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Chapter 522: Experiment (I)

    Chapter 522: Experiment (I)

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    She raised her head, looking at the familiar yet fearsome giant. Chen Xinjie's heart was pounding. She was confused. After a long while, she calmed herself down and finally asked in doubt, "Luo Yuan, are you okay? What happened to you?"

    "It's a long story. Something's wrong with my body!" Luo Yuan sighed, answering her question telepathically.

    He dared not open his eyes. Eyes were the window to the soul. Regardless of how well he could restrain his power, the shadow of his Will would still exist. If they happened to meet each other's gaze, he would frighten her soul or even directly destroy her soul.

    "You… Can you still recover?"

    "I can't do it now. I need some time!" Luo Yuan replied with his eyes closed. He saw Chen Xinjie's face turn dreadfully pale as she endured the pressure on her body due to his aura. He then said, "You should go back now. You can't stay here."

    Chen Xinjie's heart sank that very moment as Luo Yuan answered with uncertainty.

    "But you…"

    "I don't need extra care. You shouldn't stay here. Oh yeah, help me inform Tian Jinping and ask him to prepare me a biology lab and a metal smelting lab. I'm going to use them. Also, get me a few sets of clothes. They don't have to be comfortable but make sure that they are made of high-strength material. It will be best if they are made from the skin of the interstellar creature." Up until this moment, he was still naked. His clothes that were synthesized with the materials from the interstellar creature had been ripped apart when he entered the fourth-dimension earlier.

    After listening to Luo Yuan, Chen Xinjie left with a heavy heart.

    As soon as she left, he slowly opened his eyes and sighed.

    What he said earlier was to comfort Chen Xinjie. In fact, he knew that even with the compression method, he could only tackle the problem of having the body of a giant, his power would remain the same. The only thing this would do would be to help him maintain the appearance of a human.

    Despite expecting this to happen, he never knew that the day would come so fast.


    Half a year later, at the metal smelting laboratory.

    The laboratory was built at the last minute and was a reconstruction of a large factory.

    It was extremely spacious. At both sides of the 10 meters wide passage, there were a few large instruments arranged accordingly.

    A large body suddenly appeared at the passage of the laboratory.

    "Eh? There's a slight deviation in the teleportation!" Luo Yuan looked at the ground beneath his feet, he was shocked. Soon, he knew why.

    It was because the spaceship was traveling at half the speed of light. During the short period of time when he entered the fourth-dimension, the change in position happened.

    Fortunately, the deviation was negligible. His four-dimensional brain that was on par with a quantum supercomputer had subconsciously computed the difference in position. He then realized that the difference was less than 0.01 millimeters. He would not even have noticed if not for his four-dimensional brain.

    Luo Yuan put it aside and shifted his focus to the experimental equipment.

    All these were the most advanced facilities that were developed in recent years. They were originally only available in the virtual world but recently, they had started to build out these facilities in the spaceship.

    That being said, only a few devices were built but industrial development could never be accomplished at one stroke. It had to be done step by step. Thanks to the equipment, the industrial facilities in the spaceship had been upgraded several times. This was the reason Luo Yuan had been waiting for half a year.

    Despite being a waste of money and manpower, consuming a large portion of the resources stored in the spaceship, it had its advantage. At least when they arrived at the destination, they could shorten the time needed for industrial advancement.

    Luo Yuan walked into the information room. The technical documents, tables, and chairs were made exclusively for him. They were enlarged to the ratio of his body. The documents were of the size of a door, resembling what a giant would use. As a matter of fact, it was suitable for a giant.

    The sudden change in Luo Yuan's body size and the reason behind the change made the top management take notice. They recalled the loud voice that they heard on that day.

    Previously, people used to say that Luo Yuan's tremendously strength was merely a legend as very few of them had witnessed this before. However, ever since they witnessed his godlike power with their own eyes, everyone began to restrain themselves.

    Although Luo Yuan stayed mostly in his manor nowadays, having completely withdrawn from his official duties, the control he had over humankind did not diminish at all. In fact, he had strengthened his grip over humankind.


    Controlling his mind, thousands of books floated in the air, pages flipping as he focused his thoughts. A few minutes later, the books returned to their original positions.

    He was slightly disappointed!

    These were humankind's most advanced facilities. They were still incapable of producing some of the advanced components in bulk, only being able to produce small quantities in the laboratory. However, the maximum degree of compression they could get on an atom within these facilities were only about 100 fold.

    His actual height was 21.5 meters. That being said, in order to return to the body size of an ordinary human, his body size had to be reduced by 10 times at the very least. The volume of his body had to be reduced by a thousand times, the difference was too big.

    Fortunately, he did not need this equipment when he was going to transform.

    The main reason for Luo Yuan to use this laboratory was because he wanted to use the atom compression simulation as a reference. At the same time, he could understand the effects of various atom compression techniques. Despite a vast disparity of difficulty between trying to compress an atom 1,000 fold version 100 fold, they would definitely encounter more uncertainties and problems as they moved forward but they were still using the same material. That being said, the theory behind the compression techniques should be the same and after conducting the experiment several times, he would be able to master it.

    Will was naturally an idealistic, omnipotent power. Since his Will was strengthened to the extent that it could now interfere with protons, even without the use of his four-dimensional brain, he was able to compress atoms. However, this approach is only effective if the number of atoms was small. The number of atoms contained in the human body was 10 raised to the 27th power and this was an immeasurable power. Regardless of how strong his Will was, it would never be sufficient for such an endeavor.

    Using Will without the support of his four-dimensional brain would wasate a large portion of his power. While using his Will alone would give him precise control over his power, using his four-dimensional brain to complement it was undoubtedly a time-saving and energy-saving approach.


    A thousand-fold compression seemed to be a lot. However, it was just the beginning as there was quite a spacious amount of space inside the atoms.

    If atoms resembled as a standard football field, the atomic nucleus would be the size of a ping-pong ball. It occupied only about a few hundred-millionths of the space inside an atom. The electron surrounding the nucleus would be thousand times smaller than the size of an atomic nucleus.

    The space inside the atoms was not totally empty, they were filled with electromagnetic fields. In other words, the matter that humans were in contact with were actually electromagnetic fields that existed only in the atomic interior.

    The essence of the steel they were using was the compression of the material under high pressure, reducing the size of the atoms. Through electromagnetic processes, the electromagnetic field within the atoms was strengthened, giving the material its desired stability.

    Since the magnetic field within the atoms had been strengthened, the energy consumed to produce a ton of this steel would be extremely huge. It would require hundreds of thousands or even millions of times the amount of energy required to produce regular steel.

    Fortunately, this material contained terrifying power. As the atoms were closely packed, there was no gap between atoms. Therefore, its physical properties, as well as chemical properties, were extremely stable.

    Luo Yuan did not want to waste any more time and quickly carried out the experiment. He headed towards the equipment that had a height of 50 meters. It was an experimental, fully sealed matter compression machine. The actual large-scale matter compression machine was at least 10 times bigger than this.

    He opened the feed port. The metals that weighed a few tons in weight slowly floated in the air from the storage space, flying through a few hundred meters before being inserted into the feed port.

    As soon as Luo Yuan activated the machine, the feed port was automatically closed. The air was drawn out. The next moment, a powerful electrical energy akin to a dam gushed into the machine. A hum from the ball-shaped equipment was heard. Even the ground began to shake slightly.

    Luo Yuan slowly closed his eyes, sensing the changes that occurred within the metal. After a few seconds, the metal ingot had melted in an instant, forming a huge, liquefied, metal ball. It floated within the container.

    The extremely high temperature and pressure in the machine resembled the interior of the sun. Such an equipment was similar to a fusion furnace. However, the complexity of the technology behind this equipment was far beyond that of a fusion furnace. The parameters included in the data of this machine would be hundred times of what a fusion furnace could provide. It was similar to the environment within the core of the star, undergoing matter compression.

    As time passed, it became smaller.


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