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Chapter 512: Rekindle

    Chapter 512: Rekindle

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    Naturally, Luo Yuan enjoyed the barbeque. He ate some lime to get rid of the greasy feeling after having oily food. He laid on the grass, rubbing his bloated tummy while chatting with the rest. Smelling the scent of the grass, he felt relaxed.

    In recent days, there was no abundance of food for the humans. Things had improved over the past two years. Initially, most of the people survived on a vegetarian diet. Meat lovers like Luo Yuan had indeed suffered. Ever since the invention of cultivated meat, the conditions had slightly improved. However, one would somehow feel grossed out after eating too much cultivated meat.

    Huang Jiahui then asked, "Why didn't you ask your secretary to come?"

    Everyone shifted their gazes towards Luo Yuan.

    Some of them could sense that something was wrong, alerting the rest. The existence of Chen Xinjie was not a secret as she would frequently appear on media channels. She was pretty in addition to being Luo Yuan's secretary, causing them to be on alert.

    "This is a family gathering. Why do I have to ask my secretary to come?" Luo Yuan was lying on the ground as he calmly replied, maintaining a neutral expression.

    It sounded good! Huang Jiahui thought as she ground her teeth. His former secretary, Cheng Guanghui would often go to his residence with an update on the current situation.

    Ever since Chen Xinjie became his secretary, this had never happened again. Perhaps they wanted to avoid arousing suspicion, but it looked even more dubious by doing so. Every few days, but definitely less than 10 days, Luo Yuan would come up with excuses, citing how he had something to deal with before disappearing for the night. The regularity of such incidents lasted for a few years too!

    However, she could only contain such thoughts in her mind. She knew that this was how Luo Yuan behaved as the number of women around him all these years had increased. If she wanted to get jealous over the women around him, she would get insanely jealous then. It would be fine if he did not bring them home.

    "I've almost forgotten that Luo Yu and her siblings stayed at our house last night. You worked overtime last night and I forgot to tell you about this." Huang Jiahui changed the topic.

    "Oh, they came back. Why didn't they call me?" Luo Yuan laughed. He was sleeping at Chen Xinjie's house last night and missed the chance to meet them.

    "You're too strict, they are afraid of you." Zhao Yali said. Four of them joined the research department four years ago and left home. The house was no longer as lively as it used to be, feeling lonely, "I think it's good to ask them to come home. Living outside will not be as good as staying at home. They will listen to you if you tell them."

    After living together for a few years, the four of them were less afraid of Luo Yuan as they had built strong familial bonds. However, they would not feel relaxed when facing Luo Yuan. It was because they subconsciously knew that Luo Yuan was a strict father that they had to respect.

    Luo Yuan knew the reason behind this but the rest of them did not know about it. Luo Yuan forced a smile without explaining anything and said, "The children have all grown up and they will live their own lives. Let them be. It's not that they will not be coming back for the rest of our lives."

    After finishing his words, he then realized that what he said sounded old. In fact, he was only 30 years old. He looked like a young man that was at the age of 20. He had not aged all these years as if he possessed eternal youth.

    Even he himself had no idea how long he could live.

    To him, death was definitely still a long distance away

    After taking a break for half day, Luo Yuan then left the virtual reality, leaving the rest of them within. Each of the departments had been preoccupied with the space voyage these days. It was good that he could take half a day off from work.

    Right after he left the virtual reality, the feeling of having everything in control had returned.

    Thanks to his strong body, he could control all perception of space with his Sense and his ability to see through the three-dimensional world with his four-dimensional vision. He had an illusion of regaining what he had previously lost.

    He was agitated, probably because he was used to it and neglected it when he possessed them!

    Due to prolonged periods of time of having to live in a peaceful environment, in addition to the heavy workload that he has to handle, he had reduced his desire for Strength. He could not remember the last time he had trained. Other than maintaining his usual meditation sessions, he had never trained his body. However, he had a strong urge to rekindle the fire in his heart, igniting the suppressed power within him.

    Luo Yuan originally planned to return to his office, but he then changed his mind.

    He walked out of his bedroom, activating his Sense. The building was about 100 meters away from the interior walls of the spaceship. The radius of his Sense had reached 650 meters. Soon, his Sense penetrated through the thick layer of armor, extending to space.

    In the next moment, he disappeared from his original position.

    The nearest planet to him was Venus. With his four-dimensional travel, he then flew to Venus.

    Despite the fact that it was the nearest planet, Venus was 20 million kilometers away from him. One would need more than a minute to reach it, traveling at the speed of light. However, Luo Yuan would not consider it as being far, as long as the travel distance was less than 100 million kilometers.

    Flying for less than 50 minutes, he approached the atmospheric layer. He immediately got out of the space-time bubble. Without a doubt, it was dangerous flying at such high speed for a "short distance" travel as he could easily break through the planetary core.

    The matter outside the space-time bubble could do no harm to it but at the same time, heat and light could.

    The space-time bubble would burn up while entering the planet as the temperature was terribly high. In addition to that, the environment was complicated because of the extreme magnetic field and space warp caused by the high pressure. Perhaps before it was burnt into ashes, the space-time bubble would have been flattened.

    Space was both strong and weak at the same time.

    The power level was barely reachable, being so mysterious yet omnipresent. Be it the physical force or energy, they seemed to be immune to this power.

    As long as one could figure out methods to affect power, it could be easily disrupted. It could be seen when Luo Yuan's Will had an effect on it, despite the fact that his Will was merely a weak type of power.

    The atmosphere of Venus was quite dense. After the analysis by the artificial intelligence system, it was found that its atmospheric pressure was 90 times higher than that of Earth. In addition to the fact that it was closer to the Sun, there was a significant change in temperature on the planet, given the existence of strong atmospheric motions.

    Standing close to the planet in space, Luo Yuan could clearly see that the planet's atmosphere was moving quickly.

    Such atmospheric motions occurred before on Earth as well, right when the destructive disaster began. However, it seemed normal on this planet as it happened every second.

    Luo Yuan did not hesitate any longer and quickly moved through the atmospheric layer.

    He could smell a pungent and acidic scent with his Sense as he approached. He did not slow down but he stopped breathing for a while.

    It was more difficult to enter than he expected. The dense atmosphere caused him to feel like he had dived into the water. It tossed his body around as though he was hit by a fast-moving storm.

    Fortunately, he had experienced this before. He identified the direction based on the gravitational force and teleported himself to the surface of the planet.

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