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Chapter 505: The Second Energy Crystal

    Chapter 505: The Second Energy Crystal

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    Luo Yuan traveled in his space-time bubble slowly at first but he was accelerating. Within 10 minutes, he accelerated to more than 1,000 kilometers and his speed was still increasing at a terrifying rate. Luo Yuan had been busy with paperwork for the past few years and at the same time, he tried to suppress his abilities to prevent himself from hurting the people around him if he went out of control. He had slowly gotten used to the urge to obtain more physical strength but instead, he now focused on improving the control he had over his body. His Strength had slightly deteriorated from three years ago but overall, his abilities had improved.

    Through the past three years, his Will had increased to +19. With the Haunted Locust Heart, his Will was now a stunning +20. Meanwhile, with the help of the Wisdom Heart which was only effective for those with an Intelligence below 18 points, his Intelligence was now +18. Those were the tangible upgrades to his abilities and the intangible upgrades were even more impressive. The control he had over his body was now on the molecular level, enabling him to alter his features, skin color, weight, even to the point where he could adjust his bone matter and organs to return to his original height. If Luo Yuan wanted to, he could even alter his molecular structure to morph into another life-form, it was something simple to him.

    He was no longer afraid of his four-dimensional body as he could alter the state his body was in however he wanted. If that did not work, he could always refer to the information the Glassians had on substances. By reducing the gaps between atoms to collapse them, he could shrink his body size by two to three times in an instant. The only tricky part was that the mass of his body would not change. There would always be a way but since the strength of his Will was limited, the ideas he had remained a thought.

    Now he was no longer afraid of his four-dimensionalized body as he could take away his flesh or alter his body however he wanted. It that did not work, he could always refer to the Glassian’s technology on substance. By shrinking the gaps between atoms and made them collapsed, his body size could be shrunk two and three times immediately. The only tricky part was that the mass could not be changed. There was always another way. However, his strength of his Will was still restricted. The idea he had remained a thought, he had still yet to make it happen. That being said, he could try utilizing Glassian technology to make it happen but the consequences would be unpredictable.


    15 minutes later, he stopped accelerating as he stabilized himself from a terrifying speed if 12,000 kilometers per second. If anyone was watching his travel path, they would notice that he was not moving in a straight line but instead, he moved in curves which showed no apparent pattern. This phenomenon was no doubt due to his four-dimensional vision. There were countless celestial bodies in space especially in the galaxies, causing severe spatial distortion. Whenever one was close to a star, a spatial whirlpool would be formed from the interference by the spatial distortion. Even if one thought they were traveling in a straight line, in reality, they were taking a longer route due to spatial distortion.

    Of course, as long as one did not get too close to the sun, the additional distance would not matter but when the journey was tens of millions of kilometers, small distortions like these would add up. However, since his four-dimensional vision was quite advanced, humankind had yet to develop technology to cater to such distortions and he would have to take the same, distorted route like everybody else in space. Time passed and venus was now behind him. After flying for another 10 minutes, he approached his target. The sunlight was hurting his eyes and his skin was slightly burning from the scorching heat of the sun that had reached a couple hundred degrees from where he was. The environment was harsh and he could feel the pressure. Common creatures would burn automatically in this environment.


    30 seconds later, he exited his space-time bubble and the interstellar creature was now less than 50 kilometers from where he was. He did not hurry and remained still to recover his Will which was almost depleted from the long journey. It would be risky to approach the interstellar beast in such conditions. After resting for half an hour, he made a move.

    Since it had been so long, the interstellar creature had already recovered from its half-dead conditions. The holes on its body were healing and flesh could be seen growing like pythons in its wounds.

    Fortunately, Luo Yuan noticed that it was not moving. The spatial anchoring effect did nothing to hold its body down as it floated away under the pull of the sun's gravity. He was relieved. The interstellar creature was bigger than the previous time he saw it, almost 1.5 times bigger. It was majestic like a planet on its own compared to the one he killed earlier. Although he had seen such creatures several times, he was still blown away every time he saw it.

    Soon, he landed on its body and it was only then that he realized the severity of its injuries as he approached it. The holes that were made by the electromagnetic cannons were at least 10 meters in diameter. The wounds were charred, apparently by the high temperature of the attacks. Luo Yuan looked at the tangled pieces of flesh in the wounds and noticed something - the smaller the wounds were, the wider the wounds were on the inside. They were caused by the intense collision of the electromagnetic bullets when it was shot into its body. The bullet caused the skin to expand and was what caused the wounds.

    The wounds were deep and Luo Yuan could see its heart. He had planned to enter its body from the nose like he did the last time but looking at the wounds, he changed his mind. After all, it was riskier to enter the body from its nose as it might attack him with some form of gamma rays which he would not be able to handle. Safety was his utmost priority so he found a wound close to the heart and flew in. He passed the pieces of flesh that were growing and before long, he arrived at the bottom of the wound.

    The wound was close to its chest and was all burnt. Most of its organs had been carbonized and even its bones that were six meters wide were broken, sticking out like its body. Since it was in the vacuum of space, there was no stench at all! Its chest was a few times larger than a football field so it was not difficult to find its heart, especially since it gave off waves of energy that could be felt even in the vacuum of space. Its heart had gigantic lumps on it and countless threads of muscle that surrounded it. It was disgusting and it looked like mutated minced meat. If it was not beating, Luo Yuan would have had a hard time recognizing that it was its heart.

    However, for the sake of the energy crystal, Luo Yuan would have to bite the bullet no matter how disgusting it was. He did not have his Zhanmadao with him but with his Strength, it was sufficient enough to break through the defense mechanisms of the heart. He put both his hands into the pile of flesh and tore it apart with his immense strength. It was so powerful that sparks flew into the air as blood gushed out, making it look like a massive fountain. Luo Yuan went in immediately.

    Since he already had experience from doing this the last time, the process went quite smoothly and soon, he obtained the energy crystal. He was excited as it was twice as large as the one he obtained previously. It was much brighter as well, containing even more active energy. If he used this for the production of the wisdom elixir, the rate of production would be way higher than the previous one. After losing its energy crystal, the interstellar creature struggled for the very last time. It did not seem to affect Luo Yuan but for the sake of safety, he decided to stay inside for a moment longer and only left after it weakened a little further.

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