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Chapter 516: Super Warship

    Chapter 516: Super Warship

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    Right this moment, more than 60,000 people had consumed the wisdom elixir. The numbers were crazy.

    Their intelligence had exceeded ordinary human intelligence, where their speed of thinking was comparable to a computer. At the same time, they were still strong and energetic. Even Albert Einstein, Newton, and Gauss were incomparable to them.

    Technology development could be increased by at least 10 percent, provided that the country had scientists like them. If they were to work in their field of expertise, they could definitely bring about a great improvement in that particular field.

    They now had 60,000 super scientists. With such terrifying research strength, it was thousands of times beyond what the global research strength may have been before the apocalypse.

    There was rapid development in technology over the years. Things were changing rapidly every few years.

    Glassian technology had been fully adopted and improvements were made upon them. If it was not because of their voyage, humans would have been capable of constructing a spacecraft that was even better than the Glassian mothership nine years ago.

    Unfortunately, they had already commenced the interstellar voyage and humans had no time to build something like that.

    Nine years later, human technology had further improved.

    Luo Yuan took a look at the blueprint and the related specification of the warship. It had on it, most of the technologies developed over the years.

    Despite the hull of the warship being built using metals, it was now 20 times stronger with a density reaching up to 800 tons per square meter. Its physical properties were beyond comprehension. It was 3,500 times harder than a diamond and could only melt at about one million degrees Celcius. Even a nuclear explosion would cause no damage on the armor if it was not at the center of the explosion. Also, the few main cannons on the Glassian mothership would have no effect on it. In addition to the alloy's energy absorption effect, it was almost indestructible unless it was struck by debris close to the speed of light.

    The only weakness was it had no power defensive system, just like the Glassians' mothership.

    In the recent years, humans had invented some form of energy defensive system as well.

    They had invented an ion defensive system and electromagnetic field defensive system which was equipped on the new fighter spacecraft. However, they then realized that the effect was rendered useless.

    As the spaceship was moving at a high speed during long-distance travels, its maximum speed could reach 240,000 kilometers per second. If the spaceship was struck by debris, the speed of the collision would be extremely fast. It was ridiculous to think that the impact from debris could be minimised by the defensive systems.

    However, if the spaceship was traveling at low speeds, it would be a waste to equip the spaceship with an energy shield as the hull of the spaceship alone was sufficient to defend against it.

    In fact, it was not because the defensive systems had no effect in reducing the impact of debris. It was because the energy supplied by the spaceship was inadequate. The scientist had estimated that in order to weaken or reduce such an impact, the energy supplied by the spaceship must be increased to an order of three at the very least.

    It may somehow be possible for the new warship to increase the supply of energy by 1,000 times as long as more fusion furnaces were built in order to meet the requirement. However, the consumption of water would be a huge. The resources that could originally las for a hundred years would only be sufficient for a two-month supply and the only effect this did was to reduce the force of impact from the debris.

    That being said, Glassian and human technology were far from being capable of installing an energy shield on the spaceship.

    Humans could not afford to waste such large amount of resources.

    Compared to that, a thicker hull was way more effective and economical.

    As long the debris was less than 10 grams, the defensive system of the new warship could guarantee that a big hole would not be formed on the spaceship's hull. The new warship was now controlled by the new quantum computer which was more effective in addition to the more advanced detection system. The warship would be able to avoid the debris when they were half a light-year away.

    The armor was only a small part of their recent research. The weapons within the spaceship also had their layout changed.

    Four electromagnetic antimatter cannons could generate a pulse that was thousand times stronger. The electromagnetic bullets were now able to be fired at 10% the speed of light. Four of the neutron cannons were also changed laser cannons instead.

    Neutron cannons were used as short-distance travel weapons and they would overlap with the electromagnetic cannons. The laser cannons that were initially used for defense had become one of the main cannons. This was because humans had a new breakthrough in laser weapons.

    The light beam emitted was more concentrated and was loaded with stronger energy. The temperature of matter could be increased to millions of degree Celsius in merely 0.1 seconds. At the same time, the range the cannon could reach was up to a distance of 0.01 light-years.

    However, these were only regular weapons that could be found on a warship. The most powerful weapon was the gamma-ray cannon.

    It was an extremely fearsome weapon. Its weapons system had occupied an entire floor. Placing it on the ground, it would be as big as a town with two-thirds of it being giant, high-powered fuel cells that were as big as skyscrapers.

    Every attack could produce the energy equivalent to the total energy generated by humans over hundreds of years. However, all of the energy accumulated was only sufficient to fire three shots.

    To recharge the weapon, it would take up to one year for it to be completely charged even on the new warship. During a voyage, it actually needed more time to recharge.

    Of course, this would only happen if they were to attack at full force. The consumption of energy varied and could be reduced depending on the situation.

    This weapon was built based on the experience they had after encountering the interstellar creature.

    This high-powered weapon was separated from the other high-powered fuel cells. They had their own energy conversion devices as well as an acceleration system. This was because humans were still lacking a particular resource to gather all the power.

    Right after an instruction was given to launch an attack, all the high-powered fuel cells would constantly accumulate pressured energy at the valve port after the conversion of energy. After one second, the device for the transmission of quantum energy would be activated simultaneously and thousands of gamma rays would be released in an instant.

    All of the energy would be released in less than 100 nanoseconds.

    The most fearsome part of this weapon was its ability to gather the energy it needed within such a short period of time.

    Compared to the energy released by the interstellar creature, the cannon's energy was rather concentrated and nothing could hinder it. As calculated by the quantum computer, if it were to shoot at full force, it could penetrate through the Moon.

    Luo Yuan believed that even if they encountered a more advanced spaceship of another civilization, they would not be able to defend against such weapon. This was the most fearsome thing the new warship had going for it.

    The application of the technique to transmit quantum energy allowed the force of the weapon to be completely released from the cannon barrel. No matter how powerful the energy was, as long as it can be synchronized through the superpositioning of quantum energy transmission, the energy would never end as long as they had enough fuel cells.

    This technique was no longer adopted merely for military use. It was widely used even in the electric generators in the virtual reality world. This was especially so for the energy transmission in the main circuit, this technology had completely replaced the use of electric wires.

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