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Chapter 520: Transcendent Power

    Chapter 520: Transcendent Power

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    The four-dimensional world better than the three-dimensional world. Most of the energy was concentrated in stars like the sun and there was an ocean of energy.

    An immeasurable tide of dark energy rose one after the other, like the ocean tide. The waves resulting in a destructive storm of energy. Despite going through a baptism by dark energy when he entered the fourth dimension, his body resembled a weak paper boat although it could withstand the power. If Luo Yuan was careless, he would perish in that ocean of dark energy as well.

    It was an extremely dangerous world. Nothing could describe its degree of danger. Luo Yuan could not help but felt a deep terror as he thought how he had frequently his teleport during the past. His body was not that strong during that time.

    Fortunately, he only teleported short distances. The time that he stayed in the four-dimensional world was relatively short and was less than a millionth of a millionth of a second, akin to a finger passing through the flames of a candle unharmed. Nothing bad had happened to him all this while.

    He noticed that space became windy. It was a gentle breeze in the beginning but soon, it became a strong and fierce wind.

    Luo Yuan looked at his palm again and immediately stopped moving his fingers. The fierce wind quickly subsided.

    He had no idea how strong his body was. He only knew that he had become stronger than ever compared to how he was before he entered the fourth-dimension. His body was filled with an immense power. He felt that the spaceship was weak as he could completely destroy the spaceship in an instant if he wanted to do so. However, he did not know specifically how strong he was.

    He was capable of stirring up a fierce wind by just slightly moving his fingers.

    In order to test his Strength, Luo Yuan tried to clench his hand into a fist.

    He seemed to have grabbed the air and a loud sound was heard. To him, the changes in the entire world were extremely slow. He could sense and see every single change happening in the air.

    Also, he could clearly see that the moment when he clenched his fist, burning flame formed from the friction in the air. At the same time, a shockwave immediately spread through the area.

    Initially, it was a light-blue colored shockwave with the form of a liquid. This was the result of air being suppressed to the maximum extent, turning it into a liquid-like form. However, the color lasted for only 0.1 seconds and soon, it turned white.

    It was akin to throwing a stone into a calm pond, causing ripples to form in the air, spreading wider and wider.

    It was beautiful yet dangerous!

    Before any damage was caused by these shockwaves, with just a thought, the waves had subsided as if an invisible hand had just gently calmed them.

    Luo Yuan was stunned. After a short while, he opened his palm and saw pieces of dark blue ice crystals falling to the ground. A clattering sound was heard. It did not melt even after a long while.

    His body resembled a human nuclear bomb. His action could produce a strong effect in the real world. He could no longer control his power with subtle actions. A slight movement of his muscles or a lingering thought could kill an ordinary person. It would be extremely dangerous for one to approach him, let alone living together.

    Luo Yuan was annoyed and he was in a bad mood. After a long while, he, at last, accepted the fact and opened the attributes panel.

    "Name: Luo Yuan"

    "Occupation: Hunter"

    "Rating: 13"

    "Experience: 373520/1228800"


    "Strength: 52 (10)"

    "Agility: 27 (10)"

    "Physique: 53+37 (10)"

    "Intelligence: 34 (10)"

    "Sense: 23+1 (10)"

    "Will: 26+1 (10)"

    "Skills: Science 12, Mathematics 7, Chinese 19, Free combat specialist 11, Broadsword Expert 15, Gun 8, Throwing 2"

    "Special skills: Identification, Synthesis, Detection"

    "Innate Abilities: Earth Stomp (level 37), Fusion Body (level 25), Four-Dimensional Travel (level 26), Four-Dimensional Vision (50%), Four-Dimensional Brain (20%), Four-Dimensional Body (5%)."

    All of the attributes were apparent.

    Despite not having much success in entering the fourth-dimension, it was a big improvement to his life. There was not much difference between the interstellar creature and him. It was not an exaggeration to say that he was a demigod.

    He had experienced the greatest change in his Strength. Perhaps it was because his body had grown bigger, his Strength had increased for more than 3000 times, reaching 1,800,000 tons. Although there was only a slight increase in Agility, it was somehow 60 times faster. As for his Intelligence, it was increased to 34-points. Similarly, all other attributes also experienced significant changes.

    It was because he entered the fourth-dimension that he experienced such an increase in his attributes.

    "Four-Dimensional Vision"

    "Dimensional Depth: 50%"

    "Effect: You now have a clear view on the four-dimensional world. You can carefully spy on everything in the fourth-dimension."

    "Remarks: It is a vast expanse - the fourth-dimension. There are countless secrets. Advice: Do not attempt to look for any four-dimensional being. They are extremely dangerous."

    Luo Yuan's facial expression slightly changed as he read the advice given to him. He then looked at the Four-Dimensional Brain.

    "Four-Dimensional Brain"

    "Dimensional Depth: 20%"

    "Effect 1: Foresight 12 seconds."

    "Remarks: "

    "Effect 2: Quantum brain"

    "Remarks: Your brain is comparable to a quantum computer."

    "Effect 3: Telepathy"

    "Remarks: Without the help of any sensory perception, information can be directly delivered to any living beings through quantum fluctuation. You've begun to show signs of having the communication ability of the four-dimensional being."


    "Four-Dimensional Body"

    "Dimensional Depth: 5%"

    "Effect 1: You are now in the first stage of adapting to dark energy."

    "Remarks: You can now absorb and use the dark energy, causing each of your actions to possess immense power."

    "Effect 2: You are now in the early stages of achieving the ultimate body."

    "Remarks: Being a part four-dimensional being, you are approaching the limit of the three-dimensional physics. Three-dimensional creatures can hardly kill you. Soon, the high temperature in stars would feel just like a big bathtub to you."

    Luo Yuan stared at the system and laughed coldly. Right at that moment, he felt a slight trace if micro-information fluctuations that were released from his body that entered the fourth-dimension, disappearing instantly.

    He had never sensed such fluctuations before. It was confusing as it was mixed with countless particles in space. At that moment, be it due to the condition of his body or the surrounding environment, he felt like he was omniscient. He could clearly sense even the slightest changes in the environment surrounding him.

    The civilization who came up with this system did not seem to be simple beings. The purpose of the system was seemingly to collect information.

    In addition to that, based on the frequent warnings and advice given to Luo Yuan regarding the four-dimensional beings, Luo Yuan could briefly guess why it existed and its history.

    Perhaps this system was invented by a super-advanced civilization that was beyond human imagination. During the development of technology, they discovered the four-dimensional world. Eventually, they encountered the four-dimensional beings or was even engaged in a war with them.

    However, even if a war did not happen, they would probably not give up such an amazing chance to research godlike phenomenon.

    They began to spy on the four-dimensional beings and carried out research on them. Ultimately, they even wanted to create artificial four-dimensional beings.

    It was apparent that this system was part of their plan to create artificial four-dimensional beings and he was one of their targets. Accumulating power through the system and constantly improving the target's strength and at last, achieving the purpose of entering the fourth-dimension. The system could then gather their target's information of entering the four-dimensional world.

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