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Chapter 525: Whirlpool

    Chapter 525: Whirlpool

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    Luo Yuan's palm became 1.5 meters wide. There were intertwined crevasses on his palm that looked like deep ravines.

    The little white mouse in his hand seemed to have sensed the danger as it felt an insecurity creeping up deep within it. Just as it was about to flee, his palm seemed to give off a shroud of dense light.

    The light did not dazzle but instead, was as clear as spring water. The light was akin to a transparent, soft gloss, resembling the purest diamond.

    However, the moment when the soft light appeared, it stirred up a sudden fierce wind. The palm was the center of the storm. All sorts of energy were coming off his palm, even the space-time fabric was vibrating like waves in a pool of water.

    The massive amount of atoms in the white mouse's body was compressed within a thousandth of a nanosecond. Even Luo Yuan was stressed when he did this. This was because his brain's response time had to be close to the speed of light as any deviations would cause it to stop. The experiment would have been a total failure.

    Fortunately, after practicing for more than 10,000 times, Luo Yuan's mind remained unaffected by these factors. Be it his ability to control his brain or the speed of his mind, they were incredible.

    Within a short while, the little white mouse had shrunk.

    Right that moment, Luo Yuan was relieved. However, it had not ended yet. He had to reinforce the electromagnetic strength between atoms so that the stability of the atoms could be reestablished. This procedure consumed a large amount of his Will.

    Perhaps the white mouse was small in size so Luo Yuan could take still withstand the amount of Will consumed. If he were to use it on his body, he would have to build an electromagnetic field strengthening laboratory to supplement his abilities.

    Most of his Will was converted to an electromagnetic field. The air on his palm had been completely ionized, turning into a miniature field of thunder. Countless electric tendrils struck, producing a thunder-like sound each time they did. Each of the electrical tendrils released a wicked dark light. People would be frightened just from the look of it but despite the fact that the electrical tendrils were only the size of a needle, the strength of the magnetic field they generated was actually thousands of times stronger than naturally occurring thunder.

    Fortunately, the white mouse's body had been compressed and its flesh was no longer ordinary matter. Otherwise, it would have vaporized when it was surrounded by such a strong electromagnetic field.

    The entire process lasted for three seconds before it slowly ended.

    The electric lights had faded away, leaving only the mini white mouse that was lying in Luo Yuan's palm.

    It was 10 times smaller, resembling a perfect work of art. Its white fur had become whiter than mercury, reflecting a beautiful glow when light shined on it.

    On the other hand, it had gem-like eyes and black ink-colored toes. Its naked belly had a glaze texture as if it was indestructible. Thanks to its densely packed atom arrangement, its defensive ability was beyond imagination. Even if it was thrown into the sun, it could still survive as long as it was outside the core.

    From an ordinary creature, it had instantly turned into a tremendously terrifying creature. The decomposition of elements was less than one hundred thousandth of that. If the rate of decomposition was within the threshold level, it would have no effect on life. Therefore, when he scanned its body, he repaired it.

    At the same time, its joints were quite flexible. All of its organs were well maintained. However, everything seemed to have become frozen. Its heart was no longer beating, there was no blood circulation and the usual physical activities were not present.

    It seemed like it was still alive, though. Luo Yuan was excited when he discovered it as its brain was still emitting a weak wave that was going on and off. Furthermore, the weak wave was diminishing at a terrifying speed. It would probably lose its consciousness soon.

    Luo Yuan sighed. Of course, creatures that were relatively weak would be unable to handle such a strong body. It was akin to a baby wearing a thick golden armor. The baby's body would have collapsed before the baby could even move.

    However, Luo Yuan remained unaffected. If one was to compare the little white mouse's consciousness to a pure, flawless diamond, it would be ridiculous. Moreover, since he was capable of compressing the atoms, he could definitely get rid of this state.

    He could then transform into these two states, following the Will of his heart.

    In fact, right until now, he had forgotten his initial purpose. As he was being dominated by his rationality, constantly strengthening his body was his top priority.

    Next, he took another pitiful white mouse and continued with the experiment.

    There were still flaws in the synchronization of his multithreaded Will and his ability to control it. Encountering such a small-sized creature like the white mouse, he could still handle it. However, he had no confidence if he were to do it on his body.


    Many of the white mice had become sculptures and were being displayed orderly in the laboratory.

    As time passed, 10 cabinets were filled to the brim.

    When the 11th cabinet was being filled, the sculptures had now become sheep of different shapes and sizes.

    After he had entered the fourth-dimension, there were great changes to his personality. The weaknesses of a human was disappearing. He could get used to being alone and he was willing to endure any hardships as long as they were beneficial to him.

    His abilities had improved dramatically. The time needed for atom compression was reduced and had become close to turning into one of his innate abilities. Chen Xinjie and his superior had visited him during the period. Although he acted normally, he paid no attention to them as time passed!


    One of the mornings in virtual reality. The sky had brightened. It was the beginning of a new day.

    The only city in this island was as quiet as a ghost town a moment ago. The next moment, it was so crowded. Many of the aircrafts were flying in the sky, heading towards the industrial area.

    In fact, other than the aircrafts, the city was not as unrealistic as expected. Technological developments had not extended for civil use. Most of the buildings were small and were constructed in the shape of a square. Glancing at it, it looked like the fourth or fifth region of China before the apocalypse. All of the buildings here were laboratories. One would only feel like they were in a fantasy once they entered the buildings and saw the interior.

    At that moment, the aircraft seemed to be affected by an unknown power and there was green smoke coming out of it. The aircraft gradually descended and caused chaos.

    Some of the aircrafts plowed into a crowd of people, causing a strong explosion.

    The people then started screaming. Fortunately, they were in virtual reality. Even if they had died, it did not matter.

    The crowd was terrified in the first place. However, as soon as they regained their senses, they calmed themselves. They were excited, witnessing such a scene in virtual reality. Many of the residents here were researchers. They started to argue about the reason that caused this to occur.

    The light had become unusually dim as it stirred up a fierce wind.

    "Look! There is a whirlpool in the sky." An anonymous shouted.

    The people instantly lifted their head and looked at the sky. Countless dark clouds were swirling as if it was the effect of an invisible power, causing a huge whirlpool to appear in the sky.

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