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Chapter 518: Third Venture Into The Fourth Dimension

    Chapter 518: Third Venture Into The Fourth Dimension

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    At that moment, Luo Yuan seemed to have sensed something with his prediction ability.

    He suddenly realized it and sighed.

    "I'll leave first. You may continue with the inspection." Luo Yuan disappeared right after he had finished his sentence.

    The people looked at each other and the dean's face turned pale. How long could he continue to work for the mayor after he had offended him?

    Luo Yuan instantly returned to the real world. However, he did not return to the office of the municipal government. He was in the bedroom of his residence instead.

    He got out of the third generation residential cabin. He then cleaned himself up and changed his clothes, sitting at the edge of the bed.

    Without any facial expressions, he touched the bed sheets softly as it was so smooth and silky.

    Although he had convinced Huang Jiahui and the rest of them to go into hypersleep, still, Chen Xinjie was unwilling to stay with him. The house was no longer as lively as it used to be. He was used to being alone all these years. Chen Xinjie would occasionally stay at his house for a few days to visit the children. Therefore, most of the time, she would still be staying with Luo Yuan.

    He sat quietly, waiting for the last moment to arrive.

    What was coming would come and Luo Yuan had mentally prepared himself for it.

    His body suddenly trembled and he was absent-minded probably after a few minutes or after half an hour. Seemingly, a massive world had come into his eyes.

    At the same time, the bedroom in front of him had become smaller.

    He felt that he was approaching the four-dimensional world. He quickly moved forward and part of his body had entered the four-dimensional world. A lot of information gushed into his head. His brain was stuck in the beginning and his thoughts were blocked. However, his thoughts had become clearer than ever before in just an instant. It was indescribable and the power seemed to be beyond everything he had experienced before. The feeling of standing aloof from the world allowed him to see the colorful lights, looking at the real universe and the membranes of the three-dimensional world.

    He gradually immersed his body in the hidden power. He was filled with a strong sense of excitement. However, that did not seem to bother him at all.

    He was calm like a god. Having control over everything in the world, the human body could no longer please him.

    Suddenly, a loud sound was heard and the log bed had collapsed as his body was too heavy.

    Luo Yuan did not fall, though. He floated in mid-air, sitting there as if there was an invisible chair in the air.

    After a short while, he broke the golden ceiling with his head. To Luo Yuan, the steel was as soft as seaweed. The golden ceiling was broken into pieces immediately. It seemed like there were some changes in his body but he did not know what was happening.

    A strong sense of fear rose in Ye Qiuyu's heart as she was doing house chores in the living room.

    She did not go into hypersleep during the flight and decided to stay conscious. As Luo Yuan's family doctor as well as his housekeeper, it was her responsibility to stay at home, performing her duties.

    She then tried to hold the table with all her strength. She could not close her mouth as it got harder for her to breathe. Her mind went blank, feeling like death was awaiting her.

    She then used all the strength she had, struggling to escape out of the villa.

    As soon as she reached the door, a cracking sound was heard. She was so afraid of it and she dared not turn back at all. The terrifying aura grew stronger, stirring up the air. Whirlpools were formed abnormally on the artificial lake, occasionally blowing a stream of water into the air.

    Encountering such disastrous scene, Ye Qiuyu could no longer bear it and she fell down. The next moment, a screeching sound of twisting metal could be heard, causing her eardrums to vibrate.

    She tried so hard to turn her head back, her eyes widened. Her eyes filled with fear and despair and her body trembled like a little beast struggling to survive. The luxury villa became a complete mess in an instant. Countless fragments and metal pieces were floating in the air, rotating in a certain path. There were no traces of humans at all.


    Many of the security guards quickly rushed there as the mansion of the top leader was severely guarded. They could immediately respond to it as soon as anything happened, let alone such

    a powerful and strong force.

    The villa was surrounded by many of the soldiers. However, none of them could go near the villa. About 10 of the soldiers that acted rashly had fainted, not knowing whether they were alive or dead.

    "Bring Miss Ye down and ask her what happened just now." The leader of the guard regiment waved his hand. Two of the soldiers then carried Ye Qiuyu and left quickly.

    He was the super-evolved human discovered in recent years. However, at this moment, he felt as helpless as the other soldiers. He had only heard of the director was capable of destroying everything but he had never witnessed it before. Now, he could indeed feel how frightening it was. The leaked energy alone was far beyond his ability. It would make one feel like death was coming if one went close to it.

    "Could it be that he has lost control of his powers? It is the interior of the spaceship." He was frightened. However, he did not show fear on his face.

    There were soldiers that could not withstand the terrifying aura and fainted with no reason.

    "Go to your suits immediately and save our director!" He immediately ordered the soldiers. He had no idea what was happening and he did not know if the director was safe. However, as the leader of the guard regiment, he should do something.

    The suit was a weapon produced a few years ago. It was produced in relatively low quantities and only the security minister was qualified to own a piece. Since the weapon was assembled internally, it was not equipped with a high-powered weapon. However, at over three meters in height and weighing around 10 tons in weight as well as its strong strength, it could easily get rid of anything.

    The team was stationed close to the building and they arrived after a short while.

    Before they got closer to it, the wind swept through the suit, causing it to rotate like the debris flying around the mansion.

    A roaring noise that came from an engine came from afar, reaching its maximum capacity. However, it was rendered useless. The suit that could travel at a fast speed in space could do nothing now.

    They could not hide this situation from their superiors any longer.

    As soon as Bi Jianping was informed about this, he quickly left virtual reality. He then knew what was going on through the quantum communication and ended the call.

    He took out a cigarette and lit it up while his hand trembled a little. He walked around the office, feeling nervous.

    Obviously, something had happened to Luo Yuan. He knew something was wrong when Luo Yuan suddenly left during the inspection.

    The main concern now was how bad was the condition of his body?

    He had been the second-in-command to the leader for so many years. He was only deceiving himself if he said that he was not interested in being promoted to the top leader.

    He had been very careful all these years and did not even mind destroying his own image. However, there would always be other people willing to do the job as many people were eager to take over his position. One would never see truth, virtue, and beauty in politics. Each of the experienced politicians would bear that in mind.

    Also, some of them knew how to seize the opportunity.

    There was a chance when the old mayor died. He did not grab the opportunity, giving away the power to Luo Yuan who saved the world. Now, this seemed to be another chance.

    He would just let it be if Luo Yuan survived. However, if Luo Yuan died or he was brain dead, he could then take over his job.

    It was a bet. The one who won the bet would become the leader and the loser would die.

    "Let's wait, let's wait. It's not the time yet."

    He was struggling, being indecisive. His fear towards Luo Yuan had penetrated deep within his bones, his body started to tremble as soon as he thought of it.

    At that moment, he was stunned when he saw his hands.

    There were wrinkles all over his hand!

    He felt that he had grown old, to the age of 80.

    Even after a long while, he did not recover. It was only when his hand was burned by the cigarette did he regain his senses and threw away the cigarette immediately.

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