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Chapter 506: Omniscient

    Chapter 506: Omniscient

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    Luo Yuan turned around and glanced at the gigantic carcass that looked like a mountain. He then launched the space-time bubble and flew away.

    The corpse was definitely not abandoned as Luo YUan would not want to waste such a precious creature. The value of the interstellar creature does not only lie with its energy crystal as its carcass was no less precious than the energy crystal to humans.

    Moreover, this carcass was even more valuable than the previous one they killed. Regardless of the type of energy its body gave off, it still played an important role to humans. Regardless of the situation, even Glassian technology was limited when it came to space. Once humankind cracked it, it would mean that they would own a superweapon.

    In fact, the total energy from the gamma rays the interstellar creature emitted was not that strong and at the very least, the spaceship was still able to take it. However, the destructive weapon of the gamma rays was well beyond all the weapons in the spaceship. This was due to the energy it emitted, which was extremely powerful. Within a mere 15 nanoseconds, the interstellar beast emitted gamma rays which was comparable to the destructive power regular gamma rays could generate over a significantly longer period of time. It was unbelievable.

    On top of that, this was the result of the rays dissipating in all directions. If it was focused, the power would have been thousands of times stronger.

    Luo Yuan would definitely not give up on the carcass of this interstellar creature.

    The only reason he left was because he was all alone and even if he were to give it his all, he would have only managed to cut through part of its epidermis. It would be useless and the body was also drifting through space so the gravitational pull of the sun would cause it to orbit slowly. Its movement and trajectory could be tracked - there was no escape.

    All he had to do was to wait for the next test flight and once the spaceship made it here, it would still not be too late to harvest the interstellar creature's carcass.

    He flew back, accelerating along the way. Half an hour later, he approached the spaceship and before he sent out the signal, the top cabin door opened automatically.

    "Welcome back, captain!" The voice of the artificial intelligence system echoed in the top cabin.

    Even the debris from a meteorite approaching them could not escape detection from the spaceship's detection system, what more Luo Yuan, who was a large object. He did not mind it at all

    Even a meteorite debris which came near could not hide from the monitoring system of the spaceship, not to mention Luo Yuan who was a large object. Luo Yuan did not mind that at all. The Glassian’s artificial intelligence system had always performed well. There was no sign of rebellion at all.

    Perhaps, it did not have the ability to rebel.

    In the early stages of designing the Glassian artificial intelligence system, there were many restrictions put in. Countless regulations were put into its core programming and although it was intelligent, it had no ability to take initiatives on its own, which made breaking through the restrictions imposed on it impossible. However, the existence of the artificial intelligence system was still a hidden danger.

    They were not worried that it would rebel against them. On the contrary, it would never rebel and the Glassians once had total control over it. He still clearly remembered the events following the destruction of the interstellar quantum communication device which had cut off all communications related to the factory area. Nobody knew if the Glassians had any back up for the artificial intelligence system on the spaceship and no matter how small the chances were, Luo Yuan did not want to risk it as it was not created by humans.

    Unfortunately, it was not a good time to replace the artificial intelligence system. Until this very moment, the humans were still relying on the artificial intelligence system. To top it off, the entire factory area was under its control and as soon as it was removed, the entire spaceship would lose its soul and to a certain extent, be paralyzed. The engine would not start, the gravitational pull would go haywire and even the air filters would malfunction.

    Although humans had created many replacements, none could go toe-to-toe with the artificial intelligence system's computing power. The mechanism and response time of human-made artificial intelligence systems were relatively less efficient, making it a risk to use during interstellar flight. The huge difference was due to the fact that the Glassian artificial intelligence system was not ordinary software. Possibly to minimize risk, it was connected to the quantum computer in the spaceship and they were one and the same. They could not be separated or replicated right now and giving up on the artificial intelligence system would mean giving up on the quantum computer which until today, humans have not been able to create a quantum supercomputer of the same level.


    Looking at the bloodstains on his body, Luo Yuan became stiff and a loud thud was heard. He was covered in a vapor cone after an explosion similar to a sonic boom happened around him. A wind blew and seconds later, it stopped. His body slowly appeared from the vapor, good as new.

    He arrived at the botanical garden to visit the wisdom trees. As the plantation grew in importance, the security grew tighter. Not only was there a row of evolved soldiers guarding it, the team was led by the director of the Firearms Bureau, Li Dong. Without his say so, even a fly could not get in. Seeing Luo Yuan approach the entrance, Li Dong immediately left his office and bowed in respect.

    "Greetings, mayor!"

    Perhaps he had been in the police force for a long time, he was no longer clumsy like he used to be. He looked like a soldier now.

    "Hi. I hope you’re adapting well!" Luo Yuan said.

    He knew Li Dong pretty well so the greeting was casual. However, Li Dong did not take it casually. Things were different from what they were before, Luo Yuan used to be the vice-captain of the Firearms Bureau so they could joke around but it was different now. Their status was not as close as it used to be, making it impossible to chat casually like they used to.

    He looked serious, "I wasn't able to get used to it in the beginning but I’m adapting well now, especially the disciplinary part. We will not allow any mistakes to get in our way."

    Looking at the professional police force before him, Luo Yuan nodded in approval. It was not easy to discipline evolved humans. Of course, it was also because Luo Yuan was here. They were not as disciplined when Luo Yuan was not present.

    Since Luo Yuan did not inform anyone of his arrival, the director of the botanical garden and other leaders rushed their way to Luo Yuan.

    "Mayor, we did not know you were coming…" The director’s face was pale. He was not the first director that they had and had just been promoted recently. The previous director was convicted for the intention to steal the wisdom elixir and was called in by the management. Since then, nobody had seen him.

    Although the director was careful, he was not able to guarantee that the people below him would not have the intention to steal the wisdom elixir. He did not want to be involved in it. After all, the Wisdom Heart was attractive and handling it every day would tempt even the most honest people. Although there were records of every Wisdom Tree and the quantity of wisdom elixir they produced, it was easy to skim a little off the top every time.

    Luo Yuan was not aware that his sudden inspection would be so terrifying them. It was unnecessary as the diameter of the spaceship was a mere 1.5 kilometers. The radius of his Sense had reached 650 meters and 1.3 kilometers in diameter. That said, he had a complete understanding of the entire spaceship and with his abilities, nothing could escape him. If any of them had the thought to steal the wisdom elixirs, they would be sent to the management. However, as long as it was nothing serious, Luo Yuan would usually pretend that he saw nothing.

    Nobody was a saint. It was normal for people to have bad intentions sometimes.

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