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Chapter 12–quit it

    Shocked, appeared in front of the building into a few face wrinkles, again startled him:

    "Master, how did you come back again?"

    The old man made a ha: "I forgot to say, since the apprentice, tomorrow, every day to get up at half past five, five fifty and here I am, do more than two hours of practice in training before."

    "Get up at half past five?" When asked at that time into building, not even light? The third high school also need not so hard!

    Get up at half past five every day. How many hours can I sleep? Always stick, even if they have a saver is not hematuria!

    "Why? Do not want to get up?" The old man touched chin sparse white beard, "you've lost the most suitable refining body age, now want to get nine occupation in one or two years, no hard points how to make up for it? Qinnengbuzhuo ah, boy, elders suffer in the eyes!"

    Building a quiet for a moment, think of their own expectations in recent Wu Dao, finally nodded: "it is to get out of bed, every dormitory door to open until half past six?"

    "No, I'll find someone to give you the key to the dormitory door." The old man waved a face, this is not the thing of the expression, "get up at half past five, the best time is the ancient practice, but also must ensure adequate sleep, so I must go to bed at half past ten every day, I will call you the urge."

    Go to bed at half past ten? Before lights out twelve points Building into almost fell cold breath, which means that they will have almost no what fun time.

    Now every night except Thursday and Saturday, I have lessons from seven to nine thirty-five, back to the dormitory, wash gargle finished, almost ten points, only half an hour to talk QQ brush forum are not enough, as for the game, it is only oh

    Can only rely on recess and lunch break to relax?

    As for the floor to play, to temporarily do not come out, then go back to see how the performance is not good, mom and dad?

    Well, eat bitter, leading to human, a term, see how much progress, when another three!

    To spit out the foul air floor replied: "I will go to bed on time the disciples."

    The old man nodded slightly: "and the smoke?"

    "Smoke." Floor into a dare not conceal.

    "Quit!" the old man did not love, "refining the body without alcohol, beverages, martial arts club that Wu winter, is the loss of body and play, is already half a waste, well, you must quit alcohol!"

    "Is." Smoking and alcohol are building into a little, to get rid of them just feel slightly sick.

    "Do you have a girlfriend?" Old man continued to ask.

    "No" A floor suddenly paused, fear is very deep, "if there is?"

    "Quit, too." Old man face serious.

    What? Girlfriend also quit? On the floor into when cold sweats, Shi man suddenly a smile: "well, I mean, if I have a girlfriend, reasonable arrangements for study and appointment Wu Road, time, don't neglect each other, then if being dumped, sad and hurt. Also, although young people still have to fire, but sexual abstinence, no girlfriend, left hand too self ah, ha ha, said so much, tomorrow morning, at five fifty, I will be here on time, several zhuanggong cases and" ice "was to teach you, reasonable collocation."

    The martial arts heritage is there are many schools, but "five Juexue" reputation of the most sound, so many of the schools even if the door will take a non martial arts, five Juexue form to name their martial arts, such as "ice" and "water" Juexue Juexue etc

    To hear the spirit of building a shock, to wake up early in the morning suddenly less resistance.

    Because the temporary adoption pupil is not exposed, he waited until the old man was gone, only around a circle, ran to the martial arts club venues, has arrived at a time when the last one.

    Compared with the martial arts class yesterday, so today only a dozen people, senior Chen Changhua Wu Dong and junior Sun Jian, Lin Hua and Wu Meng, sophomore Jiang Fusheng, Li Mao and Li Xiaowen, a large forest, lack of green, Yan Zheke, Lou Guo, Xu Qiubai and other nine people, accounting for more than half, because a second and third course tight, fourth busy looking for a job, Yan Zheke is the two martial arts agency registration with the sign of beauty, attracted several boys.

    So, building a team to see, quite bad Yin Yang, apart from Yan Zheke, Lin Cheng, Li Xiaowen and Guo Qing only four, of which Guo Qing is tall and strong, with big eyes and bushy eyes two arms is normal, the thickness of the thigh, but the standard of good martial arts, is a freshman in the forest after missing, and Cai Zongming the same is amateur wupin-

    as for graduate students, of course is to give them the "boss" busy busy East West, which have time to participate in the martial arts club activities.

    "Go for a jog first, almost late." Building a Zheke only strict prejudices and acquaintances, brave, thick skinned and crowded the past, say hello.

    Yan Zheke Minzui smile: "I thought you were yesterday hit me, just give up today."

    "How could it be? I have a pious love for Wu dao." Floor into deliberately exaggerated funny language airway, yesterday did not rest a day, back to the bedroom wash face brush teeth too sleepy to open his eyes, lying on the bed for a while fell asleep."

    Results and not strict chat.

    Yan Zheke: "I am also a shallow dimples, morning and afternoon several martial arts courses, elective introductory philosophy, English evening, returned to the bedroom almost to go take a shower, so smelly sleep well."

    "What college are you?" Building think of yourself forget to ask this thing.

    Institute of economic and trade" Yan Zheke if not finished, because the old man come in and stop.

    In front of the most gifted martial arts courses and the same as before: zhuanggong, power exercise and footwork, building Chengdu abnormal input, especially a feeling in the stance and footwork, almost intuitive feel their every little bit progress, the harvest will naturally give very happy and full of power. As for the power of temper, building into a battle with Dan on the fatigue recovery, continuous thetemperance, coordination of temper, also can feel the harvest.

    After three hours of training, to eleven points, the old man will be all together Shi, smiling together:

    "The following is superficial moves and force exercises, and then stay for half an hour of practice, a group of two people, the level of martial arts collocation, lack of forest, because it is singular, you and Sun Jian, Xu Qiubai three people in a group, and they were pointing them to practice, practice, your high level of martial arts to other people. One thirty while no well-matched in strength opponents, so, change the point of view, when a coach, Teaching benefits teachers as well as students., since there will be harvest."

    Lin missing silently nod, no objection.

    Old man continued to assign the group:" Guo Qing, you Yan Zheke, Lin Hua you and Li Xiaowen to practice, Li Mao, you and the building into a group"

    Li Mao is the second brother, Chinese characters face, thick eyebrows, broad shoulders, hearty smile, on the first floor to order goods without fresh students to eat crabs, go directly in front of him, with a smile: "the floor to see the exhibitions."

    "I should have said that." The building to martial arts etiquette service salute, and then changed the subject, "Li Shixiong, do you have a few goods?"

    "Three." Li Maopo somewhat complacent.

    "It is not the only President Chen and Wu winter brother, and brother sun sword almost? Well, before Lin came in." Only know the building into a product order Chen Changhua and Wu Dong, because when they are responsible for the new recruit, an amateur one product, is expected to do occupation, but yesterday hurt hand, may not be the set product match, an amateur two, at the university level also is very good.

    Building a Carter, next came a heavy grunt, looked round, freshman is not tall and his brother Wu winter of just passing by, move to the next open.

    Look at the gloomy winter brother Wu face, the floor into the subconscious did not speak until they are gone, only heard Li Mao sneer: "brother Wu was the Deputy ghost like winter."

    "Ah?" Building into a puzzled ask.

    Li Mao looked around, his voice said: "the martial arts society reduced to the point now, half of the reason in Chen Changhua and Wu Dong, they are narrow-minded, others can not see well, whether old or new, as long as the show over their potential, they will jointly crowding each other, forcing the other to attend the martial arts club activities, 2, 3 and 4 had a lot of good qualified people, are now abandoned at least one year courses are tight, can't be improved."

    Here, he smiled: "if I am not sun sword brother and good relations, now being hanged on the professional class wholeheartedly."

    "Sun sword against brother Chen Changhua and Wu winter?" Floor into a rather shocked, UU read (ukanshum) think Wu Tao society there are such things.

    "Although the sun sword is the same with my brother but he spare three, father is a professor at the school of Chen Changhua and Wu winter they did not dare to how he, but he does not love the sun sword work, will help me and Lin Hua, well, his girlfriend." Li Mao explained one.

    The other implication, Wu Meng, Jiang Fusheng, Li Xiaowen are relatively common, not what threat, they are currently only amateur from five can see.

    "Well, no wonder Cai Zongming amateur fifth all right first received Budo agency telephone." A floor suddenly, "fortunately we have this forest missing, directly put Chen Changhua back in there."

    Li Mao smiled: "so you can concentrate on martial arts, do not care about Chen Changhua and Wu Dong's black face, well, I'll teach you some moves and force skills."

    That moves, is straight, elbows, knees and other top the most simple things, with the infantry, gliding, pad step footwork and force skills, focuses on the latter, but if the wrong step, posture is not right, it is difficult to send force.

    Building into very careful, their coordination ability also because "Yin and Yang pile" relationship more than a beginner, so soon on the hand, began to drill more, so familiar.

    Imperceptibly, time to last for half an hour, Li Mao shouted stop, from the application of the old man, then smiled and said:

    "Brother, we on the floor, practice to practice, rest assured, I will have the discretion."

    Building into the whole person suddenly a tight, some panic, and some excitement, this is his first practice!

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