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Chapter 513: Realm

    Chapter 513: Realm

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    Luo Yuan stomped both of his legs on the ground as soon as he landed. It was only right until his calves had sunk into the ground when he managed to stabilize himself in the storm. He looked around.

    Luo Yuan then discovered that he had underestimated how bad the environment was.

    Even the strongest typhoon that had ever happened on Earth was incomparable to the condition here. The atmospheric pressure that was 90 times higher had caused the storm in the planet to be several folds stronger. It could even blow a spaceship away.

    It was impossible for the soil to exist under such environment. There were solid rocks all over its surface that had become as smooth as the cobblestone field after being buffeted by the strong wind for years.

    The storm had stirred up the sand, causing the visibility there to be extremely low. One could vaguely see the dim red hue in the air and a faint light in the distance. Perhaps he was on the night side of the planet. However, Luo Yuan guessed that it would not be a lot brighter even if he was on the daytime side.

    Just like what was happening on Earth now, the air was filled with countless specks of sand and dust. The sandstorm was so thick that even the sunlight could not penetrate through its layers.

    One thing where it differed from Earth was that it was not cold at all, as Venus was filled with hot air instead.

    Luo Yuan roughly estimated that the temperature was about 500 degrees Celsius. Such a high temperature could ignite lumber. This was also the reason why the atmospheric layer was giving off a red light. Perhaps it was because a large amount of flammable gas contained in the atmospheric layer was lit up by flames, causing blasts of explosions which could be heard occasionally.

    Fortunately, Luo Yuan was not affected by the bad environment.

    It was Luo Yuan’s first time entering a planet other than Earth. He thought that he would be very excited. However, as soon as he entered the planet, he realized that it was not that exciting.

    He was initially curious, but soon after, he found nothing special about it.

    In fact, there was nothing to see on this planet. All it had was unceasing noise and relentless storms. The ground was littered with smooth, flat rocks. Other than that, there were only oddly-shaped caverns formed by the acidic gases. However, without living organisms, the planet was dull and uninteresting regardless of how beautiful the scene was.

    Luo Yuan was deeply focused. He was not going to choose a suitable location. He stood at his original spot, revving his muscles in preparation.

    The muscles that were more solid than rocks started to flow like water, awakening the suppressed power within his body. It was akin to the sudden explosion of a dormant volcano that had been slumbering for a long while. The immense power caused a stir in the air. The storm surrounding it stagnated for a while.

    The magnetic field surrounding it was disrupted and the aurora flickered.

    The aurora was faintly visible at the beginning, like an intermittent light. However, it became a colored ribbon in just one breath. The environment changed indefinitely, filling the entire space with dazzling lights and mysterious colors.

    Luo Yuan's Strength continued to increase over time. Electric arcs surrounding him started to spark into the air, exuding an oppressive aura. The strong aura that he emitted had unexpectedly suppressed the surrounding storm. There seemed to be an invisible power isolating the region around him within the circumference of half a kilometer, creating a separate space.

    Many crushed rocks and dust floated in the air, lingering around him. Occassionally, electric arcs and flames would even materialize.

    It was the realm of power created by the aura that Luo Yuan exuded. As his Will grew stronger, something seemed to have changed in the realm. Luo Yuan could sense that he was capable of doing anything within the realm of power, possessing a high degree of control over everything there.

    He had control over the airflow, the amount of crushed rock and dust, and even the change in magnetic field and gravity force.

    The realm seemed to be an extension of his Will. However, it was weaker than his Will in terms of Strength. In terms of range, the realm was beyond comparison.

    With every beat of his heart, he could sense that there was a power within the realm that responded to him.

    The entire realm was no longer a foreign object. It had merged with him, becoming a part of his body.

    He understood that and soon, he calmed himself down. His heart was beating slowly. He gathered his Will, trying to sense even the slightest of movement as well as the minute changes that occurred. Until the moment he developed the mysterious feeling, the realm and his body would integrate, acting as a whole.

    When he opened his eyes, a beam of light flashed across his eyes. In the next moment, he struck a blow. Like meshed gears, the airflow within the realm moved according to his thoughts. The air, magnetic field, and gravity force thrust forward, trailing along the direction of the blow struck by Luo Yuan. The air no longer resisted and instead acted as a driving force. More than a hundred tons of air in the realm, as well as other visible forces, merged with Luo Yuan's strength, advancing at a speed that was 60 times faster than sonic speed.

    As soon as the immense power left the realm, the airflow instantly released a dazzling, bright white light. In the blink of an eye, the temperature escalated to more than 10,000 degrees Celsius. Ionization occurred in the air.

    A vacuum was created after the attack was struck!


    A loud sound was heard as the airflow hit a crest of the hill that was a hundred meters away. A strong beam of light was released due to the explosion. The ground shook vigorously, resembling a Grade 8 earthquake.

    The airflow gradually subsided. Luo Yuan then noticed that half of the hill crashed.

    Looking at the destructive scene in front of him, Luo Yuan was neither happy nor sad. He looked tired. He closed his eyes, slowly recalled the blow that he struck. He felt that he had been emptied, not just his body but his soul as well. With merely a blow, he had emptied a large portion of his Will. He felt hollow.

    He never expected that the increase in Will would lead to such huge changes.

    Despite the fact that he could control the internal airflow previously, in which the air would pass through his heart to provide a power boost, he only managed to increase his attack speed. There was no substantial increase in his Strength. The control he had over the realm was much less too.

    At this moment, the damage caused by the blow had increased a hundred-fold. Considering the force exerted by each of his blows was equivalent to three tons, the damage caused would be equivalent to 1000 tons after multiplying by hundred times. Compared to the Hiroshima bomb that could exert a force of 30,000 tons, Luo Yuan's blow was approximately 1/30 of it.

    Fortunately, the dense and humid air weakened the force. Otherwise, the whole mountain would have collapsed.

    However, it was also due to the dense air that the blow was able to cause such a significant impact. It would not have mattered much in a vacuum environment. This was also the weakness of the realm. Without matter and energy, he would be unable to perform any sort of attack regardless of how strong the force was.

    Luo Yuan clearly knew that nothing was perfect. He was satisfied as he was capable of doing this in the atmospheric layer.

    He then noticed that the vacuum environment was swiftly filled with air. He estimated that in less than 10 seconds, the environment would return to normal.

    Luo Yuan understood that this was because he had not completely mastered the realm yet.

    Once again, he slowly shut his eyes, integrating the realm with his body. This time, he no longer struck a blow like he did initially, as this would consume a large amount of his Will. He would have diminished his Will after several blows.

    His body looked relaxed, while in fact, he was tensed. His power was vaguely visible as he wrapped his arms tightly around himself, creating traces of a circular arc in the air. The internal power moved along with his Will. Countless electric arcs detonated everywhere, forming the yin-yang symbol.

    Luo Yuan's Will spread out to every corner during his training, grabbing every single opportunity within the realm. The light in the realm disappeared every once in a while, looking strange and unusual.

    The feeling was weird and indescribable as if he could do everything he wanted. He could control everything in the realm and his soul seemed to have achieved tranquility in this place.

    Soon after, he did not have to deliberately maintain his focus on the realm. He had forgotten about the skills as he allowed his instincts to perform each of the skills. He smiled and looked relaxed.

    The chaos caused by the internal force within the realm gradually subsided. The magnetic field converged together, forming a layer of white electric light as it wrapped around Luo Yuan's body. Similarly, the gravity force was attracted to him, lingering around him. This allowed him to transform into an insubstantial ethereal form.

    The magnetic field, gravity force, airflow and his movements merged. Each of his movements exuded an intimidating aura. Earlier, the force was being exerted in a disorderly manner. Now, it was done in one go and rather smoothly. Luo Yuan's control over the realm had improved


    "This is the designated path for the space voyage!" In the small meeting room, one of the staff said, pointing at the star atlas on the three-dimensional screen.

    The star atlas for the interplanetary flight was not extracted from the telescope images. It was a comprehensive star atlas, covering a vast area. To some extent, it was a new technology that represented new inventions for civilization.

    Since the universe was infinitely large, it took a long period of time to obtain the motions of the observed planet. Even the nearest star would require a few years to gather the information whereas the stars that were further away would take up to hundred thousand of years. They did not stop moving but they were moving at a speed of hundred kilometers per second, revolving around the galaxy's center.

    The flight trajectory would be a long arc if they were to fly directly towards the stars. This had not only increased the travel distance, it was also a waste of time and resources. It was an issue that should not be neglected by the interplanetary civilization.

    Therefore, a qualified star atlas had to estimate and accurately project the trajectory of each of the stars that orbited around the galaxy's center as well as their traveling speed. This could then aid the prediction of the location of the mobile stars that changed from time to time. It was not merely a star atlas, it required complex calculations and procedures to operate.

    The more encompassing the range of the star atlas, the higher the number of stars that would be covered on the map. The star atlas would become increasingly complicated. Even the Glassians' star atlas had only accurately calculated the location of the stars that were within the circumference of one light-year.

    "In order to hide to confuse the enemies, we plan to leave the ecliptic plane of the solar system. After flying for half a light-year, we will enter the dark region. Then, following the curved trajectory, we will head directly towards the Barnard stars. It takes about 7.5 light-years for the entire journey. It is estimated that we will travel for 21 years!"

    "Why does it take so long to arrive at that location?" Luo Yuan frowned. Even if they were flying at half the speed of light, it would take only 15 years to reach there. A 21-year flight was indeed too long.

    The staff immediately explained, "It is because half the time would be wasted at the beginning and the end of the journey. Close to the stars, unknown matter was found scattered around. The spaceship could hardly accelerate to its maximum speed. On the other hand, for the sake of safety, we intentionally lowered the intended speed of the spaceship."

    Luo Yuan nodded his head and kept quiet. He had to agree.

    Everyone on Earth was living in the spaceship. Regardless of the risk, they had to try their best to minimize them.

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