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Chapter 482: Interests and Hobbies

    Chapter 482: Interests and Hobbies

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    The next day before dawn, Luo Yuan was wide awake. It was not even three o'clock in the morning yet. He went to the wilderness and tried to search for the clones again.

    Unfortunately, he again discovered nothing. Perhaps the clones that he found yesterday were the only survivors.

    After returning to the Hope City, the first thing that Luo Yuan did was adopt the female clone who was with Lin Feiyan and Wu Qianru. Regardless of how reluctant they were to let her go, it was useless as they were threatened by Luo Yuan's power and status.

    He asked for the clone's identity and he was shocked to know that she was a rare and special clone with three abilities.

    Besides having the Body Fusion ability, she had the matter disassociation ability and a plasma defense system. She survived the disaster with these two abilities.

    In order to examine their abilities, Luo Yuan took a half a day off his duties in the office and brought the clones to the wilderness.

    The kids stood together, fidgeting nervously. The female clone whose name was Luo Yu was obviously taller than the five of them. There was not much difference between each clone and a normal kid would have only been slightly thinner in comparison to them.

    This was normal since Luo Yu could get some food for herself these few months. She could survive even by only drinking water. Unlike the other five clones, they struggled to survive without a supply of water.

    Thanks to the strong recovery ability that came with their fusion bodies, they were able to recover from the extreme dehydration without any side effects.

    By taking a good rest and having a sufficient supply of food, five of them look much healthier in just a day. Although they were still as thin as the refugees, they looked more like living people now instead of a group of mummified bodies.

    Perhaps after 10 days, they would be fully recovered


    Luo Yuan wanted to test their speeds. After announcing the start of the race, he saw the clones hesitate and felt worried. He encouraged them several times and only then did they dare to begin running.

    Their performance was terrible. Other than Luo Yu who was slightly better than the rest, they did not know how to run at all. Three of them fell down at the beginning of the race. They were like children that were just learning how to run for the first time.

    Looking at their terrible athletic performance, Luo Yuan frowned a little and a sudden thought popped into his mind.

    Theoretically, they were indeed children that were not even a year old. However, they were not ordinary human beings. They were born with astonishing powers and balancing abilities. When they were in their cribs, they could break the bed rails. They learned to walk only a few days after they were born.

    He believed that they would know how to run very soon.

    Looking at the way the clones were running and how hesitant they were just now, Luo Yuan guessed that the lab was restricting their movements. He then found out that this was indeed the fact.

    The lab was restricting their movements and activities to train their sense of discipline.

    For instance, they had to walk properly, were strictly prohibited from fighting, crying, running, and forbidden from using their power. At the same time, many punishments were implemented to enforce the rules.


    The punishments were either criticism or confinement. Despite there being no physical punishments, this was more than enough to terrify the children. In addition, these kids were raised in the lab and they actually resembled a piece of white paper, untouched by civilization as a whole. Regardless of how strong they were, being brought up in such an environment, they were trained to be obedient, with tame personalities.


    It was understandable why their activities were being restricted. They had limited space as the lab was small. If they were allowed to run recklessly, even if the lab were made of gold, it would be in ruins if they were unleashed. Furthermore, most of the people in the lab were researchers and normal human beings. If they happened to run into the clones, they would be severely injured or suffer a broken bone or two.

    The race seemed to be a breakthrough for the clones. Although they were frightened at first, they got used to it very quickly. Their movements were haphazard and they fell down occasionally but they were still happy though.

    Their ability to learn was as impressive as their balancing skills. It was apparent that they were improving very rapidly.

    The children that were learning to run a few minutes ago were now running a lot better. Their speeds increased gradually. The moment Luo Yuan shouted for them to stop, Luo Yu's speed had exceeded 80 meters per second and she was the fastest of them all.

    But, he believed that this was not her maximum speed yet. Under heavy resistance, more advanced and complicated skills were needed when running. They were unable to adapt to it in a short period of time. At the same time, their bodies were lighter. When they encountered buoyant forces, it should result in an increase of speed when they ran. Although, the same force could hinder them from reaching faster speeds if not recognized and utilized properly.

    The speed test was then followed by a strength test. This was much easier than running.

    Without a doubt, Luo Yu was the strongest among them again. She could generate around 11 tons of force!


    While the rest of them had not completely recovered yet, there were huge gaps in their performances. However, the weakest clone could lift objects that weighed up to three tons and the strongest could lift around four tons. Perhaps they were still young and had not undergone any specific training to further hone their abilities and evenly distribute them. None of them had any outstanding abilities, and none of them were weaker than the others.

    However, during the ability test, the gaps were prominent.

    Some of them had no idea they had the ability to evolve. The small group of them did not know that their names represented their powers, like Luo Lie (flame), Luo Guang (Laser), and Luo Yan (Laser). They did not know the other abilities that they possessed too.

    Of course, some of them were getting used to their abilities. Luo Kong had accidentally realized his ability to teleport when he was just born.

    For Luo Yu, during the disaster, she was able to use her skills and abilities when she felt threatened. However, she did not attempt to use her abilities after that.

    Luo Yuan noticed that the clones were not interested in their evolved abilities but they looked confused and were feeling lost with all that was happening around them.

    Perhaps their strength had been with them since they were born, and they had little to no knowledge of themselves. It was as normal as drinking and breathing. In addition to that, they were living in a peaceful environment and were only guided by the lab’s rules and regulations. Therefore, they did not have a strong desire to be powerful.

    Being more powerful or less powerful, meant nothing to them.

    Luo Yuan wanted to instill the importance of strength into the clones. However, eventually, he would not say anything.

    Times were different now!

    The threats resulting from the mutated beasts had gradually disappeared and the humans were migrating to space. Unless the general population was as strong as Luo Yuan, the effect of personal forces would become weaker and weaker.

    It was not easy to be like Luo Yuan. It was all about hard work, talent, and lots of luck. Not a single one could be omitted as they complemented each other. Be it even his clones, they had a low probability of being just like him anyway.

    His abilities were no longer measurable by attributes or his ability to evolve. Without the concentration of Will and his four-dimensional vision, he would not be able to launch his space-time bubble. Without his prediction ability, he would have become ash during the space battles. He could not bear to lose any of his abilities since the lack of either would cause his power to be drastically reduced.

    The probability for the clones to achieve his standard was extremely low, for now.

    Therefore, it would be better for them to develop their own interests rather than train them to become useless soldiers.

    Luo Yuan then enjoyed outdoor activities together with them until the afternoon. The kids then left reluctantly and returned to Hope City.

    "I'm off to work now. I'll be coming home tonight. What presents do you want? I'll buy them on my way home later," Luo Yuan asked before he left.

    "Father, can you bring us some books? There aren’t any books in our rooms," Luo Yan replied. The children looked at each other. Luo Yan then repeated herself bravely, her woman's intuition telling her that her father was treating her and Luo Yu better than their brothers.

    "Books?" Luo Yuan asked as he hesitated. "What kind of books do you prefer?"

    "Any books will do. It would be best if they were high school textbooks," Luo Yan said. She looked like an alien with her large pleading eyes on an incredibly skinny face.

    Compared to the male clones that were crudely made, a minority of the female clones had their genes that determined physical features or traits intentionally modified. Although Luo Yan was skinny, she was actually a beautiful lady.

    Luo Yuan was shocked as they were still kids and he asked, "Are you studying the high school syllabus? You are still very young."

    "The professor in the labs said we are geniuses. I'm studying the courses of high school grade two at the moment," Luo Yu said.

    "Hmph, I'm taking the grade three courses. Professor said I'm the smartest," Luo Kong said.

    He had not done anything close to that when he was a one-year-old, Luo Yuan thought in his heart. Thanks to his amazing memory, he remembered that he was still drinking milk and could not even speak. He then looked at his 'children'.

    They were unbelievable!

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