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Chapter 488: Heart

    Chapter 488: Heart

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    Since there was an unusual amount of interference in the interstellar creature's body, his Sense was rendered useless. He could only depend on his ears as well as his four-dimensional vision as he passed through the twisted, narrow passageways within its body. Before long, Luo Yuan could hear where the sounds came from.

    He was in shock as he had never expected to see another creature in the interstellar creature's body. It was a species of mutated worms with eight legs. Its abdomen was swollen and round with golden patterns on its body. It was eye-catching.

    Compared to mutated beasts that usually weighed a few tons, they were undoubtedly small as each of them was only half a meter long. However, they were incredibly fast. They moved forward at lightning speed with eight slim legs and to them, the twisting passageways seemed to be a flatland.

    After a short while, a few parasitic worms appeared after passing through a curve. Luo Yuan leapt about 10 meters forward and a flash was seen as he slashed the parasitic worms in half using his saber.

    "They had such strong defense. It was almost the same as the interstellar creature's ability to defend itself." Luo Yuan thought in his heart.

    Initially, he had wanted to slash it like he usually did but the moment his saber touched its skin, he changed his mind and slashed with all his might to avoid any damage on his Zhanmadao.

    "I guess these creatures were the parasites living in the gigantic beast!" Luo Yuan kicked the corpse that was still struggling to survive away. Its abdomen was covered in blood. However, it dried up quickly as the body had been split in half.

    It was not that peculiar at all. Perhaps the parasitic worms became mutated from living in such conditions. When the interstellar beast mutated from its original form, it turned the parasitic worms into mutants as well because they absorbed nutrients from the interstellar creature's body.

    It was not just any creature who could have such a focused amount of Will like Luo Yuan where he could actually eliminate the parasitic worms. In fact, most of these mutated beasts had no idea how they could get rid of the parasites in their bodies. However, Luo Yuan discovered that the death of that one worm was not the end of it.

    The hornet's nest had been startled by his previous attack. As time passed, the surrounding area grew noisier from the sound of footsteps approaching him, hustling and bustling towards his direction. It seemed like there were countless parasitic worms gushing out from its bodily cavities like a stream of water.

    The appearance of the parasite worms was abrupt. Perhaps he had caught their attention the moment he stepped into the gigantic beast's lungs. He was very careful when he entered the gigantic beast's body. Until this moment, he did not a single noise.

    However, the parasite worms seemed to have the ability to predict his actions and they even took the initiative to look for him. Obviously, the interstellar beast must have had a certain degree of control over these worms.

    Common sense could no longer be applied to predict actions of these lifeforms. Every single cell in their body was imprinted with their Will and even when their brain had died, their cells still held shreds of its consciousness within them. Without interference from the brain, they actually grew stronger.

    Perhaps one day, when all these cells unite, a new form of life would be born within the interstellar creature's body. The flesh-eating parasitic worms, on the other hand, would have been influenced by the Will imprinted on their bodies, making them a part of the interstellar beast's body.

    To lifeforms like these, parasitic worms were not considered harmful creatures as they were formed from the defenses within its body. However, Luo Yuan had now become the foreign body within the interstellar creature's body.

    Luo Yuan was looking for the arteries inside its lungs. Subsequently, he would move along the arteries and try to look for the position of the heart. However, upon encountering the parasitic worms, he had to change his plan.

    He decided to avoid these troublesome worms!

    The parasitic worms were not interesting and they looked weak. However, that being said, it was still a level nine creature with a good amount of defense and attack. Even Luo Yuan could not resist their bites. It would be fine if there was only a few of them. However, if they came in a group, things could get quite nasty for Luo Yuan.

    Furthermore, the narrow passageway was not a good place for a fight. It was difficult for him to stand, let alone teleport. This was especially so since he was trapped in the interstellar creature's body where his Sense had been rendered useless, in a place where he could hardly teleport. His abilities were greatly hampered.

    Luo Yuan immediately looked for another way out. With his Zhanmadao, he thrust it through the flesh to see thick the walls of the passageway was. The interstellar creature seemed slightly uncomfortable as its flesh wriggled while Luo Yuan cut through it.

    He tried thrusting his saber into a few spots and soon, he found a thin, weak spot.

    Sensing that the parasitic worms were growing closer to him, Luo Yuan did not waste any more time and stuck a blow with the full power of his strength on the weak spot.

    A loud thud, not unlike the sound of an explosion was heard. However, the damage the attack caused was not proportional to the sound it made - it only managed to create a hole the size of a basketball. Luo Yuan was prepared for this as the lungs would not be as fragile as the brain. He then proceeded to make 10 consecutive attacks and within a few moments, a hole that was a few meters wide was made in its flesh.

    However, before Luo Yuan managed to reach the passageway opposite him, the ground began shaking. If what he initially did could only cause a slight discomfort, the interstellar beast was definitely feeling pain now as its flesh began to tremble and cramped following his attack.

    Luo Yuan destroyed the passageway, avoided the parasites and at the same time, he was looking for the position of its arteries. There were countless passageways and branches within its lungs that made it resemble a maze. Luo Yuan seemed to have lost his eyes without his Sense.

    There were several times when he could not avoid the parasitic worms. Thanks to his prediction ability, he was able to defeat them at a lightning fast speed. While he rampaged around its body, he heard the sound of water flowing.

    "Water? Could it be?" He thought for awhile, looking happy.

    Indeed, he finally found the blood vessel after passing through three passageways. It was huge, approximately two meters thick but for the interstellar beast, it was considered small. Luo Yuan looked at the color of the blood vessel and guessed that it should be an artery.

    He moved forward along the capillaries and they grew in thickness. Eventually, he found the artery. Along the way, there were quite a few blood vessels that was covered in a white film which slowed him down considerably because he had to destroy them.

    After walking for about an hour, he had finally left the interstellar creature's lungs. He walked another 100 meters along the artery and the very next moment, a huge heard appeared before him. Luo Yuan was startled, stunned by the sight of the heart.

    The heart was approximately 30 meters in diameter, beating slowly. Each beat caused a stir in the air around it but Luo Yuan was unaffected.

    What truly terrified Luo Yuan was the fact that the heart was now mutated into another version of its original form. Countless tendons from around the body were closely connected to the heart and the terrifying part was, the heart was glowing slightly, seemingly the source of light that illuminated the chamber he was in.

    Luo Yuan could clearly feel the immense power that its heart gave off which worried Luo Yuan. However, he was not going to leave. After a few moments, he returned to his senses and tried to remain calm. Using his prediction, he found out that the surroundings were not dangerous so he waited for the next beat.

    Once the heart beat, Luo Yuan immediately slid towards the heart using the bodily fluids within the interstellar beast. When he reached a tendon, he grabbed it and his body fell onto the surface of the heart. Pulling out his Zhanmadao, he slashed through a layer of the heart and the immense pain caused its body to twitch. Aside from being hardly able to stabilize himself, the slash he made on the Zhanmadao on its heart had gone according to his plan.

    The next moment, a wound appeared on its heart and blood began shooting out of the wound like a high-pressured hose. Fortunately, Luo Yuan gathered his Will and managed to avoid the blood from splashing onto him.

    As the blood gushed out, the small wound expanded gradually and once it got big enough for him to enter, he ducked and dived into the wound without a moment of hesitation

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