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Chapter 50–the difference between Europeans and Africans

    The floor into the heart Call Master annunciation, reporting their progress in martial arts, but thought, decided to own all the game after the end of it, we can get the experience summary to the master asking for advice.

    He watched the game, still like a sponge, to learn from others like hunger and thirst to the essence of martial arts and play experience, while in the conversation time and rest time, and brush with the forum posted *.

    "Live post dragon tiger Club Forum," a punch invincible "will be building into a video link morning game sent out, with a sigh of expression way 1:" I feel more and more cannot read him, his performance today to simply let me catch up with Kung Fu jin."

    It is a crisp, turning down into floor, looking back.

    For the "Phoenix cup small wusheng contest this low level of competition, once there is no love forum as" bait ", other people are not too interested with attention, the video link sent more than three hours, only a few people read, comment, most of them are by way of irrigation water, a crooked floor, about half naked, blasting, as" a punch invincible".

    The plumber "mushroom" is one of the rare places instead of watching the video, he replied: "the hand" listen to the strength "powerful ah, do I have seen a lot of occupation, will send directly in one or two with this level, if he is in short board to make up to one year, at least half a year. You can be sure of the goods, entered the ranks of the nine race, occupation."

    Thanks for the compliment A floor trying not to look cheerful.

    "Song Da Wu Dao agency game is worth the wait, is their North and Sanjiang Division has two mountains, unless the two Da Wu Dao agency in advance encounter, or they did not want to enter the national competition." "The Dragon King" also agree with the breath.

    Moderator "riding a pig heroes" also commented: "Hey, maybe we see a future outside the gang strong debut (manual comic)."

    Just finished the holiday of "magic Brahman" girl with eyes emit stars look back: "playing is really handsome! I was hesitant to let me have a signature ring uncle, might really like riding a pig uncle to say so? After the first signature has special meaning!"

    "No, I can't pull down the face, but also outside the gang which is so good achievements? Peng Leyun and Ren Li at the age of eighteen have entered the Dan gas state, occupation eight goods, not to mention the great temple is said to be the reincarnation of living Buddhas monk." "Ring Road" did not hesitate to dispel the illusion of Vatican girl's delusion.

    Peng Leyun Ren Li Since the contact of Budokai, these two names over and over again in the floor into the ears and eyes, let him feel, unfortunately, this song Da Wu Dao Xu Wannian was swept the agency,

    Failed to see Peng Leyun's skill.

    Read the reply, continue to focus your energy on building into the game, to the fifth round, powerful collision has been everywhere, even four occupation nine master before the group pedestria play splash on Mars, let people address him enjoyable.

    But it also allows the building into the harvest is shallow, in my mind is full of fight scenes, the mind is filled with blood, very anxious to immediately find a quiet place to practice martial arts, unfortunately, this round after the end of the game, there will immediately draw group phase with the corresponding activities, bye players can not leave, he had to press with patience, continue to learn from others fight.

    In the end, also saw the building into a "Ring Road" of the game, he and a amateur martial artist played by the roar of eight inextricably involved, the outbreak of the bidding victory, but can be found, "Ring Road" between the strange fists have disappeared, force no longer awkward, recovery the seven or eight day, the level is still physical problems, in the two day match completely unmasked, otherwise will not end this war was so anxious.

    Four fifty look, a fifth round of fighting ended, the small Wu Sheng contest before the thirty-two arms of all decided.

    This is one of the top thirty-two contestants among the 100 contestants!

    Less than five percent of the proportion of that building into a thick with pride, although bye luck, also provide the elixir of endurance, but more important is the martial way step by step to improve, and the strength of the mind is reborn.

    The staff busy arranging the central ring, put on the table and several ballot boxes, invited presenters and lively singer dancer.

    A lively, please draw a host of guests, there are three, one is the city of Yanling City, * long, who is president of the Yanling Martial Arts Association, once the occupation four strong, this is a competition organized by the Fang Yanyu Group Chairman Liu Zunyu, he is the top power door disciple Kongtong school, martial arts enthusiasts also, most of the industry and the Academy of Kongtong are inextricably linked, across medicine, security, real estate and other fields.

    According to Wu Sheng contest rules, first determine the eight seed, by order and in front of the game's most comprehensive, so that several early collision in the group phase, the subsequent sixteen strong, let be cast into the shade, four and eight.

    There is not much doubt, Huang Zhenzhong Jiang Lan, leader of the two gas exit Dan and Ye Youting, eight master occupation white pine, Wang Ye and nine became occupation of seed, the audience applause to agree, then the city * long began to draw, draw, and smoking groups, to determine each of them where a group of.

    "Huang Zhenzhong, second group"

    "Jiang LAN, fifth groups"

    Ye ye, third group"

    "White pine, eighth groups"

    "Wang Ye, fourth groups"

    "Calendar far, sixth groups"

    With a name that each big screen began scrolling the eight Musha highlights of the game, the audience can quickly understand and enhance the interest.

    Look at the building into a dizzying, wonderful, even using a mobile phone as the acme of perfection, do record.

    After a period of ebullience dance, chairman of Yanling Wushu Association came to the ballot box with the remaining nine occupation of the name, is also the first smoke, smoking group.

    The rest of the occupation do only six, that is to say, there will be two group belongs to the weak group, amateur warrior can compete for the top sixteen places!

    The building do not related to an armchair, leisurely quietly listening to Yanling martial arts association president 11 announcement:

    "Gu Jie, third group"

    "Qi Fei, sixth group"

    "Zhou Yuanning, the fourth group"

    With the remaining six players out of the nine occupation, the first group and seventh to the weak worthy of the name for each group, an amateur martial all pray own draw this sign.

    The building is also slightly nervous up, oneself before really didn't expect to be able to become before sixteen, get bonus, but all into the group game, how can not dream? Maybe a good sign? Africans (hand black) and Europeans (hand white) are different!

    The five thousand pieces of the bonus he was stretched too tempting, like hungry several days the beggar smelled the meat, eyes are out of the case-dough green though still save, but the five thousand pieces of possible period of want or need, will be the date fund!

    Yanling Wu Road Association president in the last ballot box out of two players, an amateur goods, an amateur two items, respectively, into the first and the seventh groups.

    The results, the building even heard nearby people cheering in a low voice, slightly disappointed heart.

    The following is a dance for the audience to appreciate the second batch of eight players in the highlights of the game, they are likely to be his opponent's ideas, building into a very serious.

    The last round draw, Yan Yu Group Chairman Liu Zunyu made a speech, and then reached into the ballot box.

    Building into a heart filed a little, there is a kind of feeling than the battle is still tense.

    "656, building into" Liu Zunyu read the first player he pulled out, because the number of not less than nine occupation, the audience will be more familiar with, also specially added number.

    Dong Dong, building into a heart suddenly accelerated, did not think the first is oneself, which is the group?

    His name was read out, there are stands atop the warm applause broke out, the previous nine occupation their treatment.

    Liu Zunyu smiled and was satisfied with the audience's response, reaching out from the other box:

    "Fourth groups!"

    Fourth groups? His hands flat on the knees Iron Palm young Wang Ye raised eyebrows, "Ring Road" Zhou Yuanning looked a bit dignified.

    Fourth groups? Building into a stunned gaze, a bit not believe my ears.

    This is strange bedfellows? Their sufferings and love and forum!

    And another player also live in the same hotel with their own, is simply the fate of the group"!

    The results of the draw makes him surprised and a hint of joy, although less than seventh of the first and last sign, but also is of medium occupation choice, nine, "Ring Road" is the weakest!

    "A punch invincible" concerns a glance at the road. "":

    "Road ye, floor is not good to deal with ah."

    "I know, I'll value him more." "Ring Road" the fist Zhou Yuanning relaxation.

    Then, he saw "a punch invincible" face was still dignified, is full of anxiety, a channel chuckle:

    "Rest assured, as long as I attach importance to, reading (wwukasuco) floor will not be my opponent."

    On the other hand, hold back the building into a low laugh and message to Yan Zheke impulse, out waiting for the fourth team last contestant, lest too dizzy with success, sorrow.

    One and another player out, filled with each group, after a long time, the floor finally heard the "fourth groups" these words.

    No. 245, Tang yue" Read the fourth floor into Wu's name, the game highlights and introduce each warrior rolling on the big screen of the watch.

    "Well, an amateur master" Whispered, he put away the joy of love, feel to appear in this group is still quite difficult, there is a slight mistake for others to do the wedding, such as their own and "Ring Road" to fight the battle.

    Of course, it's much better than the other five groups.

    Video game, Zhou Yuanning Tang and Wang Ye recorded after the floor to Yan Zheke sent a message, with the expression of snicker: "your character to shine, do I smoke in the occupation of a relatively weak group, and do a part-time occupation, haven't played a few years the."

    Finished, he went to the desk for three Wu more detailed information, and follow the schedule, found himself against Wang Ye in the morning of the day after tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon, Tang Yue afternoon game, after the war "Ring Road" Yuanning week!

    "Building into, refueling! We all look forward to your top sixteen!" Several desk girl did refueling gesture.

    Lou Cheng smiled, gentle way:

    "Try not to disappoint you."

    Yes ah, have come to this step, as a martial, and how easily admit defeat!

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