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Chapter 39–large avalanche

    For a moment, Hu is produced in front of the building into a giant fist expansion to illusion, crisp sound, the wind whistled down falling, the momentum of the fierce few peaks bury all sense of collapse.

    So let there is power Hu can't help avoid evasive thought, did not dare to face the front, but his defense shelf had been drawn to concede to the less obvious, it will lead to worse results, only teeth, firm faith, changing the block moves, crossing your arms against the outside.

    This will not be the shelf break up, but will lose the counterattack and subsequent changes, belong to the most stable and most doltish, Hu is considered not so long!


    Boxing arm cross strike, dull sound breaks out, introduced Hu Zheng in the ears, at the same time, he felt a strong majestic crashing behind the cross against the arms are not scattered shelves, but it is difficult to curb its, was abruptly pressed to the body, attached to the chest.

    The power of terror! Hu Zheng was like a giant hammer into his own arms hit, ribs pain, gravity appeared shaking, feet can no longer support, the body back dumping.

    In order to maintain a balance, he only stumbled back, trying to restore a stable center of gravity.

    But at this moment, is near the building into a step, the body side, left shoulder a heavy, leaned forward, bang hit Hu is chest.

    Avalanche potential, unless they stop, otherwise torrent endless rolling!

    For Zhengliang Hu, was so hard on, completely lost balance, inverted out, burst a fall on the ground.

    "Building into a victory!" The referee Langqing announced.

    I lost this? Hu Zheng was around, found himself fell out of the ring edge line.

    Just one punch and one, I lose?

    How many seconds is this!

    Is that power really an amateur?

    On the nearby stands, Liu Yinglong straight in the front door, a pale face, just witnessed the building into the blow force, he was sad to find that such terrorist forces in itself does not necessarily stop down!

    A war yesterday, after the master in tide analysis, he is in fact not quite convinced, I don't think play a real strength to lose the game, seems to fall into a carefully designed trap, the two sides no winner was so fast, only occupied the building into a static gifted, coordination ability powerful, grasp the focus strong advantage, not as good as their other hand, very lucky to win.

    Can now see, completely defeated his inner residual pride and self comfort, a truly understand the sad reality.

    He did not play a real strength, and how to go all out? Yesterday if he hit just the blow, he will not only so simple fractures!

    Realize that their own weakness is not a simple thing, but it is necessary to face the cruel.

    Next to the master, not a word, around Shidishimei silence, the whole world seems quiet.

    Wallet uncle holding a cell phone, is also ready to fight the most intense when recording a video, home appreciation, but he just unlocked, has not yet opened the shooting function, the game is over!

    "This, this is not a replica of the match yesterday?" As a lover, his understanding of the meaning of the blow just as Liu Yinglong was deep, is only in building into a blow against the shock defeated the amateur six goods Hu Zheng, and leaves a Youting blow yesterday pushed Sheng Guan Yan game similar–yesterday took the information after he went back to the central ring at the game.

    Although Guan Yan is an amateur two, Hu is much worse than yesterday, but he block shelf apartment has a counter attack on the defensive, follow-up, unlike Hu Zheng arms crossed so extreme, not simply the product order comparison.

    Think about this, uncle jacket down mobile phone, clap clap, although not necessarily to get into the building.

    This game is really a surprise ah!

    "Uncle, what palm do you drum?" Next to the little couple looked up strangely, they are watching another game on the big screen.

    Is there such a wonderful game worth clapping?

    The leather jacket uncle chuckled: "just a free goods order by a blow out students six amateur players, like yesterday, the central ring leaves Youting Sheng Guan Yan."

    Ye Youting and Guan Yanzhi war is the highlight of yesterday, wonderful pictures are replayed on the big screen today, young lovers in the shy girl shy smile: "sounds similar, but not the same, order goods so much."

    The leather jacket uncle as a kind of martial arts enthusiasts, the basic posture or understand, gesticulating, the Guan Yan and Hu is defense shelf explained different, finally said: "although there are still gaps, but not too large, the free goods order students are not simple ah."

    Small lovers have come interest: "what is his name? How many numbers? We also look at his game tomorrow, many screenings are quite boring."

    "Called Lou Cheng, the building of the building, successful Cheng, 656." Leather jacket uncle is very * * * Li spirit

    "Building into a victory!"

    The referee declared the ears when building into early foot stand, no longer chase, he felt only a depletion, Nishida Koyoyangyi group, diverted to the body, soothe tired, is already running dan.

    Big avalanche plus electric fire pile hit, with their own physical feel tired, more tired than yesterday's battle, seems to be comparable to the original forest deficit hit a "crazy storm snow".

    "This really is the outbreak of super large burden and consumption, all by oneself, I can hit two" Building into a secretly sigh.

    The joy of victory today than yesterday, but more relaxed feeling, there is no fluke is not true and no sense of security, through this war, he is not an ignorant person to determine their own yesterday's victory, determined not by accident.

    I barely considered a part-time master!

    Building into a tired transient solution, with a certain joy, peace of mind out of the ring line, looking back the supervision of private goods.

    See this scene, the White Ape Martial Arts Museum always calm to tide gently Yi 1, also stood up.

    "Master, what's going on?" Liu Yinglong stunned the questions.

    In the tide of a look at the face frightened disciples, sighed: "the 'ice' twenty-four hit in the" big Blizzard avalanche "and" thunder "fire pile, plus three minutes of adjustment charge, this might be not at all surprising, to my horror is the master he played such a blow, but can not see the slightest weakness!"

    "This means that I can't tell how many times he can hit consecutive similar attacks, even if no force storage for three minutes, at least seven or eight remnants of majesty, this is terrible."

    Liu Yinglong and Qin Zhilin and other disciples surprised each other, the teacher's evaluation was so high!

    "Master, how many items do you think he has?" Liu Yinglong subconsciously asked a sentence.

    In the tide of a cry: "Hey look at the fist one by which see martial arts level not only the power, but he is not weaker than the amateur three, you ah, look at the people, if you can master a two" static ", learn to follow zhuanggong, can improve the strength of at least one big cut! Now see someone else's severe, is not able to calm down?"

    He took the opportunity of education students, some of the static pile in the martial arts circle is not esoteric, but can not grasp the "static", the practice did not have much effect.

    "The disciples understood!" Liu Yinglong, Qin Zhilin and other disciples more or less feeling.

    "You look at his game, maybe there are other gains." In the tide told of the sentence, carrying his hands down the bleachers, left the budoukan

    Mobile phone back, floor immediately touched the remote side stands, the big screen to enjoy other martial arts competitions, while on the QQ, the annunciation to Yan Zheke!

    In competitions in the martial arts club, Yan Zheke organized cheerleading, responsible for their own logistics, easy to mobile phone number, SMS is this kind of thing has been left behind The student party love QQ more than WeChat

    Hey hey, won! Easily win! Thanks to the coach's guidance!" Building into three exclamation points expressed joy, by the way and in the form of a joke to praise Yan Zheke.

    Yan Zheke is like waiting for the reply quickly: "(smile) Yes, boy ~ how to win?"

    She's always interested in the details of the game.

    "I'm out of Liu Yinglong, the other party must attach great importance to this point, I will think is not similar to restraint tongbeiquan play, make specific changes, is also the first defense." A building is very detailed explanation, to share the achievements and please the girl, "in view of this, I am ready to start a fierce attack, do not look directly scattered his shelf, to get the absolute advantage, like yesterday, I give you the game said."

    Yan Zheke returned a finger against his lips selling Meng expression: "orange, I now think you have a bit of battle fighting talent!"

    A floor made a crayon gelasmus head expression: "didn't you say so."

    He continued to send a message: "before I said, I see a meditation practice teaching talent, had taught me some zhuanggong and moves, so I take three minutes of dialogue time a little bit storage capacity, will be compressed to the current limit of physical strength, and then use the" Blizzard twenty-four hit "avalanche" and "the fire pile 'with strike to fight each other to lose focus, and then close back and knocked him out."

    "Good." Oranges, each time I listen to your description of how to fight, I will not help but by yourself, always think for me, what will be the response, how the results will be, this let me not go out all feel exciting fight." Yan Zheke made a eyes hushanhushan expression.

    "You must be better than me!" Floor to seize the opportunity to come again a compliment, made a blush smile expression, can let you have such feelings, I am very happy."

    Yan Zheke made Wuzui smile, and then said: "before I find the game process and your message on the official website, only then just a news: what Phoenix Cup tournament first round the end of war, Youting leaves and other players pass through smoothly, good ah!"

    "I was in the 'wait' inside, there will be a name after the opportunity." Floor into a touch head expression.

    Chat, the morning of the end of the game, Yan Zheke made a struggle expression: "I was stimulated to you, such as eating meals, take a rest, I went to Grandpa and grandma," steal "a martial arts exercise one afternoon!"

    "Ha ha, will they promise?" Cheng Hui lou.

    Yan Zheke made a funny expression: "rest assured, sell a sprinkle a charming adorable absolutely can fix my grandmother, especially hurt me, and a soft heart, as long as you don't speak out, do not lose her face, there wouldn't be a problem."

    "Then you have to pay attention to work and rest." Building into a concern, out of the Wu Road Museum, pick up cheap fast food to eat three boxes.

    In the afternoon, Yan Zheke temper Wu Dao, he brushed the forum while watching the game.

    Suddenly, he saw in the forum's live posts, one punch invincible hair message: Road Ye played, the opponent is an amateur four goods guy."

    "Ring Road" is the game? Building a large screen to see the past, soon discovered the previous explosion in the "Ring Road", he is in a three minute conversation with rival time.

    PS: see everyone so strong requirements, the noon chapter in advance update it In fact, every day I updated a lot ah, in accordance with the main trend of the starting point of the new period, every two more per more than 2 thousand words is more normal, so when the shelves count too much or too early from the book list, but I was more than 3 thousand and four thousand each, more than 2 thousand minutes, enough for three more, do you want to chop and change? Update, since we meet the requirements for tanshou ticket.

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