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Chapter 521: Removing A Hidden Threat

    Chapter 521: Removing A Hidden Threat

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    The system's understanding of humans or life was beyond all the abilities of the human race or the biologists' abilities. Even now, the scientific community was not able to figure out a perfect strengthening approach that had no side effects. However, the technology this task-issuing 'system' utilized was unimaginably profound.

    Luo Yuan no longer only predicted the future. He now possessed the ability to foresee the future as well. It was basically computation of big data based on a sufficient amount of information. This was a result of the four-dimensional brain's supercomputing abilities. Moreover, the future events he foresaw may still change according to changes in the variables leading up to the said event.

    However, the tasks in the system were significantly different from Luo Yuan's prediction, despite looking similar. It seemed like everything was destined, associated with the laws of causality.

    He did a quick scan of his body on the atomic layer but found no traces of the system. It resembled a spirit, existing only in his body. He knew of its existence but had no ways to prove it.

    However, right that moment when the information was being sent out, he finally sensed the existence of the system when he felt a flicker in his body. It ran through his body, resembling a net that was dragged through his entire body.

    Luo Yuan could do nothing if he did not have a way to track its existence. However, now that he had discovered a way, it would become easier for him to handle it.

    Luo Yuan gradually closed his eyes, attempting to sense its existence in secrecy. He then opened his eyes and they lit up. As he pressed his palm against his chest, the mist seemed to be pulled by an invisible force, eventually pulling it outside his body. Then, the mist shrank and was gathered on his palm.

    His Will was a mysterious power. One would need a very clear target in order for their Will to perform at its best. Without a clear target, the power of Will would be relatively weak. Initially, before Luo Yuan had seen outer space for the first time, the effects of his Will in space was rather useless. Nevertheless, once he managed to familiarize himself with outer space, everything changed. The reason his Will was rendered useless was that he did not know how to interact with outer space earlier.

    Luo Yuan looked at his palm. The mist was now the size of a sesame seed, looking like a ball of extremely dim light. He could not feel its weight at all. It was a particle that was even smaller than a proton. Luo Yuan could not even detect its weight even with his power.

    To prevent it from escaping or sending out any information, it was held close to Luo Yuan's palm with the aid of his Will, stopping all its movements both internally and externally.

    His will had now achieved an unimaginable level, seemingly without any limits to it. As he checked his body earlier, the magnification he could see things had been enhanced to the extent he could even see particles. That being said, if he wanted to, he could even perform nuclear fission and fusion.

    Looking at the ball of light, he sighed emotionally. He had been relying on the system for a long time and without it, he may have died during the apocalypse and his time back on earth. He probably would not even survive to this day. To some extent, it actually did its part to rescue humankind.

    However, times had changed and the system was of no further use to him. He did not dare to keep something of unknown origins by his side that could disclose information about him anytime from within his own body.

    The advanced civilization that owned the system may have bad intentions towards four-dimensional beings. Nobody was able to guarantee that after this advanced civilization had gathered enough information, it would not remove its veil to remove a sinister intention.

    He dared not underestimate the system.

    After a brief thought, he controlled the ball of light, broke through the three-dimensional space and sent it to the fourth dimension.

    Despite the fact that this ball of light held within it incredible technological prowess that could be a great driving force for humankind to use as a reference in their quest for future technological advancements, it was still too dangerous to keep within him. The current technology of humans was incapable of handling it worse yet, may lose out to the advanced civilization

    Humans were still able to defend themselves against the Glassians. However, against such an advanced civilization that was beyond one's imagination, they had no choice but to face it head-on.

    The reason he threw it into the four-dimensional world was because time moved differently there. Luo Yuan's teleportation ability moved him through the fourth dimension at 10,000 times the speed of light and perhaps a small wave could sweep the ball of mist more than 10 light-years away. At that speed, time moved differently and the longer it could last, the safer Luo Yuan and the rest of them were.

    After he had done everything, Luo Yuan was relieved.

    At that moment, he sensed something. He was startled and his expression changed to a complicated one.


    "Excuse me. I'm Chen Xinjie, the mayor's secretary. I have something to report to the mayor." Chen Xinjie who was waiting downstairs said angrily. Her hair was messy and her eyes were red. She was panicked.

    "Secretary Chen, I can't help you. Please be considerate as this is the president's order. Without the president's permission, even the mayor would not be allowed to enter!" The guard regiment leader explained with a smile.

    "He's under house arrest. What do you want to do!?" Chen Xinjie was panicked, having a stoned expression on her face.

    Saying that he was under house arrest? Who would have the gall to do such a thing? The guard regiment leader thought of it and laughed. He did not allow her to go in as he thought that the president would not want to see anyone now.

    "Let her come in!"

    At that moment, a loud voice was heard, sounding like an explosion and it made him feel a little dizzy.

    "Yes, president!" He immediately answered respectfully, straightening his body and saluted.

    Though he was at downstairs, he felt like the president could see him.

    "Let. Her. In!"

    Everyone felt that it was peculiar because he was the only one who heard the voice.

    "But…" The assistant raised an objection.

    "It's the president's order. Just do what he says!"

    Chen Xinjie raised her head, looked at the top floor and doubted. Seeing that the soldiers had allowed her to enter, she did not think any further and walked into the hall rapidly. The staff then led her to where Luo Yuan was by using the exclusive elevator.

    She felt an indescribable pressure just before reaching the top floor.

    As she ascended in the elevator, the oppressive atmosphere became stronger. She had the wrong impression, feeling that the one on the top floor was not Luo Yuan but a gigantic beast instead.

    Soon, she reached. Chen Xinjie walked a few steps forward, feeling insecure. She realized that the door of the elevator had closed as she turned back.

    She then pinched her fist that had turned white as she slowly walked towards the manor.

    There was stream bubbling through the nearby trees and finely carved metal load-bearing columns. It was the first time she entered such a luxurious manor. However, she was in no mood to look around.

    The oppressive aura became stronger and soon, a deadly aura could be felt as it occupied the whole atmosphere. She frowned as she had some difficulty breathing. She pressed her palm against her chest and slowly walked forward.

    She seemed to have heard some slight movements coming from afar, like electrical sparks that were exploding. She could sense it and subconsciously, she lifted her head.

    As she gazed at him, she had turned completely limp and almost fell down!

    Looking through the botanical garden, she saw a very big skull floating in mid-air and was as tall as the ceiling. She was frightened the moment when she saw him. She then returned to her senses and realized that he was Luo Yuan. Otherwise, she would have run away. However, she still felt a deep terror within her.

    "You… What happened to you…" Chen Xinjia was shocked and asked with a stammer.

    "Do I look imposing?" Luo Yuan did not speak. He closed his eyes and his voice was heard.

    Chen Xinjie felt slightly relieved as she heard the familiar tone, seeing the warm smile. She walked around the botanical garden and Luo Yuan's big body was completely before her. She quickly covered her mouth and subconsciously retreated a few steps.

    He could not blame her as he knew that anyone who saw him would react like this.

    He was indeed a giant. He was more than 10 meters tall despite sitting down. However, this was not the only thing that terrified her as she had seen Xu Zhiqiang transforming into a giant before in the Firearms Bureau.

    However, she had never seen such a frightening giant before. There were vapor-filled ripples all over his body and they were closely woven. At the same time, she could see subtle electrical sparks flickering on his body. The air surrounding him was distorted by these ripples. A soft, gentle breeze blew by, causing his body to become indistinct and blurry.

    In fact, Luo Yuan had tried his best to restrain his power. If he was relaxed, the phenomena would be hundreds of times stronger. Even the magnetic field and gravity would be affected.

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