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Chapter 492: The Wisdom Elixir

    Chapter 492: The Wisdom Elixir

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    It was a complete mess inside the equipment research center. The Glassian equipment was being disassembled, a variety of components and electrical wires could be seen scattered around. It did not seem like a suitable place to stay

    The researchers there seemed to have lost their minds. One of the men was staring at a complicated circuit diagram that hung from the wall, standing still as he frowned at it. It was the diagram of the spaceship circuits but they were not complete and only a few of the main circuits were displayed. If the diagram were to show all the circuits, the 3x3 meter diagram had to be magnified a few times larger so the circuits would be visible to the naked eye.

    Even then, outsiders would have problems understanding such a complicated circuit diagram.

    It was most definitely designed by an amazing brain. Aside from the circuit diagram, humans have also obtained the blueprints of the spaceship which included the blueprints for every component used. Unfortunately, the technological gap was too huge. Even if they had the blueprints provided, nobody could understand it, let alone build it.

    Compared to the blueprints, the circuit diagram was infinitely easier to understand.

    He had been standing there for hours and only managed to get an inkling of a clue as to what the circuit diagram was about. In fact, the main circuits shown in the diagram was actually not that difficult for him as an electrical engineer. Regardless of the size of a machine, the main circuit would always be simplest one and the main circuit of the Glassian spaceship was indeed, simpler.

    The problem was that it was overly simplified. Glassian technology was not only advanced but was also completely different from human technology - both used vastly different systems. Most of the concepts humans used could not be used here. He was confused about the

    mysterious equipment these Glassians' used.

    Without a doubt, this was the saddest thing was that he was the leading electronic engineer after the disaster. If he could not understand the circuits and the equipment, how could he repair them when they were damaged? It was wishful thinking to think that an interstellar flight would go without accidents. Even if they were incapable of building a spaceship, they must at least know how to repair it.

    He heard a knock on the door and his train of thought was interrupted. He got frustrated and scratched his head, "Xiao Hu, can you please open the door?"

    "Yes, master!" Xiao Hu put aside the work he was doing and opened the door.

    He was the new intern, one of the 12 other interns who were from the same batch that was assigned to work in the equipment research lab. There was a limited number of researchers because the lab had been continually expanding, a new laboratory was going to be completed in a few days so the competition for vacancies between graduates was not intense. However, to be promoted to an engineering assistant, they would have to perform well so they could change their fates.

    Xiao Hu was shocked as he opened the door, realizing that the people standing before him were not researchers working at the work nearby. They were two public officials.

    It was not so difficult to distinguish them from researchers. Researchers usually wore white lab coats while the government officials would be in uniforms. Thanks to the development of artificial, high-quality polymers and high levels of productivity, humans had a wide selection of accessories to choose from. It was no longer the era where an entire nation had to wear battle suits. The officer before them was wearing the uniform that they wore prior to the apocalypse.

    "May I ask if Wu Guanping is here?"

    The middle-aged man heard it, turned his head with doubt and asked, "Yes, that would be me. Are you looking for me?"

    "I'm from the logistic affairs department. Here's a parcel for you, please sign the form to claim the parcel." The officer said with a serious look. He then took out a document from his briefcase.

    Wu Guangping was shocked when he heard that he was from the center of logistic affairs. He was overwhelmed and asked, "What…What's that!"

    "Please sign the document first!"

    As the research department was the mayor's primary concern, they would occasionally receive welfare air that the regular people would not have. This was not the first time and they would usually leave after passing them the goods and materials.

    Wu Guangping received the document in doubt. He quickly glanced through the document and it was a receipt of goods. There were several rules listed there but it seemed like it was just trying to increase the number of words in the document. The last clause was bold and red in color, he read the document for a little longer.

    "Note: The elixir is the country's property. It's only for personal use and family members are not allowed to use it. Whoever violates the above rules shall be prosecuted according to law."

    Suddenly, a thought crossed his mind and his heart was beating fast.

    Since last week, he had been hearing about this wisdom elixir around in the lab and it sounded iffy. He thought it was just a rumor at first but soon, more details were revealed. The lab and the individual in charge of this elixir had been revealed so he allowed himself to partly trust in the rumor a little bit more.

    He only partly believed in the rumor as the research block where all of them were working at was a megastructure. It was as big as a small city. Aside from those from related laboratories or those working on the same floor, they would rarely have any contact with each other.

    "However, based on what I see now, the rumor about the wisdom elixir might be true." Wu Guangping thought in his heart and quickly signed the document.

    "Could you please lead me to the restroom?" The government officer took the document back and asked.

    "Sure!" Wu Guangping answered immediately in a slightly agitated manner. As a researcher, it was common for them to have irregular resting hours. When they had a breakthrough in their research, it was normal if they did not go home for days. Therefore, a restroom was a must-have facility in the lab.

    Three of them came to the restroom.

    "Excuse me, there were several incidents prior to this where many of the researchers brought the elixir home and gave it to their family members, causing a wastage of the country's resources. Therefore, the newly established rule emphasizes that the elixir must be consumed on the spot." The officer opened up the safety box as he said. It was a purple colored liquid in the sealed test tube.

    "It's okay!" Wu Guangping waved his hand, completely mesmerized by the elixir at the moment and asked, "Is this the wisdom elixir?"

    "Yes, you're right. The production of elixir is limited. It is not widespread and only one researcher was chosen to consume this." The officer passed him a test tube and said, "Please lay in bed and drink the elixir. It'll be best if you can remain calm. However, if you can't, it's fine. Don't worry, this is safe!"

    The wisdom elixir was definitely not artificially made and was harvested from the Wisdom Tree. It was processed into an elixir as the shape of the Wisdom Heart was too scary. Besides that, the medicinal properties were also too strong and it would be a waste to serve it all in one portion. A mature, level eight Wisdom Heart could not be compared to the half-formed Wisdom Heart obtained by Luo Yuan earlier. After converting the heart into an elixir, there would be two servings for each Wisdom Heart.

    Wu Guangping took the test tube and opened the test tube stopper. A bitter smell filled his nose. He hesitated and asked to confirm, "Do I finish it in one gulp?"

    Both of the officers kept quiet, nodded their head and smiled.

    Wu Guangping believed that they would not harm him as he was a middle-aged man who had not taken a bath for days and he had nothing that would be attractive to them. He hesitated for a while and drank it in a single gulp. Aside from the bitter taste in his mouth, he could feel his stomach begin to bloat.

    The next moment he could feel a fire burning inside his stomach. After a few seconds, the burning sensation spread across his body and his skin began to redden.

    The Wisdom Heart consisted of the essence of the Wisdom Tree. Not only it could improve the brain, but it also contained an abundance of active energy. The effect of the active energy on Luo Yuan was somewhat limited. However, if it were used by ordinary people, it would cause big changes to them.

    Of course, the greatest change would still be his brain. The process was not an enjoyable one, though.

    After 10 minutes, when the effect of the elixir had dissipated, he felt like he had just returned from hell. When he opened his eyes, he was stunned.

    He suddenly felt like he was able to recall all his memories from the entirety of his life within a short period of time. His thoughts had never been so fast and clear. No Fast was doing the speed injustice. It was as fast as the speed of light, as quick as a flash of lighting. He felt enlightened as he began getting new insights into the problems that he had all these years in his research. Everything suddenly seemed easy and relaxing as thoughts about problems which had puzzled him for a long time gushed into his head.

    At the same time, his face reddened and the wrinkles around his eyes seemed to have gone away. The middle-aged man now looked like a young man.

    Wu Guangping turned back and looked at both of the officers. His eyes were glowing and he appeared to be confident, like a god.

    In just 10 minutes, he looked like a completely different person, "The elixir was amazing. If there's nothing else, I'll continue with my work."

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