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Chapter 481: Exposed

    Chapter 481: Exposed

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    After half an hour, Tian Jinping walked out of his office and closed the door gently.

    One after another, the officers came to report to him.

    He then stayed at the office until late that night.

    After telling his secretary to leave, Luo Yuan tidied up his desk and clothes. Then, he left the office. When he was on his way back, he looked at the time and realized that it was already 10 o’clock at night. He was wondering if Chen Xinjie was already asleep.

    However, since they had promised each other to go on a date, he should not have left like this even though the date was, in a way, forced upon her by him.

    Luo Yuan smiled as he thought and walked quickly toward Chen Xinjie’s house. In just a short while, she came out of her house.

    He could sense that someone was walking near to the door. The very next second, the door was opened and Chen Xinjie appeared in front of him. Her pajamas were dust-gray in color and its material was rough. However, her beauty was not covered and it made her smooth, fair skin stand out. Her boobs appeared fuller, making Luo Yuan have to consciously stop the impulse he had to "explore" her right there.

    He did not want to seem ungracious to her, so he had to suppress his desire. He then shifted his gaze and made a move to go into her house.

    However, Chen Xinjie blocked the door. She looked cold and kept quiet.

    Luo Yuan then said, "Once a lover, always a lover. Even if I’m not welcomed, you shouldn’t have been so harsh to me."

    Chen Xinjie got disgusted by him and her face flushed red. Soon, she had the cold, stony expression on her face again. She lowered her voice and said, "Today is not an ideal time for intimacy. My friend is here. Go home now!"


    Luo Yuan looked shocked listening to such nonsense. He immediately tried sensing the situation from her body language and he found her statement to be false. He felt a little disappointed that she had insulted his intelligence.

    She might be able to trick normal people with lies like this but not Luo Yuan. Nothing could be hidden from his abilities.

    Luo Yuan did not expose her lies but he asked, "Shouldn’t you invite me in for a drink? I came all this way just to meet you."

    After getting along with her for so long before, he had quite a good understanding of Chen Xinjie’s personality.

    She was a person of principles.

    As the intelligent person she was, she had a strong sense of justice and a self-sacrificing spirit. She had never rejected the duties assigned to her even if the tasks were extremely humiliating.

    However, this was just part of her personality but not entirely how she behaved.

    She looked like an arrogant dignified woman which meant she would never lower herself to a man.

    To her, a mission was a mission. Love was something else entirely.

    When love existed in a mission, she felt like she was being splashed with a bucket of ice water and it was so humiliating. Soon, she regained her consciousness and was desperate to distance herself from him.


    He wondered if she had no feelings for him at all. But that was not true. Be it the little things they do together or the struggles she was experiencing now, it was proof that she could not let go of him!

    If Luo Yuan respected her decision. The way things were going, they would end up becoming strangers.

    This was not the ending Luo Yuan wanted. He bore no grudge against her after the destruction of the Reconstruction Area. He did not want to lose the woman he loved.

    But, he did not want to be cuckolded either!


    Luo Yuan pushed against the door. Chen Xinjie could not resist the force at all and the door flew open. Chen Xinjie retreated a few steps and she felt embarrassed. She ground her teeth and said softly, "I said it’s not the right time for us today. How could you do this to me?"

    Luo Yuan closed the door. He felt amused as he looked at her feeling pissed and said, "Why are you saying that so softly? Afraid of the noise? It must be soundproofed here. It’s not a big deal if I heard it though."

    He looked around as it was actually his first time in her house.

    The living room of her house was not big or well furnished. However, it was artistically decorated. There were many DIY decorations hanging on the corner of the wall.


    There were leathers and ores attached to the fabric paintings, bonsai trees decorated with dried tree branches and jade cobblestones were all around, and abstract murals were on the walls.

    It was a room full of art.

    "You did all these by yourself?" Luo Yuan asked.

    "I do it occasionally when I’m free. Minister Luo, have you seen enough? If you have, then you may leave now!"

    Luo Yuan was curious as Chen Xinjie looked nervous. However, Luo Yuan did not think any further of it as he thought that she was intentionally trying to make him feel sympathy for her.

    "I did not know that you’re so good at this. I don’t know you as well as I thought. But it’s not too late," he said.


    He had suppressed himself for so long and finally unmasked himself as a gentleman. He moved closer to Chen Xinjie.

    Chen Xinjie seemed a little flustered and retreated. "What are you trying to do to me? I told you that my friend is here today!"

    "What do you think?" Luo Yuan asked in a low voice.


    Soon, he forced Chen Xinjie against the wall and wrapped his arms around her waist.

    Chen Xinjie was nervous and she begged Luo Yuan, "Luo Yuan, please don’t do it to me. Please don’t! Don’t do it here. Tomorrow, come again tomorrow. It’s really not the right time to do it today!"

    Luo Yuan wanted to kiss her as he looked at her moist lips. Out of a sudden, he heard a tiny squeak coming from the room next door. At the same time, he could feel that someone was walking toward him from the bedroom.

    He was shocked. He instantly felt as if he was splashed with cold water from head to toe. His desire had immediately subsided. He looked at Chen Xinjie and asked unbelievably, "You said that your friend came, did you really mean that your friend is here?"

    "I’ve told you from the beginning but you didn’t listen to me. Don’t talk so loud or you’ll wake her up." Chen Xinjie answered. She was angry and pinched Luo Yuan hard. Of course, with her strength, she could not even scrape off a layer of skin.

    "I’m afraid that it’s too late…" Luo Yuan forced a smile. Before he even finished his sentence, the door of the bedroom was opened.

    "Xinxin, haven’t you slept yet?" A young woman walked out in her pajamas. Her eyes were half opened as she just woke up from her slumber. Suddenly, she saw Luo Yuan. They exchanged glances and her eyes popped open in shock. She rubbed her face. Her body trembled as she recognized Luo Yuan and she was stunned and struck mute.

    "Ma…Mayor… Why are you here?" She stuttered as her mind went blank.

    After a long while, she slowly recovered from her thoughts. She cried and her whole body shivered.

    "I… I didn’t do it on purpose… I didn’t see anything!"

    She slammed the door and realized that she had locked herself out. Her face turned pale and extended her hands that were still trembling. She then opened the door and headed back into the bedroom.

    She walked for just a few steps and she walked back to close the door of the bedroom as if the door could directly isolate her from the world outside. She was slightly relieved. She groaned as she tried to suppress her heart that was pounding.

    "I’ve never expected to see Mayor Luo here. Xinxin and Mayor Luo… Damn!" She sighed and lay in bed. 

    Chen Xinjie’s body was also stiff and she walked to her bedroom. She regained her consciousness after she closed the door.


    "It’s your fault! I told you that my friend is here. How am I going to work tomorrow? What will people say?" She said, embarrassed. She had no idea how to face this.

    Luo Yuan knew that she was Chen Xinjie’s colleague. However, he did not feel bad at all. He then said, "How could you blame it on me? You knew that I’ll come tonight but still, you asked your friend to come over. You should have expected this to happen."

    "I didn’t know that you could be so shameless and insist on coming in." Chen Xinjie said. She had never expected this to happen. She asked one of her colleagues over so that Luo Yuan would leave when he came.

    After a short while, she asked, "What should I do now?"

    "Should I just kill her?" Luo Yuan said coldly.

    "Don’t make such a joke!" Chen Xinjie stared at him. Just as how well Luo Yuan could understand her, she could understand Luo Yuan as well and knew that he was not a cold-blooded person.

    "You don’t have to worry. I believe that your friend will not spread rumors about you and your job will not be affected." Luo Yuan became serious as he saw Chen Xinjie get so mad.


    As a government staff, she knew the do’s and don’ts.

    "But…" Chen Xinjie hesitated.

    "There’s no but. You’re not married. This is just something normal." Luo Yuan said as he tried to comfort her.

    If Luo Yuan was an ordinary person, she would not be so worried about it. However, Luo Yuan’s identity was so well known. Saying that he was the big boss of Hope City was beyond dispute. It was not convincing to say they were having a normal relationship.

    Just like a beautiful young woman marrying a middle-aged rich man, it gave off a negative first impression that they might have married for money, not love and affection. A woman who got along with Luo Yuan would certainly give people a bad impression.

    As an arrogant and confident woman, there was a huge gap between their status and identity. This was one of the reasons that caused her to hesitate.

    Chen Xinjie felt helpless and said, "This is too annoying. Please leave my house now."

    Luo Yuan clearly knew that nothing would happen tonight as she needed some privacy. He bid her goodnight and left Chen Xinjie’s house.

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