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Chapter 480: Reasons

    Chapter 480: Reasons

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    His voice was rough. It sounded as if sand was passing through a glass. One would feel slightly uncomfortable when the sound was heard. Apparently, his voice had not fully recovered yet.

    He heard people calling him father once again. This time, Luo Yuan was not against it and nodded his head calmly, "What's your name?"

    "My name is B1E32!" the clone replied.

    "Who gave this name to you?" Luo Yuan slightly frowned and asked, as the name sounded odd. Despite the name being simply a term used for identification, an intelligent person or even the human clones should be respected with it.

    As the person in charge of the project, Luo Yuan could briefly guess how the code was combined. B1 was the ability code of the Body Fusion. Luo Yuan vaguely remembered that F3 represented a flame-like ability. He had no idea about the numbers at the end though but he assumed that they were the sequential numbers of the clones from the same group.

    "You should change your name! My surname is Luo. Since you addressed me as your father, you should follow my surname and with your ability to ignite, your new name will be Luo Lie." Luo Yuan said.

    "Thanks, father. Luo… Luo Lie. My name is Luo Lie." He looked happy and he repeated his name a few more times.

    Luo Yuan was warmed by his happiness and smiled, "You should be hungry!"

    As the kids were afraid of him, Luo Yuan did not give them a chance to answer. He then said to them, "Jiahui, please prepare some dishes for them."

    These were Luo Yuan's clones. Perhaps it could not be determined by conventional methods. Huang Jiahui, being unsure of their habits had to ask before she left, "How much food should I prepare?"

    "The more, the better!" Luo Yuan said while looking at the skinny clones.

    Even though they had fusion bodies, water could not solve everything. Many of the essential human elements could not be synthesized through cold fusion and required to be absorbed through the consumption of food.


    Four of the clones were now awake. After asking for their names, he noticed that one of them had only one skill, which was a fusion ability. The other three clones had two different abilities and one of them was Luo Yuan's clone with the qualities he desired.

    It possessed the Body Fusion ability and teleportation.

    The rest of them were from the same group of clones. They had the laser and the Body Fusion ability. The only difference was their gender.

    Among five of the clones, there were four males and one female. Besides Luo Lie, their names were created based on their abilities, which were Luo Kong, Luo Fan, Luo Guang. The only female was named Luo Yan.

    They did not act like kids as they were afraid of Luo Yuan. They treated Luo Yuan in a friendly way, with the utmost respect.

    Luo Yuan frowned as he understood the emotions they were going through. Such emotions had existed since they were embryos. Perhaps because of the clones, his Will being homologous and also due to intimacy, the clones could feel the control their parents had over them.


    Like a newborn vampire, the respect they had for the older generations was like the respect the kids had for their parents now.

    It was not beneficial to Luo Yuan to have his kids being too respectful or even fearful of him. Eventually, that would cause them to feel distant.

    They were not normal human beings. Each of them were super-evolved beings that were more powerful than the super-evolved humans. Luo Yuan would be in trouble if people with ulterior motives bewitched them.

    Fortunately, they were still kids and it would be easier to build their characters from an early age. The environment they lived in after birth would be the most influential to their innate personality traits. At this moment, he decided to let the little girl stay together with them.

    In order to reduce their nervousness, Luo Yuan's asked gently about their life in the lab and how did they avoid the disaster.

    They answered only when a question was asked and kept quiet for the remainder of the time.

    Luo Yuan roughly knew what was happening during that time and why there were dead bodies without the Body Fusion ability in the cave.


    Luo Yuan's clones were more sensitive to danger than normal human beings.

    Before the apocalypse, many of the clones could sense they were in great danger.

    Some of them cried helplessly and became extremely annoyed. There were even clones that tried to escape from the lab, and everything was a mess.

    There were around 4000 clones from this batch. Of course, not every one of them stayed in the hostel. If they were lucky, they would get to stay with the normal clones with certain freedoms and liberties.

    The clones would not be as strong as their parents and were way smaller than those with the Body Fusion ability. They seemed to be unattractive when compared to the stronger clones in the hostel. They did not have any abilities to survive destructive attacks as well.


    When the antimatter bomb was dropped, four of the clones together with their partners began to flee.


    However, nobody had expected that the disaster would be so terrifying. Due to the earthquakes, vaporization of substances, the power of destruction, and death threats, they had to burrow their way underground to escape.

    Until the moment they were out of breath, they stopped digging. Most of the normal clones had died and only five of the clones with Body Fusion survived.


    Luo Yuan sighed with emotion as he listened to how they made it through the horrific disaster!


    In fact, with their strength, five of the clones were able to escape the disaster. Even the underground dig they had to endure to a depth of 1500 meters could not stop them. They would have possibly emerged from the ground within 10 days.

    Perhaps it was due to the good relationship they had with each other. None of them wanted to escape alone. It was possible that they were threatened by the antimatter substances and were afraid of escaping above ground. What they did was to expand their shelter and did not take any further action.

    They would have died if Luo Yuan did not notice them in time


    Luo Yuan stayed at home for half an hour and the women took good care of the clones. Then, he departed once more.

    After all, he had just started looking for the clones and he might be able to find more clones this time around.

    Again, he returned to the site where he had found them. He was relieved that the hail had stopped falling. The ice that had accumulated on the ground was thick and were stuck firmly on the lower ice layers forming a mysterious phenomenon.

    He continued searching around the huge caves surrounding the area, but it seemed that he was out of luck. Even until the day was turning to night, he could not find a single one. He patiently looked for another hour but still, there were no traces of the clones. He had no choice but to return the next day and resume his search


    Luo Yuan did not go home but headed toward the Municipal Government.

    Today was the launching of the ice block mining project. A super project like this was complicated as many departments were involved. The expansion of the project had caused the rush of numerous other projects to completion to ensure time did not go to waste. He was sure that there would be many documents awaiting his approval since he had not been in the office that day.

    The office was pretty busy.


    "Hi, Mayor!"



    Luo Yuan nodded his head in response to their greetings and strode into his office. Indeed, the documents were all stacked up on his table.

    He sipped the tea brewed by his secretary and started to work on the documents.

    He had a keen brain which enabled him to handle those files very quickly. In just 10 minutes, he settled half the documents.

    Suddenly, Luo Yuan took out a document and glanced at it. He was shocked as it was about the expansion of university enrollments.

    The population size of the Hope City had exceeded 5,000,000 people. Most of them were coming from other cities and many of them were students. They were interrupted midway through their studies as the migration happened. The document proposed to recruit these students and assign them to the universities in the Hope City so that they could continue their education.

    As a top tier city of great importance, many opportunities for higher education were available. There were institutes like the Hope University, Reconstruction Area Polytechnic, Hope University of Electronics, Hope University of Computer Science, Hope Medical College and many other vocational and technical colleges.

    90,000 of them were university students and they were very talented individuals.

    Unfortunately, the Reconstruction Area had only existed for two years. Many of the facilities for higher education were not available and had been delayed for a year. Therefore, many of the students who had yet to complete their studies had given up and started working.

    This resulted in most of the students having low levels of education. There were very few graduates, postgraduate students as well as doctorate graduate students.

    There were apparent talent gaps in society. Be it the Reconstruction Area or Hope City, the strength of scientific research was basically overdrawn and repetition from technology before the apocalypse.

    However, the talent gaps will be filled eventually.

    Luo Yuan sighed slightly. He then took out a pen and approved the document.

    He sipped the tea and returned to his senses. He then took another document and continued to work on it. In just a short while, he had completed his task for the day.

    Luo Yuan's asked his secretary to send back the documents to the related departments.

    "Mayor Mayor Tian wanted to report his work to you. Should I inform him to come and see you now?" The secretary asked politely.

    "Yes, he may come now."

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