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Chapter 527: Returning To The Ordinary

    Chapter 527: Returning To The Ordinary

    Translator: EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor: EndlessFantasy Translation

    On the grassland near a lakeside, there was a padding made of white cloth and there was a variety of good food being served.

    It was a place situated beside the river, close to the foot of a mountain. The lake water was so clear and there were fishes playing in the water. Nowadays, the industrial areas and laboratories had occupied the island. It was rare to have a place like this.

    It was the liveliest place in virtual reality during normal times. The place was very crowded no matter when. Right this moment, aside from Luo Yuan and two family members, there was nobody there. Looking at the security, he knew that the place was like it was under martial law at the moment.

    Luo Junchao who was 11 years old looked like an adult. He was holding a small knife and cut the cake with a serious look on his face. Then, he took a piece of cake and gave it to Luo Yuan.

    "Daddy, this is for you!" Luo Yuan kept quiet for a short while. He then nodded his head.

    Luo Yuan had been very strict with him. To him, respect was more crucial than love. However, Luo Junchao had not noticed anything strange about it.

    "Mom, this is for you!"

    Looking at the family, Chen Xinjie's eyes turned red as they could hardly gather together. She then quickly lowered her head and ate a mouthful of cake, "It's so delicious!"

    "Mom, eat more if you liked it!" Luo Junchao immediately said, "When is your birthday? I can celebrate your birthday with you next time."

    "My son is the best. Unlike someone who has never celebrated my birthday with me and never bought me a gift." Chen Xinjie said.

    Luo Yuan smiled and said, "I thought you didn't mind. I'll give you a sculpture of a sheep for your next birthday. It's made of the same material as the gem that I gave to Xiao Chao."

    Chen Xinjie did not really care about the present. It seemed like he was in a daze. Ever since his power was upgraded, she had never seen any expressions aside from the stony expression on his face. Finally, she saw a smile on his face.

    "What happened?" Luo Yuan asked.

    "NoNothing!" Chen Xinjie immediately turned away as her eyes were full of tears, "The wind is strong."

    She was good at hiding her emotions. However, it was impossible that Luo Yuan did not see it as he was so sensitive. He sighed in his heart but he did not expose his lies, "The wind is indeed strong."

    He then waved his hand. Part of the data in virtual reality changed seamlessly.

    Chen Xinjie felt that the wind disappearing in an abnormal manner. She was shocked and took a glance at Luo Yuan. However, when she thought of the meeting held in the afternoon, she knew it in her heart that it was him.

    Luo Junchao felt that his father was in a good mood today, he then requested, "Daddy, I want a sculpture too!"

    "Sure. But there's no sheep for you. Since it's your birthday, I'll give you a small white mouse." Luo Yuan said.

    After feeling happy for a while, Luo Yuan then asked Luo Junchao about his studies. He immediately answered in fear.

    His academic performance was neither good nor poor; he performed moderately. There was not much difference between the intelligence of the new generation of human and their predecessors. Their results depended solely on how hardworking they were. Apparently, he did not put much effort in his studies.


    After dinner, Chen Xinjie and Luo Junchao left virtual reality, sending Xiao Chao back to school. Most of the students were born in a welfare home and the schools were made to be boarding schools. Be it Chen Xinjie or Luo Yuan, they did not want him to be too different from the others.

    Half an hour later, Chen Xinjie returned to virtual reality after sending Luo Junchao to school.

    "Let's walk around!" Chen Xinjie said while grabbing Luo Yuan's arm.

    Luo Yuan nodded his head and both of them headed towards the lake. He could feel that Chen Xinjie was very happy today. The gloomy face that she used to have had disappeared.

    "I feel that you're a bit different today." Chen Xinjie suddenly said.

    Luo Yuan's body suddenly stopped moving for a while. He then continued to walk forward.Of course, he clearly knew the difference that Chen Xinjie had mentioned. Only a small portion of his consciousness was left in this world. In addition to the effect of the ordinary body, his emotion that was originally suppressed by his rationality had recovered to some extent but sometimes, truth hurts.

    Luo Yuan said with a smile, "Is that true? Perhaps I've been in the laboratory for too long."

    Chen Xinjie grabbed Luo Yuan's arm tightly as if he would run away if she released her hand. She then asked, "Is there no improvement in the experiment?"

    "Yes, there is. However, there is still some distance away to success!" Luo Yuan sighed. The experiment had actually reached a plateau. There was no further improvement. Aside from the sheep, he could not handle creatures of a bigger size. It was because his Four-Dimensional Brain and his Will were not strong enough. There was no other way because these could only be improved through training.

    At that moment, he saw a lounge chair in front of him. He then suggested, "Let's have a seat."

    "You did quite well in today's meeting." Despite the fact that only a small portion of his consciousness remained, he had already entered virtual reality during the meeting. His memory and the way he thought were still the same.

    "I just found out that you're monitoring us all the time." Chen Xinjie replied gently. She felt proud when she thought of Luo Yuan's appearance in the morning.

    He was her man!

    "Eh…" Luo Yuan suddenly realized that he slipped his tongue. His Sense could reach the entire spaceship. It was difficult for him to not see it.

    Luckily, Chen Xinjie was not interested in knowing why. She then asked curiously, "The face that appeared in the morning, was that you?"

    She wanted to ask about this for a long time.

    Luo Yuan was stunned for a moment, he then nodded his head!

    Since she already knew it, there was no point for him to hide from her.

    Chen Xinjie opened her mouth wide, staring at him as she was shocked. Although she had expected this to happen, it was somehow unbelievable after she had confirmed with him. Based on the information she received in the morning, the face appeared for only one second. In a split second, the whole virtual reality was one-fifth smaller. All of the electrical devices and weapon systems were either damaged or lost its effectiveness.

    Fortunately, there was data backup system in virtual reality. Otherwise, humans technology might actually go backward from the event. She immediately asked, "How did you do that? Virtual reality is made of quantum supercomputers!"

    "It's simple, as long as I want to do, I can definitely do it!"

    Chen Xinjie wanted to say that he was lying. However, looking at Luo Yuan's face, he did not look like he was kidding. She had to trust him.

    She suddenly realized that she did not really understand Luo Yuan. His abilities were stronger than she had expected. Perhaps his abilities were beyond comprehension.

    She thought about when she met Luo Yuan in the real world. He always closed his eyes and turned his back on her. He never spoke to her and only replied through his Will. It was not because he was being cold to her, it was because he was afraid that he might hurt her.

    She felt his warmth and hugging Luo Yuan's arm, she said softly, "It's late. Let's go back to my house in this world."

    The night was quiet. They were not going to sleep tonight!

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