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Chapter 489: Energy Crystal

    Chapter 489: Energy Crystal

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    He felt dizzy the moment he entered its wound, losing his direction as he was swept away by the flow of the blood but was later able to regain control of his body.

    Luo Yuan felt that he had fallen into a pool of sticky mud. The blood of the gigantic beast was a semisolid, constantly flowing at a very fast speed. The violently flowing blood caused whirlpools to appear everywhere. He did not stop his movements as he tried his best to regain his balance. Otherwise, he would have been swept away by such a strong current.

    Luo Yuan's face was serious. He could vaguely hear the roar of the interstellar creature. It was definitely not an illusion as he could sense that it was real and his Will was depleting rapidly. Without a doubt, the reason for that was because the Will of Luo Yuan and the interstellar creature's blood were consumed when they came into contact. Against such attacks, ordinary people would have collapsed within a few moments, their bodies full of blood and pus.

    Luo Yuan had no idea if his body could overcome such an attack. However, he did not want to risk anything, avoiding any contact with the interstellar creature as much as possible. He would rather deplete his Will.

    Surrounded by a dim light emanating from the blood and the roars from the interstellar creature, he could not help but feel a little annoyed. He felt uncomfortable as everything within the interstellar creature's body seemed to be against him or at the very least, tried to assimilate him into its body.

    He dared not stay any longer and shifted his gaze towards the brightest point in his field of vision. He took a guess that his target should be there and swam quickly towards the direction.

    His surroundings grew brighter as he began moving towards it, to a point that it reached the level of a hundred-watt energy saving lamp. Despite the brightness being not too bright, it still had an extremely strong level of penetration and gave off an immense power as it shone, frightening Luo Yuan.

    He held his breath when he was one meter away from it, moving slowly and gently. Despite being able to predict his safety, he was still afraid of changes that may happen.

    Luo Yuan estimated the energy that the energy crystal held within it and if an explosion were to happen, the damage would be comparable to a small-sized nuclear bomb. At such a distance, even Luo Yuan would die.

    Right this moment, he could clearly see the source of light. The energy crystal was round, flawless and was the size of a ping-pong ball with mist coming off its surface, giving it a mysterious look.

    It floated in mid-air and was not in contact with the heart. Regardless of how violently the blood around it was gushing about, it did not move at all. There seemed to be a mysterious power that supported it.

    Luo Yuan used his prediction ability to peer into the various scenarios in his head and did not discover any form of danger. His heart was still beating fast and after a few seconds, he gritted his teeth and grabbed the crystal body.

    The very next moment, he could successfully grab the body of the crystal with his hand. With just a single touch, a terrifying roar was heard. Luo Yuan was frightened as the image of the interstellar creature appeared clearly in his mind.

    He bit his tongue hard and attempted to stay awake, feeling the pain through the barrier of Will he had around his body. Soon, he realized that his Will had been used up within a few seconds.

    He grabbed the crystal and pulled his hand quickly. He could feel some resistance during the entire process. However, the resistance he could feel was less than five tons and it could hardly hinder Luo Yuan's powerful strength.

    It was peculiar though, that the body of the energy crystal was not as hot as he thought it would be. Its temperature was somewhat lower than the blood that surrounded it and felt a little cold to the touch.


    At that moment, the blood began to flow violently again. The movement of the energy crystal had obviously caused the gigantic beast to sense danger and it began to struggle.

    Luo Yuan tried his best to stabilize himself, looking for the exit of the wound. Nevertheless, being in the opaque blood, even his four-dimensional vision was rendered useless. He immediately shook off his thoughts and swam towards the wall of the heart, preparing to create a new passageway.

    He pulled out his Zhanmadao and made a cut on its cardiac muscles. He could feel that the motions of the Zhanmadao seemed somewhat jerky as compared to the past.

    "Damn!" His facial expression changed. He immediately checked on his Zhanmadao. Fortunately, the period of contact was short and the Zhanmadao was not corroded. However, part of the imprinted Will had disappeared.

    Looking at the undamaged Zhanmadao, Luo Yuan was relieved but began thinking that bringing the Zhanmadao here in the first place was not such a good idea. His Zhanmadao had been constantly upgraded and it was no longer made of metal, but resembled a mutated beast.

    It was alright to use the Zhanmadao under normal circumstances since it was made of a material that was superior to regular metal and was many times sharper than an ordinary weapon. At the same time, it was also highly resistant to high temperatures and corrosive substances. It was the perfect weapon.

    However, when it was within the body of a high-level mutant such as the interstellar beast, its defenses were severely affected. Such a phenomena had happened once where the Zhanmadao penetrated the head of the mutated snake once for an extended period of time. The synthesized essence was absorbed by the mutated snake, causing the Zhanmadao to be downgraded.

    To avoid the Zhanmadao from being corroded by the blood, Luo Yuan immediately immersed the Zhanmadao in his Will. A glow appeared on the Zhanmadao in an instant and its motions became less jerky. In order to restore it to its original state, it had to go through trained again.

    Luo Yuan did not want to waste any more time and started to cut through its heart. After 10 seconds, he finally left the damn place.

    The ground was violently shaking and the entire world seemed to be turning around as he left but that was only a minor inconvenience to Luo Yuan. Following his initial path, he moved along the blood vessel, got into its lungs and left the body of the interstellar creature through its nostrils.

    After 10 minutes, he finally managed to rush out from the lake and floated in the sky. He exhaled took a look at the glowing energy crystal in his open palm. Then, he used his identification technique on it.

    "Interstellar Creature's Energy Crystal"

    "Rarity: Purple"

    "Weight: 100 grams"

    "Additional Abilities: None"

    "Remarks: It is an energy core that can generate energy on its own. It can absorb higher-dimensional energy and also release active energy that can be absorbed by other lifeforms. It is the energy crystal of the interstellar creature which supports all vital activities of the interstellar creature."

    As he saw the identification message, his hand shook and the energy crystal almost fell from his hand. Immediately, he took a deep breath and read the remarks once again.

    It was true.

    His heart was pounding and he could hardly suppress his excitement. His reaction indicated that this object an amazing find.

    The system's remarks mentioned that it was an energy core that could generate energy on its own. This meant that it would be able to supply a constant supply of energy.

    "It could be used for an entire lifetime if it were used to power light bulbs." Luo Yuan thought in his heart.

    Of course, it would be a waste to use it for that purpose. The greatest effect of the energy crystal was not to use it as an ordinary energy source. Humans could hardly utilize the active energy given off by the energy crystal for industrial purposes. Even if they could use it, it was more feasible to replace it with a nuclear fusion furnace in the spaceship.

    Without a doubt, the greatest effect it had was the production of active energy.

    During the time of the Reconstruction Area, active energy was rarely used. By utilizing the blood of mutated beasts, humans managed to obtain a pure nutrient solution from the blood through purification, filtration, and other methods. It was then able to be used as a source of energy in many fields.

    However, due to production constraints, this precious nutrient was mostly used by the clones. There was a ten-fold different in the efficiency of raising a clone if you compared the use of regular solutions and a nutrient-rich solution in their cultivation. The clone's embryo would significantly weaker if they were not cultivated using a nutrient-rich solution.

    In the current era, the supply of such a nutrient solution had completely dried up. Despite the plans in the agricultural area which could also be used as a source of energy, the energy concentration generated by such activities were relatively lower, making it useless.

    With the energy crystal, the pure nutrient solution can be produced at a larger scale. Moreover, the level of the active energy given off by this energy crystal was a lot higher. Luo Yuan had no idea what effects would come to humans if they were to consume it. However, it would definitely be relatively more effective than the current level-eight energy crystal they were consuming. Perhaps, the era of super-evolved humans was near.

    The more he thought about it, the more excited he got. After some time, he returned to his senses and calmed down. He then looked at the ground and saw the 'brainless' interstellar creature, roaring in the lake. Its power had created a strong wind that caused a stir in the atmosphere.

    This was the final time it could go on such a rampage. Since losing its energy core, it had been significantly weakened and the energy its body gave off continued to weaken at a significant rate, that even the naked eye could see it dissipate.

    The struggle it had, only hastened its death.

    Within a few moments, its movements turned sluggish. The energy it gave off weakened and eventually, completely disappeared. Its body had used up whatever remaining energy it had left and fell weakly to the ground. It attempted a final stand but no matter how it tried, its body only managed to twitch slightly.

    Interstellar creatures no longer needed food for sustenance, as its main source of energy. On top of that, ordinary food could not support a body that weighed millions of tons in weight. Without an energy crystal, it would signal the end of their life. The amount of energy they needed just to support life on such a scale was tremendous.

    After half an hour, it stopped moving and looked like a carcass. The notification for the completion of the task did not show up in the system. Otherwise, Luo Yuan would have thought it had died. The task had no time limit, so it would only notify Luo Yuan when the creature finally died.

    Luo Yuan continued looking at the carcass and lost his patience as he looked at it struggle for one last breath.

    Since 50% of his Will had recovered, he then flew towards outer space in his space-time bubble. As for the interstellar creature's gigantic body, he would attend to it once it was completely dead.

    Despite the level nine creature having little to no effect on him, it would contribute significantly to the research projects his researchers were undertaking. Be it the organic matter its body held within or the way its body utilized energy, it was a treasure trove to humans.

    More the latter than the former, even Glassians had limited understanding on this matter. On the spaceship, to the best of his knowledge, Luo Yuan did not see any defensive systems that were designed to defend against such a source of energy. The spaceship only depended on a thick layer of armor to defend against the dangers they met.

    If the humans could unravel the secrets of the interstellar creature, they may just be able to fight off the Glassians.

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