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Chapter 523: Experiment (II)

    Chapter 523: Experiment (II)

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    Luo Yuan stayed at the metal laboratory for another 10 days. Then, he went to the biology laboratory.

    A pitiful laboratory assistant who wore a protective lead-based garment was carefully carrying a large sterilizer, heading towards the laboratory. He tried not to make any noise in the laboratory. As he stepped on the soundproof flooring with his heavy protective garment, he would still make some noise.

    "Place it in the control room." Luo Yuan looked carefully at the small, dark-grey colored lump and said, without even raising his head as he could sense it.

    "Yes, mayor!" The pitiful assistant's body trembled a little as he walked towards the control room carefully. Right after he had put down the large sterilizer box, he quickly left the laboratory as if he was escaping from danger.

    Despite the fact that the protective layer was able to protect one from the effect of his aura, it was impossible to protect them from fear. Not everyone could stay calm when faced with a giant.

    Luo Yuan shook his head, looking at the object in his hand again. It was a dark-grey colored piece of matter of the size of a marble. It looked solid. In fact, it was only a soft piece of bloody flesh previously.

    Biological tissues would experience significant changes after compression. It resembled blood as the resulting Van der Waals force between the elements would be at least 10,000 times stronger. The liquid would then become a strangely transparent, gel-like substance.

    These were only the changes that happened to the blood. As for fats, the physical appearance of fats would change along with its hardness and toughness.

    Despite Luo Yuan having powerful strength, he would still need to put some effort in to crush it.

    Moreover, it was just an ordinary flesh. If it was his own body, perhaps the flesh would be almost indestructible after compression of over a thousand times. Luo Yuan had no idea if it was the right thing do. At that very moment, with his huge body, Luo Yuan had nothing to lose. There was no way back.

    Soon, Luo Yuan snapped himself out of his thoughts and destroyed that strange piece of flesh by throwing it into the incinerator. He then entered the control room and took a look at the sterilized tray given by his assistant. There were various types of biological tissue in each tray in the sterilized tray. They were still dripping with blood. It was apparent that they were just extracted from the living organism's body.

    Luo Yuan wore the specially made rubber gloves and carefully picked up the heart that was still pumping.

    It was a cow's heart. Of course, it was just by name. In fact, it was an artificially made creature that looked like a cow. Its meat tasted like beef as well. The only difference was it was slightly bigger in size.

    However, although the heart was as big as football to ordinary humans, in Luo Yuan's hand he felt that it was merely the size of a ping-pong ball.

    He caused the surroundings to stir with a glance. Focused, he gave out an invisible aura that came out of nowhere, stirring the surroundings in the laboratory with a powerful gust of wind, the sound of thunder clearly heard.

    Fortunately, the strange gust of wind came quickly and left quickly as well.

    In just one breath, everything had vanished.

    The heart that was pumping vigorously had shrunken and completely lost its vitality.

    "Failed for the 12,001st time!" He scanned it using his Will and muttered silently. Then, he threw it into the incinerator again and thought in his heart, "The compression ratio is exactly the same and my Will is synchronized with the atoms but why does a third of the elements decompose? Could it be because they are not well synchronized yet?"

    After Luo Yuan touched the tissues, he found out that the atomic structure of the material was totally different from that of the molecular structure of a chemical compound.The latter was way more difficult than the former as each of the atoms had to be compressed simultaneously. If any careless mistakes were made, a fluctuation or change in the position in atoms would result in the decomposition of elements. This was similar to why the humans and Glassians had special materials but lacked special chemical compounds - it required too high a degree of technical prowess.

    In addition to that, there were large numbers of molecules in creatures, causing the difficulty to increase.

    This was undoubtedly a test on the synchronization on the multithreading of his Will and his ability to control his power.

    Fortunately, he had obvious improvements each time he attempted it. Compared to the first trial, the biological tissues were completely crushed and the compressed flesh decomposed into a gaseous state. This was a significant improvement in the compression process.

    His ability to control his Will had significantly improved during this process.

    Multithreading was a native ability of the four-dimensional brain. The way it functioned was similar to a quantum computer, allowing Luo Yuan to multitask at an unprecedented level. His thought processes would also be independent of one another, being able to work concurrently and at the same time according to his conscience.

    After entering the fourth-dimension, his brain had never stopped calculations. Most of the calculations were performed subconsciously. His brain would start analyzing and calculating whatever he could see, sense, feel and even smell.

    The molecular composition of air, the density and three-dimensional data of an object, changes in the magnetic field and its strength, and even the possible futures that would happen a few seconds later were analyzed and computed in his brain without any extra effort.

    However, the computations were done subconsciously as it was an innate ability. It was similar to how newborn babies learned to drink milk. His ability had to be trained. Regardless of how talented he was, he would not be able to work at his best without training.

    Right this moment, what Luo Yuan had to do was to coordinate these uncontrolled thoughts with his conscience in order to complete the synchronization of atoms during the compression process.

    It seemed similar to the process of concentrating Will but in fact, they were completely different. If they were described as computers, the former would be an ordinary computer while the latter would be a datacenter as well as an intranet formed by countless supercomputers.

    Each of the supercomputers would upload the data to the database. They were independent of one another. At the same time, the datacenter could control the supercomputer and assign tasks to them. However, they did not have control over the supercomputers, yet.


    Luo Yuan continued with the trial.

    The amount of fresh meat in the large sterilizer box was decreasing. However, none of the trials succeeded. After Luo Yuan's Will had depleted, he stopped and took a short break.

    He carefully picked up the last of the compressed pieces of meat, looking slightly excited.

    It was the best result he had so far. The meat was no longer dark-gray in color. It had a dark, red color instead. The rate of decomposition was only one-fifth of what it used to be and it was apparent that the cells in some parts were still alive.

    A thought suddenly flashed across Luo Yuan's mind, "Since the element has decomposed, is it possible to recover it?"

    "It should work. Compared to the atomic layers, without a doubt, the molecular layer could be recovered more easily!"

    His brain was processing quickly!

    "The total number of atoms in the meat is 1.2354^24!"

    "The number of cells is 0.1123 trillion. These cells are made of DNA, RNA, protein, glucose, fats, and water."


    Hundreds of millions of thoughts quickly analyzed the figures calculated. Handling such a large amount of data, Luo Yuan spent less than one second to analyze the data. They were no longer a secret.

    To Luo Yuan, the mystery of the three-dimensional beings was as simple as that.

    He closed his eyes and rested for about one minute. His Will had almost recovered. Thanks to his strong body, his Will recovered at an astonishing speed. After about 10 seconds, he had completely replenished his Will.

    Luo Yuan slowly opened his eyes and a beam of light then appeared. He then picked up the lump of meat. The next moment, he caused a stir in the laboratory again!

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