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Chapter 490: Experiment

    Chapter 490: Experiment

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    A few moments later, Luo Yuan returned to his spaceship.

    Back at his residence, Luo Yuan took out the energy crystal from his pocket. The bright radiance emanating from it lit up the entire floor. Luo Yuan had no plans to hand it over to the genetics lab for immediate research. On one hand, the wisdom medicine was crucial for human progression, a top priority for the genetics lab. On the other hand, witnessing such magical, boundless energy, he was tempted to conduct some experiments himself.

    If humans were machines and their data were measured, Luo Yuan's power could reach up to 50,000 kilowatts during intense battles. His power was comparable to a mini, thermal power station and to ordinary people, he was like the god they heard of in legends. However, compared to the real deal - an interstellar creature, he was nothing at all. The gap in their energy levels were different by at least five to six orders of magnitude. The huge difference was mainly due to the difference in size as well as the amount of energy within them.

    Luo Yuan was not a true interstellar creature. If he was put on the level-scale, he would be level eight. The reason why he could live in space like the interstellar creatures was because of his fusion body. In other aspects, he was significantly behind the interstellar creatures. Examples of these was the ability to efficiently use energy and the control of various forces in the universe. Without the aid of his Will, he would not be able to do anything. He was a pirated version of an interstellar creature

    The main difference between the both of them was the boundless energy. As long as he possessed such a source of energy, he would be able to rely less on other materials used to sustain such levels of energy.

    "Perhaps, I could put this inside my heart?" Luo Yuan looked at the energy crystal and was tempted. However, he soon gave up on his plan.

    Though his plan initially seemed feasible, the crystal was actually a little too big. His heart now only played a small part in his body, having little to no major effects on him anymore. Even blood clots would not affect him at all. There was also no need to concern himself about rejection since it would mainly be due to a different Will imprint, which would be solved as long as he refined it - it would become part of him.

    He thought to himself for a moment but soon, he decided against it. It was not because of the importance of this energy crystal to humans. Though interstellar creatures were far and few in between, this was not the only one in the solar system. He had seen more of them when he was on the moon and as long as he spent a little time to look for them using the spaceship, finding them would be inevitable. Though the interstellar creatures were powerful, against a Glassian spaceship, they had nowhere to run. They could be easily killed for more energy crystals.

    The only concern for him was the possibility of the powerful energy overwhelming his body, causing him to explode as soon as he transplanted the energy crystal into his body. After all, it was meant to supply energy to a giant that weighed tens of millions of tons. If it was transplanted into his body, it would be like fixing an aircraft engine onto a bicycle. The result would be catastrophic.

    The safest route was to master its structure and convert it into a miniaturized version. Fortunately, there were no current threats to humans at this moment, allowing him the luxury of having sufficient time to conduct further research on the energy crystal.

    He used his Will to peer into the energy crystal and found after his inspection that the interior of the energy crystal was not solid but was hollow. Its structure had intricate patterns with billions of nano-clusters in the shape of diamonds that formed a beautiful, natural, three-dimensional pattern. Just looking at it made him dizzy. His Will was still not at a level where he could see the structure of atoms so he was unable to see what the energy crystal was made of. There was a microscope in the experiment lab but that was the only one the humans had left, making it very precious. Since they had yet to fully figure out the Glassian lab equipment, that single high-end equipment was shared among all the labs. He did not want to borrow it as that would be selfish.

    Perhaps, he was not so keen so keen on what it could do for his abilities at his current strength, he was also not disappointed. He focused his Will and did some common tests. The energy crystal was not as soft as ordinary crystals - it was tough. Luo Yuan did not further test its toughness with violence as he was worried that it would get destroyed. Then, as Luo Yuan mixed it with water and discovered that it did not melt like ordinary energy crystals, he noticed the plants in the botanical garden to be lushed than before. He thought there were problems with his eyesight so he went in for a closer look. If memory served him right, the plants they moved in here earlier were lifeless. Now, they were full of life. Compared to how they looked before, the plants looked as fresh as the grass in summer with morning dew.

    He looked at the crystal on his hand and thought to himself. There seemed to be a dense amount of active energy in the air that had seemingly accelerated the growth of the plants. There were footsteps approaching behind him and he knew that it was the mutated woman without even looking. The active energy had attracted her here. She squatted down close to Luo Yuan and looked at the crystal with a menacing look as she licked her lips with her pink tongue.

    Luo Yuan looked at her and chased her away.

    "It would seem like I need to keep this in a place where the mutated woman can never find or I might just have to bring it along with me at all times." Luo Yuan thought to himself while looking at the mutated woman who was peeking at him in a faraway corner. The energy crystal was not safe, it would be bad if she was to swallow it by accident. Since Luo Yuan could not do anything to the mutated woman who was watching him, he just let her be.

    He then called Cheng Guanghui for a meet and asked, "How’s the progress in the lab?"

    "So far, there’s no news yet!" Cheng Guanghui said in an even more respectful tone than before.

    Luo Yuan looked at him but he did not ask any further. He thought for a moment and said, "Get a few Wisdom Trees here from the lab for me, I need them."

    "Yes, mayor. Is there anything else?"

    "No, get going!" Luo Yuan waved his hand. He then stopped Cheng Guanghui, "Oh yeah, please arrange a radiation insulated warehouse. There will be a batch of goods coming within these few days."

    As it was requested by Luo Yuan, the job was naturally done efficiently. Within less than half an hour, a couple of researchers from the lab sent the Wisdom Tree seedlings to the botanical garden in Luo Yuan’s residence. After they left, Luo Yuan got a pail of water and placed the energy crystal in the bucket. A few minutes later, he took out the energy crystal and noticed that the transparent water was now fluorescent. Within a couple of minutes, the density of the active energy in the water was visible to the naked eye.

    He poured the water onto the five Wisdom Trees to see what the active energy would do to them. If it was effective, it could be used as an alternative if the research on the wisdom medicine failed. Although there were manufacturing restraints so not everybody could enjoy them, at the very least it could guarantee an increase in the intelligence of the main researchers.

    One second, two seconds, three seconds, Luo Yuan waited patiently. 10 seconds later, there was something happening to the Wisdom Trees. Countless tiny threads were growing out of the roots and soon, they covered all the parts that were soaked in water. Luo Yuan was excited, it proved that the active energy was effective. Perhaps the reason why they absorbed the flesh of mutated beast was to obtain more active energy.

    The entire process went on for half an hour before it stopped. Not only did some of the yellowish leaves turn a lush green, even the bodies grew in height. If they could be provided with more active energy, these Wisdom Trees would be ready to be harvested in just a fraction of the time.

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