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Chapter 514: Pregnant

    Chapter 514: Pregnant

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    After changing his clothes, Luo Yuan smiled as he took a glance at Zhao Yali who was still sleeping. He left the room, closing the bedroom door softly and walked down the street.

    The street lights were at their dimmest setting, making it feel like it was late at night.

    It was now June. The streets were less crowded and occasionally there would be a few people walking along the street. It was a lonely street.

    Since May, they had begun construction of the hypersleep chambers. The people then began to enter the hypersleep chambers batch by batch.

    Most of the factories had now shut down and production activities had stopped as well. The whole spaceship had become less lively than it was.

    The emergency spacecraft that was used to collect the interstellar creature's carcass had returned and the mining operations on the asteroid to replenish their resources had also ended.

    The spaceship was fully prepared for their space voyage. The only reason they had yet to depart was that they were still six days until the auspicious day to travel.

    Be it Luo Yuan or the artificial intelligence system who came up with this plan, they knew that they should not believe too much in such superstitions. However, these kinds of things had a certain effect on the mind, boosting one's confidence in the unknown before them.

    Of course, not everyone would enter into hypersleep.

    The maintenance staff, government officers, all of the scientists and engineers, and some of the technicians would stay conscious throughout the voyage. They would enter virtual reality and continue with their research and manufacturing endeavors.

    The construction of the virtual reality world had completed. The deserted island had become a beautiful and fantasy-like city. They had sent the staff to most of the laboratories these days to begin adapting to the environment.

    The busiest time before the voyage had ended. A few days before the flight, Luo Yuan felt empty.

    Since his younger days, he had never thought that humans would leave the Earth even in his wildest dreams. Leaving the solar system felt exactly like leaving his hometown for the very first time, alone in an unfamiliar city.

    It gave him a sense of insecurity.

    Luo Yuan sighed, shaking his head to snap himself out of his deep thought.

    He would go to Venus every two days within these two months.

    He had slowly regained his Strength. However, there was very little increment, as his power went up from 500 tons to 550 tons. It was only one-tenth of his Strength. Perhaps it was because he was focusing his training as his Sense had improved a lot, reaching a radius of 800 meters.

    The attribute panel showed that his Sense had increased from 17-point to 18-point. The rate of improvement was almost godlike.

    Standing at the center of the spaceship, his Sense could cover the entire spaceship. With that, nobody could escape or hide from him. However, he was not a peeping tom and was usually not interested in such trifles at all.

    Using his Will this way was terrifying, It was a few times stronger than his first attempt at doing it and this time, it made him look like a human nuclear weapon


    The residential street on the spaceship was not that long. After walking down the street for a few minutes, he had reached the end of the road. Luo Yuan was not going to walk any further and headed back to the municipal government.

    "You're getting lazier nowadays, always being late and leaving early. You rarely even go to the office." Chen Xinjie grumbled once she saw Luo Yuan.

    "The taste of the tea you brew is getting better." Luo Yuan took a sip of his tea and continued, "The administrative roles are organized in a hierarchical manner whereby each of us is assigned to manage a different department. I guess they are the ones who are too lazy to work, handing all the decision-making authority to me and are unwilling to even bear a shred of responsibility. What's the point of having them work with us?" Luo Yuan teased her. He was guilty, though. Ever since he was promoted to this position, he had monopolized the power he had as a check and balance system had yet to be established.

    Under such circumstances, everyone started to get scared as they saw those who have done a really bad job get laid off due to various reasons. Those who stayed were the careful and responsible employees.

    Chen Xinjie had no comment as she dared not say anything about this regardless of how close she was with Luo Yuan.

    "By the way, have you decided to go into hypersleep or stay conscious?" Luo Yuan did not talk any further about that and quickly changed the topic.

    They would stop most activities during the voyage. Therefore, many of the officers would choose to go into hypersleep. Of course, Chen Xinjie was not on the list as she was Luo Yuan's secretary. However, it was possible for her to go into hypersleep if Luo Yuan agreed with it.

    "I've decided to stay conscious. What's the point of entering the hypersleep chamber to survive for another few years? I don't want to sleep for 20 years. It sounds scary. It's as though I have died." Chen Xinjie shook her head as she replied Luo Yuan.

    The fear of going into hypersleep existed in many of them as the people could not accept falling into a deep sleep for 20 years. If they were not forced into hypersleep, they would be less likely to do so.

    "It's up to you but don't regret when they are younger than you when they wake up." Luo Yuan laughed.

    "It's time for you to change your secretary then!"

    Luo Yuan forced a smile and asked doubtfully, "What's wrong with you? You're being a little too emotional lately!"

    Chen Xinjie kept quiet for a while and she told him the news, "I'm pregnant!"

    "What!" Luo Yuan was stunned, he was so excited after that, "Is that true? When did you find out?"

    Chen Xinjie looked at Luo Yuan and scoffed, "It's not yours. Why are you being so happy? It's a clone. I went to the hospital for this last week!"

    Luo Yuan was shocked. He indeed should not hope for getting a baby as he did not have human genes. He had lost the ability to reproduce sexually. It was not an exaggeration to say that he was another species of human-like creatures. He somehow felt disappointed.

    He was stunned for less than half a second as he held back his emotions and said softly, "Why is the baby not mine? It's our baby. This clone is born to be a genius. A well brought up clone can become a successful scientist in the future."

    "I don't want my child to become a scientist. It's too tiring. I'll support my child to do anything as long as it's his choice." Chen Xinjie was relieved. It seemed that Luo Yuan was not pretending to be fine as he gently touched her stomach.

    She knew why Luo Yuan was attracted to her. It was definitely not about love but was because of her appearance. Beauty would fade away with time. Perhaps he would not abandon her when she was no longer beautiful. However, he would also not stay with her any longer.

    She had always wanted to have a child to strengthen their relationship. However, it did not happen. It was difficult for an ordinary human to get a baby, let alone Luo Yuan who was such a strong, evolved man. Cloning was her only choice after failing to get pregnant for several years

    She did not tell Luo Yuan about this as she thought that he would not be able to accept it. It seemed like it turned out better than expected.

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