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Chapter 44–mysterious master

    Floor into a down jacket, holding a cell phone, can not wait to board the QQ, sent a message to Yan Yan: "guess I win or lose?"

    Yan Zheke returned a squint expression: "so sure to win! Through the screen can feel that your life! But you actually beat the amateur ace"

    At the end of the message, she made up her eyes again.

    Hey, had hoped little, because there is a person refueling, I played a two hundred percent strength!" Deliberately used someone to call this.

    Yan Zheke answered a Wuzui smile: "if I say one hundred refueling, you can't put the dragon to win?"

    "I think, and I more than one hundred times the gap dragon" Building into a "I am do not scare me" look.

    Yan Zheke answered, "you will be scared timid you face:" fast, the coach to tell you how to win! I can't believe you're the orange I know! Say! Did you steal his cell phone?!"

    "To sign?" Floor with smiling look.

    "Well, what sign?" Yan made a head above the question mark expression.

    The floor into the answer looked up expression: "but I know what you call ah, Yan Zheke classmates, you in our grade in our school is the big famous learning and good character, good, beautiful, everyone thought you will go to the park or Hua Hai, the results of the pine city."

    This is the first time the two people in the song chat content, according to the memories of the floor, do a repeat, then see them, actually a little light warmth.

    Yan Zheke replied with a smile: "blush when you are Budo rookie, who can win the amateur one product of the master now, and so on, then you did not seem to say" beautiful "this sentence, well, you really are a fake orange!"

    "Is that right? I thought I'd be honest and tell the truth, and I seemed too shy." Lou Cheng made a shy expression, his face full of smiles, regardless of the eyes of others.

    Two people chat for a while, words to be building into a fast typing way: "after I had" Blizzard twenty-four hit a breakthrough, "did not expect to win a part-time master, holding the play to what extent is to what extent the mentality of game, who knows he doesn't know me, relative more alert, don't start without reservation the outbreak, but with tiger shaped more balanced, it gives me a chance to meet a similar intensity of fighting, not forced to rush, always passive"

    He is in strict Zheke interaction, the detailed process of contest are described, he saw the notice in advance Jin Tao thigh changes, risks and risks from the fast accurate Huwei leg,

    Yan Zheke with a combination of expression scared my family fish dry fall "to show the inner tension, and then to his" storm "potential essence, can leverage the return, more and more strong, the yearning.

    Beloved girl do not consciously expose the affirmation, support and envy, let building into a satisfied and happy, even more than the audience feel cry and refueling.

    Describe to the end, look out of the building into a smile: "then I'll do a round with" Blizzard twenty-four hit "will he suppressed, until he becomes large when physical exertion, so he finally desperately a cannon fist I have been an avalanche of counter power fire pile firmly blocked a cross elbow pull into the end of the battle."

    "Sounds like a little familiar" Yan Zheke with a daze expression, "remember! When winter is your brother Wu with endurance abruptly down!"

    "Yes, who told them that endurance is not good?" The building into a laughing face.

    Yan Zheke issued six ellipsis:" I was speechless, my cousin if you have endurance, at the time of the southern school, can the three game sweep."

    Back to the building into a "not so good as you say" gelasmus expression: "I also began to have such a Budo temper change, although the previous endurance is good, but there is still a long distance metamorphosis stage."

    He gave the elixir of physical things and provide a foreshadowing, or have a strict Zheke common high school experience is not difficult to find his original running performance is only average.

    Yan Zheke did not say much about this, made a "pathetic" expression: "orange, I think you have been worse than me, no, I have to get up!"

    "Get up?" Floor into a smiling expression back to the road.

    "No, eat!" Yan Zheke uses a hungry look.

    By selling her adorable building into a laugh, replied: "is what you said, I found that my stomach was hungry, almost forgot to eat!"

    He took the phone, tight tight down jacket, through the service desk, go to Wu Road outside the stadium.

    This morning, the game is completely over for a while, the crowd out less, the girls of the service station at a glance to see the building into the back.

    "See! That building, he in the morning to win a master of amateur goods!" The girl on the floor to said a loud refueling was honored at.

    The girl next to him thoughtfully nod: "really is the dark horse ah, not a bit of luck."

    "This martial, the audience will certainly like to see, we recommend his game tomorrow, right?" Cried the cheering girl.

    Next to another girl ha ha laughed: "so enthusiastic to do? Is spring * heart?"

    "Bah, two small * * bitch hit, I called to work actively, undivided attention for the audience!"

    Three girls laughed for a while, decided to send the girl shouting refueling to the competent application.

    She tidied up the data, turned over the storage room, came to the competent office door, gently knocked three.

    Come in." A male voice came from the office.

    She wrung the handle, pushed the door open, and nervously stepped in.

    "Ning Ling, what matter?" The director is a middle-aged man with Mediterranean hair.

    Ning Ling by the little girl's advantage, laughing: "charge, we found a very powerful player!"

    "Very badly? How bad is it?" Put down the pen head, leaned back in his chair.

    Ning Ling passes data in the past: "we also have to ask the audience to know that he is only eighteen years old, college students loose, no order goods, but a victory over the White Ape martial arts Liu Yinglong, an amateur six player, and a strong amateur today."

    The supervisor took the information, while listening to turn, turned over, the action stopped.

    He wiped his few hair and thought:

    "It's really bad Also very topic You work very initiative, good."

    "Well, his game arranged in a ring tomorrow."

    One is the central challenge!

    To the fourth round of competition, the strength of each other has been relatively close, not afraid of strong disparity!

    Yan Zheke and his family went to eat and chat, building into a sitting a accidentally crushed chair, meager food, brush with the live post forum.

    Post, "Ring Road" made a map with a painful expression, that is "a punch invincible" temper after * * * Red bare torso to bathing photos, muscles, smooth lines, quite good, at the same time, the "Ring Road" is also equipped with a word: small punch lost Said blasting according to the explosion!"

    "Sell sell wonton first" the little girl replied with a nosebleed expression: "I suddenly felt thanks to the building into a player"

    "Yes, as early as know that such benefits, I started on the small punch lose!" "Shallow blue" the girl made a fist tearful expression.

    World vegetation are beautiful, replied: you too mean! I want to hold on, I still for small fist refueling!"

    "Sun" this often drying photos beauty also follow the way: "no I want to get a little robber"

    "Love wine cat" back to a red eye to take the expression: "we think there is a girl's welfare!"

    Looking at a girl's reply, do not rogue Road: look at you this way, I also want to consider blasting * naked * shine."

    "Always love Jun Okamoto" reply "does not make the rogue": "hurry up, pants off!"

    "I wipe, I think of you as a brother, you're stealing my chrysanthemum!" "No rogue" made a ferocious expression.

    They don't always look at the tone of the crooked floor, floor to eat and not easy to laugh, "the Dragon King" the Wu Chi serious reply: "details of the building to have? I'm curious what his origins are, I don't even know!"

    "One fist invincible" out of the head: "only know is loose students."

    "A big student? Because of lack of forest, I specifically the pine road agency Dawu game, but played no one called building into a player." "The Dragon King" made a puzzled expression.

    "Magic Buddhist" the little girl appeared: "Wow, I most love the worship of this mysterious master!"

    "Riding a pig warrior" followed: "there is no building into a video game?"

    "I look, there seems to be a wonderful replay on the big screen, I use the phone to record a paragraph." "Ring Road" replied.

    Before long, he sent a video, I saw two martial artists on the big screen quickly fierce battle, wonderful and intense, it is building into a fist invincible".

    "Good ah." Building down chopsticks, back to a sentence, conveniently link this video saved down, issued to Yan Zheke, and intends to return to the hotel with broadband will download it down to commemorate.

    Blizzard twenty-four hit, it is really loose students." "The Dragon King" replied, "but his twenty-four strike has Blizzard small, not lack of difference than, how is unknown to the public?"

    "Playing really wonderful, you also very small fist, but opponents stronger." "Sell sell wonton" the little girl said.

    "A punch invincible": "I know, honestly, before the two set product match failed, I was not convinced, that bad luck is the strongest, several opponents are drawn, this did not become the occupation the ninth, but after a war today, I recognize their own strength, day a day, someone outside the person, and I do indeed have distance occupation."

    See past the envy of their building into a cool acid sincerely convinced, and I had a sense of achievement and satisfaction, be reserved to the sentence: "invincible you actually very good."

    "Ride pig heroes" also followed: "a person with obvious occupation standard, UU reading (www.uukanshu.co) small fist you can hit this level is very strong."

    Hey hey, professional standard? Fast, fast, continue to boast me A building with a refreshing smile have no shame, wait for another reply.

    He saw "no rogue" plumber "mushroom" and "love wine cat" and "shallow blue" and "world plant beauty" and "sun" and other familiar ID are saying this building come true is the mystery, martial arts level obviously have so strong, didn't represent the pine road agency in Dawu also, in the "Blizzard twenty-four strike" in the building to display special beauty, particularly crazy especially fierce, light is watching a video makes people shiver all over though not cold.

    The reply let building into a drink drunk feeling, smile how to stop, Yan Zheke also want to see.

    "Eighteen years old has the professional standard, perhaps later will enter the Dragon Tiger club, I like this hidden mystical master!" "Magic Brahman" again.

    At this time, "sell sell wonton" little girl "@ Schrodinger tiger", is also building: "little tiger, I remember you joined the university martial arts club, Pine Road Dawu agency have hidden mysterious master, your martial arts agency?"

    There is ah!" The building with the smiling expression replied.

    "Who? Who?" "Sell sell wonton" made a curious expression.

    The floor into the back to a laughing face akimbo:

    "Me."! I am the hidden mystery master!"

    "Puff, tiger you will be more fun!" "Sell sell wonton" replied.

    "The grass is beautiful" also replied: "you are more and more flamboyant tiger!"

    Hey hey smile, Lou no discussion, put down the phone, concentrate on eating.

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