" Lin Feiyan shouted as could not contain herself any longer. "Don’t be misled by his handsome, innocent face. Do you know how many women he has kept? You would be shocked! There are at least six of them that I know of, and he has two underage ones at home! You know Chen Xinjie, the previous manager of the Firearms Bureau, they had an affair. When he became the vice-captain, he made her his secretary. He is an ass! We don't know how many unlawful children he has."

    "Is that so?" Wu Qianru said. She could not believe what she just heard. Her imagination of Luo yuan was ruined.

    "That’s not just it. He always looks at me like a pervert and flirts with me. If I did not reject him, he would have gotten what he wanted," Lin Feiyan continued her anger fueled rant.

    To convince Wu Qianru, Lin Feiyan did not mind embarrassing herself. Wu Qianru then looked at Lin Feiyan body that was like a primary school kid. She was confused but did not say a thing. She believed what Lin Feiyan said, but she did not buy what she said at the end and thought. No matter how desperate Mayor Luo was, it was hard to believe that he would want Lin Feiyan.

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