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Chapter 526: World Invasion

    Chapter 526: World Invasion

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    In just one breath, the sky was shrouded in the whirlpool. It was as dark as ink, feeling like the day had turned into night instantly.

    As soon as the whirlpool appeared, the whole world was filled with a faint buzzing sound. Although the noises were small, it somehow gave off an immense, terrifying aura.

    At the same time, there were sirens screaming across the sky at the computer center of the virtual reality.

    "A massive data stream is invading…"

    "It is unblockable…"

    "The control has reached its limit…"

    "The CPU usage has reached 85%, it's still increasing…"

    Negative messages were constantly coming in. All the employees were drenched in sweat and looked anxious. Everything had happened too quickly. All of the default interception methods were rendered useless. Even the artificial intelligence system remained silent, unresponsive to the invasion.


    In virtual reality, countless flashes of lightning flashed through the sky, resembling a dragon that wriggled across the dark clouds, giving off bright rays of light.

    The oppressive aura gradually grew stronger and at that moment, the whirlpool seemed like it was going against the laws and theories of physics. A low rumbling sound of thunder was heard and the entire world seemed to tremble a little. Outside the boundary of the island, the ground began to collapse.

    The next moment, a huge human face gradually appeared in the whirlpool. The image was blurred and one could hardly see his features. It was formed through the condensation of dark clouds and it was difficult to distinguish how he actually looked like. He closed his eyes, looking at the ground coldly.

    It had occupied one-fifths of the sky. It was so huge, it almost covered the entire sky. It seemed like a terrifying, destructive creature was going to invade the world.

    The world had become a blur as the whirlpool gave off countless rays of colors that slowly disappeared and it seemed like it was going to cause the whole world to collapse soon.

    The crowd was no longer as relaxed as they used to be after seeing the frightening scene before them and feeling the deadly aura being released into the air. Despite being in virtual reality, many of them were terrified and they ended up limping away, terrified. Many of them even left virtual reality.

    At that moment, the human face opened its eyes and frowned. It seemed to be sizing up the weak world. It remained still for a few moments and just as suddenly as it had appeared, the human face disappeared.

    After a short while, the clouds disappeared as well. The sun shone brightly on the ground and everything was calm the very next moment as if nothing had happened before.


    At the same time, a sudden strong wind blew on the empty ground. A layer of soil on the ground suddenly disappeared. Streams of water nearby were disrupted, decomposing into countless atoms in an instant.

    The atoms then bound with each other, forming elements.

    Cells were then formed from the elements, turning into a fine dust that seemed to be bone matter…

    Eight minutes later, a skeleton gradually appeared out of nowhere. Soon, fascia was formed and a heart could be seen beating in the naked chest. Countless strands of flesh began to grow all over the body at a speed that the naked eye could witness. Looking at something like this, one would probably be frightened to death.

    Nine minutes later, a naked shadow appeared on the empty ground. It lowered his head and looked at its naked body. Following the Will of its heart, a set of clothes suddenly appeared. The shoes and clothes rapidly appeared out of nowhere.

    It took about 10 minutes to complete the entire process.

    "That's too slow!" Luo Yuan thought in his heart. "If I entered the world with my full consciousness, I would only need one millisecond!"

    Unfortunately, the world could not withstand any more of his consciousness. He attempted to break into the world previously. However, virtual reality had almost collapsed. Luckily he responded to it quickly and recalled his consciousness before the world collapsed. Only a small portion of his consciousness was left in virtual reality.

    It was not the real world. It was too fake and weak.

    He could see two different faces of this world. One of them was virtual reality while the other was the ocean of data behind the scenes that constantly changed. The trees, rivers, atmosphere, and even the virtual space were formed by massive amounts of data.

    It could only deceive ordinary humans but it could not hide from Luo Yuan. If Luo Yuan was to treat this as the real world, it could be said that he had a thorough understanding of the origins of this world and its characteristics.

    "Perhaps to four-dimensional beings, the three-dimensional world that I'm staying in is not going to exist for a long time. Both of these worlds are somehow similar. To those who live in worlds of higher dimension, both of these worlds are imperfect." A thought suddenly flashed through Luo Yuan's mind.

    He shook his head and did not think about it any further. To think further was only a dream since he did not have sufficient information.

    After moving his heavy body for a moment, he finally adapted to the massive changes. The body was not too strong in all aspects. However, he was still a few times stronger than an ordinary human. To him, there was no difference between a person who was 10 times stronger and a normal person.


    The effect accidentally caused by Luo Yuan had not ended.

    The super server had been infected and a mysterious human face was formed in virtual reality. Although it seemed like a cyber attack, the reason behind it was terrifying.

    The computer cluster behind this virtual reality was the best quantum supercomputer that humans had invented. The facilities alone had occupied the entire megastructure. Its computation power was millions of times stronger than that of the Glassian computers. In addition to that, virtual reality was equipped with an artificial intelligence active defense system. It was impossible to hack. At the very least, the quantum computer in the spaceship would have no way of breaking through these supercomputers.

    Though that may be the case, it had indeed broken through the supercomputers in an arrogant manner. They were incapable of defending against the invader.

    Humans were no longer ignorant like before the apocalypse. Ever since they were attacked by the Glassian, they were mentally prepared for any attacks from an extraterrestrial civilization. However, they were worried about this incident.

    At the meeting room of the municipal government, the atmosphere was heavy.

    "The mayor is not here, I'll hold this meeting. I guess everyone has received the news. Please give your opinion and discuss how we should solve this issue." Bi Jianping said in a hushed voice.

    "Virtual reality is their target. I think we shouldn't take any action before they do as we might alert the invader. We should carry out a comprehensive scan on the quantum supercomputer. At the same time, we should ask the staff to determine the origin of the attack and the purpose of the invasion." Tian Jinping rubbed between his eyebrows and said!

    "I agree with what Mayor Tian said. The spaceship has been flying stably. No danger has been detected. Perhaps this is just a false alarm and it could even be one intentionally triggered by humans." Li Feng agreed.

    "You have underestimated its risk. To humans, there are only two types of extraterrestrial civilizations. They are either a civilization that had fallen behind others or an advanced civilization. Only the latter is capable of threatening us. It can hack into the virtual reality server. That indicates that it can control our quantum computers. That being said, the invader can control humans as well. I suggest stopping the operations of all quantum computers in the spaceship!" The Minister of Organization, Ye Yong, raised his objection.

    "By doing so, all human activities have to be stopped. For how long should we stop? If we can't figure out the problem, are we going to stop all activities forever?"

    "I think that this discussion is useless. I suggest inviting relevant experts and scholars to attend the meeting and come up with a solution."


    The group of people started to argue over this issue.

    Bi Jianping smiled wryly, knowing that he did not have enough prestige to dominate the crowd. He took a glance Chen Xinjie and asked, "Please keep quiet. Secretary Chen, what do you think?"

    The crowd that was arguing suddenly kept quiet. Her status was rather special. In certain aspects, she was Luo Yuan's spokesman, putting everyone on alert.

    "Mayor Bi, I'm here to listen and I attend this meeting as a non-voting delegate. I won't give any suggestion!" Chen Xinjie said coldly. She clearly knew her identity and she was being extra careful.

    At that very moment, the screen in the meeting room suddenly lit up and it was flickering.

    "What happened? Who switched on the screen…" A person was mumbling. However, before he could even finish what he was saying, he swallowed his words.

    A large shadow appeared on the screen. Its face alone had occupied the whole screen and the screen vibrated slightly like a wave that resembled a severe interference.

    A pair of cold eyes looked around as if it had penetrated through the three-dimensional scene and it seemed like it was sizing up the people before it.

    Bi Jianping dropped the cigarette that he was holding on the office table and Tian Jinping stopped rotating the pen that was in his hand!

    The meeting room was silent. Everyone had subconsciously bowed their body, showing their respect.

    "Dismiss the meeting if there's nothing else to discuss. Stop checking!" The giant on the screen said.

    The three-dimensional audio system had excellent sound quality. In the enclosed meeting room, his voice could still be clearly heard.

    The next moment, there was a buzzing sound coming out of the screen and the screen turned off immediately.

    After a long while, Bi Jianping then said, "Let's wrap up this meeting!"


    After the experiment, Luo Yuan's gaze returned to normal. He then lowered his head, looking at one of the sheep in the terrarium. He then extended his hand, picking it up and continued experimenting.

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