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Chapter 519: Humans And Gods

    Chapter 519: Humans And Gods

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    At that moment, Luo Yuan's eyes turned cold, like a deity looking down at mortals. His omniscience rose within him and he gave off an aura, not like any human.

    Despite his big body being blocked by countless objects and debris, his Sense remained unblocked.

    He could see everything that was happening in the spaceship.

    He could see the soldiers fainting one by one due to his oppressive aura.

    He could see the soldiers that had sealed off the exits from the building. It was so crowded.

    He could see Bi Jianping being indecisive in his office.

    He could see that Chen Xinjie was crying and she scolded the soldiers as she wanted to enter. She was helpless.

    He could see countless factories and laboratories in virtual reality, and even trillions of lines of underlying code that was used to build the world.

    However, all these thoughts flashed through his mind but his emotions remained unaffected.

    Soon, he approached the four-dimensional world which was infinitely large. The three-dimensional world could only compare to the outer layer of the membrane of this world.

    Looking at this world, the initially calm Luo Yuan became impulsive.

    The sudden impulse he had was unclear. However, as he thought about this impulse he had, he felt as if the sparks had kindled dry wood and his impulse had become stronger and clearer.

    He had to go there as he belonged to this world.

    Then, a strong desire overcame his being. His thoughts resonated with his cells. His body was expanding, reaching the height of 20 meters. His body was releasing a dense energy with five colors, causing his body to flicker like a god!

    The energy was not released by his body, but it was the leakage of dark energy from the fourth dimension.

    Logically, energy from the four-dimensional world could not be observed, captured or be transformed into another type of energy. It would definitely not occur in the three-dimensional world. However, the existence of Luo Yuan who had adapted to part of the four-dimensional world had formed a bridge between the two worlds, connecting these two worlds together.

    This had led to the leakage of a dark energy from the four-dimensional world, resulting in a dimensional tear.

    Despite there being a tear in the dimensions, the power was still terrifying. Even if it was just a small leakage, it could cause a huge stir in the real world and would gradually affect space as well.


    Time passed and the situation was getting serious.

    Many of the top management was informed about this and rushed there. However, once they reached downstairs, they were stopped by the soldiers. Fortunately, no military confrontation happened so far. Before they knew what was happening, nobody dared to stand out.

    At that moment, Luo Yuan who was immersed in the four-dimensional world suddenly emptied his mind and the four-dimensional world rapidly faded as he returned to the three-dimensional world.

    Despite still being able to see the four-dimensional world, it was no longer within his reach like it used to be.

    "Only one step left!" He sighed and regretted. "I'm not good enough. I can't completely transit to the four-dimensional world!"

    "How could it be? Why did I think of entering the four-dimensional world?" Luo Yuan's face turned grave, feeling shocked.

    In fact, it was a contradiction between humans and gods. Gods would look down at all creatures whereas humans lived amongst creatures in the universe. They were at different heights, sought different things and naturally, thought about things differently as well.

    However, it was not the time for him to fall into deep thoughts. Luo Yuan did not think any further. Looking at the floating pieces around him and the destruction at the scene, he suppressed his thoughts. With his Will, countless debris instantly stopped mid-air.

    Eh, when did my Will become so strong! A thought flashed through his mind before he quickly instructed, "Leader Dong, bring the people away!"

    His voice was so loud and seemed to echo in their ears.

    It was not only the soldiers who heard him but the top management who was waiting downstairs, the children in the welfare house, the people who went into hypersleep as well as people in each and every corner of the spaceship could clearly hear his void.

    The guard regiment leader's mind went blank. As soon as all the debris stopped rotating, he could vaguely see that there was a huge body sitting with the legs crossed. His dignified gaze seemed to penetrate through the dust and debris, right through to the bottom of his heart. His body trembled and he dared not look at him anymore. He quickly lowered his head and answered, "Yes, sir!"

    "Everyone, please leave quickly together with the wounded men!"

    All of the soldiers then returned to their senses and quickly carried their companions who had fainted and left. Perhaps they would have forgotten that the suit that was still floating in mid-air if Luo Yuan did not Will them to the ground.

    After a few minutes, everyone had disappeared.

    Looking at his own huge body, Luo Yuan remained silent. If he did not sit with his legs crossed, he would not be able to fit his body into the five-story space.

    He noticed that the debris that was still lingering around him. The thought of entering the four-dimensional world ran through his mind again. He could still sense the remnants of power that leaked as he gently waved his hand.

    The next moment, it seemed like he could turn back time as the debris and dust had quickly returned to their original position.

    The destroyed building had been repaired and the villa was reconstructed. He could even bring the crushed plants back to life. After a few seconds, everything seemed to have returned to their original state as if nothing had happened. It was a miracle!

    "This…" Although he was the one who did all those, he was startled as soon as he saw everything that had happened. There seemed to be some changes in his abilities. He could roughly guess that there was a big improvement in his four-dimensional brain without checking the property panel.

    The process seemed simple but in fact, an immense amount of data computations and operations were involved.

    The size of each piece of debris, the degree of distortion, how much strength should be exerted, in which position should it be placed and how micro-operations on the atomic layers during merging should be carried out. The calculations performed on a single piece of debris could have caused an individual quantum computer to crash.

    Furthermore, there were more than ten thousand pieces of debris and more than hundreds of millions of dust particles.

    In just a few moments, he had managed to go through such huge amounts of data and did not even feel that he had to put in a lot of effort to perform all these calculations. He did everything based on his instinct. His computation ability was comparable to a quantum supercomputer.

    He gradually descended back to the ground with thoughts flashing through his mind.

    A lot of memory that he had neglected during the process of his four-dimensional transition gushed into his head. They were then reorganized and screened.

    One second later, the screening of information was completed. He lifted his head and looked, a blurred, hollow four-dimensional world appeared in front of him again. He extended his hand and a glow appeared in his hands.

    Space began to stir, gradually becoming hollow. He felt like he was touching a mirror and his fingers disappeared as if they were engulfed by the space.

    He stood still. After remaining in that position for less than five seconds, he looked like he got an electric shock and quickly retracted his hand.

    Looking at his palm, Luo Yuan's face turned grave. The flesh on his fingers had completely disappeared, leaving only the jade-white bones that were still connected to his palm. He was not worried about the injury. He was more concerned about how dangerous the four-dimensional world was. The injury meant nothing to him.

    As he was still looking at his palm, the flesh on his fingers regenerated at a terrifying speed and soon, it was fully recovered.

    He had completely recovered in just one breath. He moved his fingers while he thought about the situation in the four-dimensional world.

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