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Chapter 29–Blizzard 24

    Song da!"

    Cry like a wave, roaring, almost overturned the martial way go into the roof of the stadium, Chen Changhua, Li Mao and Guo Qing see et al there was a pause in the figure behind the building, even the cold quiet forest always wordless pauses are missing.

    In these circumstances, do not let people excited?

    The referee has stood in the central arena, is a more than and 40 year old man with wide face, in accordance with the "Martial Arts Alliance", the regular game, the referee and the supervision of at least two players than high, to the greatest extent to prevent accidental death or serious injury, however, on the border of the three gang master will, referee and the role of supervision is weakened to almost no, there's no product order requirements, but the state of strong beat is easy to hit hard, who did not point to the bottom of the means.

    The occupation of the seven looked at to sit the Pine Road and South Dawu agency college martial arts club, provided a sigh, sonorously called:

    "Pine City University Wu Tong and Guan Nan Institute Wu Dao club first competition."

    "Lin's lack of ancient yue!"

    He didn't have any of Liang Yifan's skill, can only rely on the microphone sound from the audience, pressure waves scream.

    Coax, venues such as sonic boom, the atmosphere has been pushed to the highest.

    The Lord is the beginning of the battle?

    The ancient Yue shook the body, will be put on the outside of the clothes thrown off, wearing blue uniforms Wu set up, taking the legs, came to his front steps.

    "Gu yue!" Accompanying to the Southern College cheering loudly shouting.

    And their voices were instantly pressed, Wu Road venues every place as if lit by fire:

    "The forest is short of fuel!"

    "The forest is short of fuel!"

    The ancient Yue ascended the arena, saw a white figure walking across the bottom edge of the black forest, the lack of touching the chest "list of small hills" badge pattern, look slightly fluctuation, immediately calm down, cold arch arch hand.

    "I don't understand why you can such idiocy, unexpectedly choose loose big, don't you know the Wu Dao agency here is already the pronoun of rubbish field? If you came to our South, this year there is hope that the impact of the national finals!" According to the Convention, the referee announced before the start of the game will have three minutes of conversation time can be exchanged to talk, can also be a verbal sting, the soul of the war, the ancient Yue did not waste.

    Of course, before the first game has this rule, second games and the third did not give physical time.

    Lin missing face expressionless look at him, not a word.

    "How not to speak, fear of an opening to expose anger or regret?" Gu Yue with junk words stab her lack of hope in the forest, began pulling off each other before the people hate the "cool mask"

    Three minutes seems to be missing in the past, Lin face to see a tiny bit change, which makes the ancient Yue gives birth to some frustration, blurted out: "do you have autism? Or born deaf?"

    He didn't expect to answer, Collins said suddenly missing, do not see the slightest waves of cold tone:

    "There's nothing to say to the weak."

    And the weak have nothing to say? The weak? Teng, the ancient Yue anger Chong brain, burned sight red blood.

    At this time, the referee stretched out his hand, down:

    "Start of the game!"

    Gu Yue sideways leaned forward, in a threatening manner to tough attitude, will be pulled into the forest lack melee.

    The lack of a forest walk, flash to the side, twisting punch, Shuangfeng ears, with a Gongs and drums sounded. momentum, straight from the ancient Yue Temple.

    The ancient Yue a foot, unhurried, body sink, hands a frame, and then stopped the attack, trying to catch a turn, grappling hand lock Lin missing.

    It is a short step, Lin changed position, avoid grappling, body twist, waist area, low kick to rival the calf head bone, just blocked, will once again change the position, make the standard of the most obvious tour attitude.

    "Tour According to the information collected, his endurance was not as good as me, and I stay more than tour consumption strength, this is my long in his short? Is there any trap?" The ancient Yue fleeting thought, hands like two feet from the iron fan, with a kick, keep a packed.

    Lin left a short step, Gu Yue corresponding change the posture and the center of gravity, at this time, he saw a lack of Lin back, spine like a bomb, a python peristalsis, back abruptly focus back to the original position, a split to his side.

    This! The ancient Yue moment a bit confused, but the idea is not complex, is also a decisive decision, back a heavy, curved legs, narrowly avoiding this one, and adjust the living center, raised his hands, hold the forest lack of subsequent attacks.


    Lin missing no chance to move again, continue to walk, from time to time raid one or two.

    "Just insurance, lack of control and focus on Lin Dan gas adjustment near realm, no wonder tour is to choose, give me a shot." The ancient Yue side firmly hold that side of himself, "only a thousand days without a thousand days Fangzei truth, I had to create a chance to pull him close, let him not so easy to change, maybe next time there are more unitary moths!"

    The idea of rotation, the ancient Yue Lin missing in pretending to be flighty and impetuous, and again during the raid, trying to catch back, slightly out of step.

    Pa! Lin do not waste this opportunity for step, have come to front, a palm daopi Gu Yue "to be taken by surprise, severely hit him in the right shoulder and right arm junction.

    "Good!" A scream broke out in the audience.

    Voices among the ancient Yue, his hideous smile, like the left hand is ready, roll back up, grabbed the forest at the foot of a missing arm extension, will be put to the lack of forest in front of him, to give him a deadly one by!

    But at the moment, his ears suddenly sounded fierce wind, the mind spontaneously emerge shujiu winter Blizzard crazy scene, the face was somewhat tingling illusion.

    Lin t flash does not avoid the eyes, calm and madness coexist, the other hand into a fist, roar over, the momentum is compelling, savage was faster than expected!

    Not neglect, Gu Yue slightly weighed, gave up on the mountain with his left hand, right hand a shake, frame, choose again steady.

    A punch is a kick to elbow knee Gu Yue felt only come in a throng, as if in the ice, facing overwhelming storm unexpectedly no crazy snow, breathing room.

    Pine City University Wu Road seat, Lou Cheng unconsciously stand up, this is the first eight hit blizzard hit twenty-four!

    In his eyes, the lack of forest is more quickly, not only their own strength drained each trend, but also continuously adjust the center of gravity and muscle, from the ancient Yue Parry borrowed a little power, a spring between the two sides is back, every move will get more quickly, in order to continuously push L a blizzard hit crazy and ferocious.

    Gu Yue playing is more scared, feel myself like * * pedestrian naked dew in the snow, do not struggle mortal struggle will waste valuable energy, more and more weak, more and more cold and cool!

    "This is the true meaning of Blizzard twenty-four hit ah, do not rigidly adhere to the one by one" See the building into a daze, to practice a month has little mind, constantly dismantling, and constantly mixes, hands itch, want to try.

    Blizzard twenty-four hit into three groups, each hit a group of eight, Lin deficiency is the essence of the first group of "Blizzard".

    Make love! Bang Bang bang! Fist strike and body collision sound constantly spread, let the whole martial Dao stadium voice gradually low.


    A figure was repeatedly backwards, kicked in the chest, rolled down the ring.

    After a short silence, voices broke out again:

    "Lin deficiency!"

    Winner, Lin deficiency!

    The ancient Yue turn up, gasping for breath, did not dare to believe in yourself and lost it, almost no chance to fight back, chest pain is more.

    He Mi Mi eyes, looked at the table is no longer uniform forest breathing, hum, back seat, hate the fee made: "don't give him breathing recovery time, he won't last long!"

    Fee made touched his head, laughing and trotted to the stairs, boarded.

    No longer by the referee announced that he was standing on the steps, directly toward the forest.

    Lin do not choose to avoid a sideways move, close, hard bridge hard horse began to.

    Fee made no concession, various movements emerge in an endless stream.

    His two fingers grazed the missing eyes of the forest, and the fist of the forest scraped his belly, and his right hand caught a handful of missing hair, and the bare knife cut his arm This struggle really nothing, let the next ready secretly nervous, for fear that a bad accident disabled.

    Formal Wu Road game, both players default accept life and death contract, but afterwards will investigate whether the referee intends to manufacture casualties, in the hands of the time chose to ignore.

    After two or three minutes, two separate figure suddenly missing, Lin squinting, bloody nose, body quivering, and fee made black and blue, constantly shaking legs, seems to want to rub the bruising at the spot.

    The referee glanced and raised his right hand:

    "The winner, fee made!"

    Victory and defeat, he stopped the two sides continue to fight life.

    The boos shaking heaven and earth broke out, a fee made the rogue play despise.

    Lin Queqiang turned down, breath, without delay, to reduce the recovery time of the charges made.

    Chen Changhua suddenly stood up, shaking arm muscles, strode across several on a stone, and forest short passing.

    Yiying into building up, helped stop Lin missing, felt his breath away, the body suddenly felt weak, almost fell down.

    "Thank you."" The forest is short of a low sound track.

    "Should." The building to look at him, "you wholeheartedly, Blizzard twenty-four hit."

    Only in this way, the consumption of physical power is really very scary, after a round, even a little lack of support lin Well, this I play and features a seamless heavenly robe!

    I did not worry about physical deficiencies!

    Master choose this door fighting skill seems not silly either

    Chen Changhua boarded the ring, there is heavy breathing like a fee made.

    The picture of steep turn, he seems to have returned to the first city university martial arts club played in the scene when, after a long time, still visible before the eyes.

    I have been in high and vigorous spirits

    I have filled with blood

    I've been here too!

    Just then, he heard the waves of cheering:

    Chen Changhua cheer!"

    Chen Changhua cheer!"

    Chen Changhua cheer Chen Changhua Leng Leng, almost suspect still in the dream.

    His eyes slightly red, stared angrily at fee made out, the snake step, flutter in the past.

    Catch the tail of youth, I can burn again!

    I loose Da Wu Dao club president!

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