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Chapter 485: Undead

    Chapter 485: Undead

    Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    As compared to the brain of an ordinary creature, the brain of this gigantic beast was beyond comprehension. Its brain was tough, it was more than 10 times tougher than rubber and its hardness was almost similar to a rock. It finally made sense that a brain weighing up to a million tons remained unaffected by the gravity of earth.

    However, the brain was still the weakest part of a creature. Luo Yuan broke into its body and gave it an intense punch. The damage of the punch was indescribable, a huge white flame was created at the point of impact. Aside from shaking its entire brain, the punch destroyed the gigantic beast’s brain structure completely.

    Luo Yuan did not want to risk anything so he gave it another punch. Within seconds, the gigantic beast’s brain broke down into piles of brain matter. Its massive body shook and the surrounding air became turbulent. It seemed like it was its last struggle as a hot glow began spreading out of its body like a mini sun. The intense energy radiation melted the snow around it. Under an invisible force, its massive body floated into the air.

    Now that its brain was destroyed, the only thing that was supporting its movement was its instincts. Its eyes were wide open staring into space, its mouth and nose were bleeding. There was blood coming out of its eyes too, it was devastating. A light blue high-temperature steam came out of its wide opened mouth, it did not make a sound.

    After floating in the air for a couple of seconds, its body flew more than 10 meters high and fell hard on the ground. A loud thud was heard and the ground shook. It did not stop struggling but attempted to stand but since its brain was destroyed, it had lost the ability to balance its body. Its attempts to stand were redundant.

    Luo Yuan flew out of the gigantic beast’s brain and looked at it without expression. Since the apocalypse, there were probably less than 10 creatures like these who were born on earth. From an ordinary life-form before its evolution to an interstellar creature that could travel in space, each and every one of them was a champion of the universe. They did not only possess a powerful body, but also superior intelligence that was different from an ordinary mutated beast. The miracle of their evolution was a fate. However, the more powerful a mutated beast was, the more difficult survival was for humans.

    Luo Yuan had zero sympathies! Since the disaster, there was no source of meat in Hope City. Their daily three meals, including Luo Yuan's, were vegetarian. The quality of life had dropped tremendously and if it was not for the fact that this mutated beast was inedible, Luo Yuan would have sliced its dead body and sent it to Hope City by spaceship after the beast was completely dead. The massive piles of meat would feed the five million population of Hope City, giving everyone two tons each - enough food for a year.

    However, even without its meat, the interstellar creature had something more valuable. Precious materials aside, the energy crystals it had within its body was well worth it. As a matter of fact, Luo Yuan was curious about the source of energy that powered these interstellar creatures. What kind of energy must be present in order for it to be able to move such a massive body to carry out so many activities in life? Since his last encounter with Gerard on the moon where he obtained its skin, Luo Yuan knew well that every creature was like him, having possession of nuclear fusion energy. They must have possessed a terrifying amount of energy to survive in space.

    For instance, their skin cells were tough, dense and vast - each cell was five times bigger than human cells. Their mitochondria were different and contained unique structures whose purpose was to release energy. However, Luo Yuan realized that from the energy released from these cells alone did not contain enough power to create such a driving force. Perhaps the toughness of these cells were the sufficient to support its terrifying weight but they were definitely not enough to power its terrifying destructive force.

    That said, such creatures must have an energy center that was different from the mitochondria. The energy center would be different from the ordinary energy crystals that were used solely for energy reserves. It was a true energy core. Luo Yuan could not imagine how powerful the energy core could be but the thought of it being able to power a gigantic object that weighed ten million tons into space, the energy it released might be the equivalent of three hydropower stations.

    It was a stunning creature and Luo Yuan could not wait to find out more about this mysterious creature. However, no matter how much the gigantic beast struggled, it did not seem to show any signs of exhaustion. All Luo Yuan could do was to stay calm and wait patiently. However, after waiting for an hour, the gigantic beast was not dead yet. Death aside, it did not seem to be tired from its struggle. The will to live that was contained in its body seemed to keep it up forever. If Luo Yuan did not destroy its brain but instead, other important parts such as heart, it might not be enough to bring it down.

    Luo Yuan waited for another three hours. The sky was getting dark but the gigantic beast was the same as before. The way it struggled did not resemble something that was braindead. The energy that was released from its body from its struggle had melted the snow around it. The melted snow turned into a lake and Luo Yuan was deciding if he should risk his life as it was just a matter of time before the gigantic beast was completely dead since it was impossible for it to live with a dead brain.

    Luo Yuan decided to wait.


    Luo Yuan returned to Hope City to handle the documents that he missed the entire afternoon. He then went home at seven in the evening. There were two strange women when he walked into the living room. "Who are these two?" Luo Yuan questioned. "Aren’t they the family teachers that you hired?" Huang Jiahui said in an angry tone. "Oh, the family teachers." Luo Yuan realized that the family teachers that he instructed Cheng Guanghui to hire were these two beautiful ladies. It seemed like Cheng Guanghui had crossed the line.

    Since they were hired, it would be bad to ask them to leave. He was a gentleman, he then sat next to them and asked,"You guys must have waited for long, what are your names?"

    "No, we haven’t. My name is Zhou Xiaoyan!"

    "My name is Sun Lifei!"

    Facing Luo Yuan, they appeared to be nervous. They answered anxiously.

    "The both of you will work in the day and leave at night. Your salary will be 100 yuan per month." Luo Yuan thought and said.

    100 yuan per month was good enough as 100 yuan now was different from what it used to be. Yuan was actually referring to food, it was just that people had a habit of using yuan in their conversation. 100 yuan was equivalent to 100 catties of food. The pay he offered was higher than what a normal civil servant got and was sufficient for a family of three. The two ladies were satisfied with Luo Yuan’s offer. "The both of you can leave now, you will start officially tomorrow." Luo Yuan did not ask about their ability and education background. Although he was mad at Cheng Guanghui for what he did, he trusted him not to pull a prank on him when it came to this.

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