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Chapter 524: In Vivo Test

    Chapter 524: In Vivo Test

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    In just one breath, everything in the laboratory had returned to normal.

    He kept the lump of meat in his hand. After it had recovered, the deep red color of the meat had instantly turned into a bright red color as if there was fresh blood oozing out from the meat. It had a shiny, jade-like appearance. It no longer looked like a lump of meat but looked more like an agate gemstone instead. It was way harder than that and even a diamond would be as soft as mud when compared to it.

    The most important thing was that it was alive. The muscle textures could clearly be seen from its surface with its jade-white fats.

    It was a miracle. Even the strongest mutated creature, the interstellar creature was incomparable to this lump of flesh that weighed about 2,000 tons per cubic meter in weight.

    Luo Yuan was excited as this was what he wanted.

    However, just as he was about to continue with the experiment, he suddenly stopped.

    Suddenly, Chen Xinjie who was wearing the protective clothing entered the laboratory. She was worried and said, "I asked the others about you earlier. You haven’t taken your meals for a few days!"

    Luo Yuan turned his back on her, answering her with his telepathy, "You do know that food means nothing to me now?"

    "You weren't like this last time. Even if you knew that it’s useless, you'd still try to live a normal life. You've changed. You don't even look like a human. One day, you won’t even be able to adapt to an ordinary human life anymore!"

    "I’m sorry" Luo Yuan replied.

    "I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that." Chen Xinjie’s eyes were red as she turned her head away.

    Both of them remained silent for a moment, Luo Yuan then said, "Next month is our son’s birthday. I might not be able to wish him on that day. Here’s a birthday present for him!"

    The jade-like lump of meat floated in the air slowly and fell on Chen Xinjie’s hand. Although he didn't put much thought into it, it was somehow unique and powerful. It was priceless.

    Chen Xinjie did not know why but she felt a sense of insecurity. She felt that she was about to lose him and immediately said, "We can still celebrate his birthday in virtual reality. No matter what happens to you in the future, you’re still my man. At least we can still live together in virtual reality."

    Luo Yuan kept quiet. Nobody knew that he could no longer enter virtual reality. It was impossible for humans to bear the immense power that his brain gave off. Right this moment, a scene that he witnessed while entering the fourth-dimension ran through his mind. He then realized that there might be ways to enter virtual reality.

    With thoughts flashing through his mind, his thoughts immediately arrived at the main server of the virtual reality via the signals. There was an ocean of data that appeared before him. His thoughts processes started operating at full force and a countless amount of information gushed into his head. The operational procedure of the virtual world was rapidly analyzed and subsequently hacked.

    The alarm at the computer center of the spaceship’s virtual reality department sounded immediately. However, before the staff members were aware of it, the alarm stopped automatically.

    "What happened?"

    "It was a data leakage. It lasted 0.3 seconds. Everything has returned to normal now."

    "It should be fine. Perhaps they were carrying out some high energy physics experiments. It happens every once in a while."


    "Alright, I will go." Luo Yuan answered.

    Luo Yuan took only one second to hack the virtual reality server. To Chen Xinjie, he remained silent for only a short while. He then responded to her suggestion. She did not know that in this short period of time, he had already hacked the whole operational procedure of the virtual reality server.

    After Chen Xinjie had left, Luo Yuan wanted to continue with the experiment but right after he picked up the flesh, he stopped.

    He suddenly found out that after he realized that the virtual reality world could no longer take the power his brain released, he had never actually attempted to solve the problem. Even after the issue had been resolved, he was still unhappy but was rather calm. He may have neglected the problem initially but now, it was apparent that something was wrong.

    He was being indifferent as he did not focus even while he was speaking to Chen Xinjie. He was analyzing the data and planning for the upcoming experiment instead.

    It was rare that he stopped working. He then frowned.

    From a biological perspective, emotions and feelings were electrochemical signals. It was the response and feedback of creatures to environmental changes. When something good happened, one would feel happy and excited. On the contrary, when something bad happened, one would feel scared, sad, and angry.

    It was an evolutionary process whereby living beings could create a self-defense mechanism and although his brain’s ability had dramatically improved after entering the fourth-dimension, it had somehow weakened the effect of emotions on him. Based on game theory, the former was his main priority, causing him to have more rational thoughts. He would judge the pros and cons rationally and no longer rely on emotions.

    Luo Yuan remained still like a stone for a long while.


    He practiced on the lump of flesh for half a month until he no longer made mistakes after compressing the atoms. He then began to plan for the second experiment. It was the in-vivo test.

    The first animal was the white mouse. It was the only animal from Earth that humans could bring to the spaceship.

    Since it was widely used in the in-vivo test in the Hope City’s biological laboratory previously, it had to be included.

    When a vegetarian diet was the dominant diet, people suggested using the white mouse's meat to improve the public’s diet. If a process to produce meat was not invented in time, the people would have agreed with the suggestion.

    The white mouse came from the Earth and it was, of course, a mutated creature. The length of its body including its tail was approximately 40 to 50 meters long. They were given sufficient food to keep them nourished. Therefore, they were slightly fat. In addition to the fluffy fur they had, they looked exceptionally beautiful.

    At that moment, it was trembling in the terrarium. Something seemed wrong with its brain, making it look rabid. Its red eyes darted left and right as its body twitched every once in a while.

    All of a sudden, a big hand was inserted into the terrarium and grabbed the white mouse. The white mouse’s body was shaking. It took a step back with its hind legs and fainted.

    Luo Yuan then realized that its heart had stopped beating and its brain waves were an irregular mess. The white mouse was frightened to death by the aura he unintentionally released.

    However, Luo Yuan remained unaffected. He did not bother as the white mouse was going to die anyway. He scanned its body with his Will. Meanwhile, when the white mouse’s brainwaves came into contact with his Will, it disappeared.

    Luo Yuan recalled his Will. His large index finger pointed at the white mouse’s heart in mid-air. The white mouse shook its body vigorously and survived. Its brainwave had miraculously recovered.

    However, it became rather quiet, checking out its surroundings. It tried to move in Luo Yuan’s hand carefully, looking confused as if it was its first time seeing the world.

    As a matter of fact, it was the truth. It was considered to be a new life-form. Compared to the original white mouse, they were completely unrelated to each other. The only relation was that this mouse had inherited the body of the original mouse.

    When Luo Yuan was scanning the mouse with his Will, the initial memory formed by the white mouse’s cerebral cortex and electrical signals had been erased by his Will. At the same time, Luo Yuan’s Will had been imprinted.

    The new memory was basically formed this way. Without any interference from Luo Yuan, it could become a strong mutant soon.

    However, it was fated that even when the experiment had succeeded, such dangerous creatures were not allowed to stay in the spaceship. They had to be destroyed.

    All the preparation work for the experiment had been completed. Luo Yuan closed his eyes to focus, on the preparations for the first in-vivo test.

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