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Chapter 74–dark street

    The darkness, shadows flee, like the Backstreet concentrated into the movie scenes, while building into combat began, already used to make fast decisions, recognize Wang Xu, fleeting thought, he was ready to save.

    If it is before, he mostly shrank from the same fear, like Jiang Fei, all dare not look at most, help make a call, even if they are cut their hair, once from their own people, after all, not the ability to intervene, not only with no random, will hurt itself, in the family and now, after a small temper, Wu Sheng contest, he from the martial arts to the mind have undergone changes reborn, observant, decisive act, confident and calm inside.

    Strength in the body, but also dare not help? Don't really want to watch Wang Xu hacked to death in front of?

    Take off the floor into things that vanishes in a flash, a jacket, a fill to Jiang Feihuai, whispered fast language:

    "Hide well!"

    Jiang Fei was scared and afraid, scared and stunned, didn't react to, what to do, until I saw him to go out, then suddenly wake up, want to shout down, and dare not speak, panic to the extreme.

    Why are oranges so reckless? That's the knife BLACK * * agency will goon ah, exactly three!

    How to do how to do?

    He heads a paste on the occasion, and no floor straight went, they observed the terrain and the environment, confirmed that no camera, and then down the center of gravity, with the snake, winding in the twilight, not to let the light from the light dark houses on both sides of the mold like yourself.

    The contest between the outcome of wandering in the experience, the elixir changed unexpectedly, he can no longer panic, calm consideration of saving the consequences, if the camera to be photographed, if being chased remember appearance or character, it will give itself to the family brings a lot of trouble after continued, especially their impossible directly under the dead hand, murdered.

    Center of gravity shaking, snake step strange, very close to the floor as is careful, locking eyes with three enemies closer, and not because once the battle had nine occupation and have the slightest effect.

    There is an old saying in "refining" environment, martial arts and then high, but also afraid of knives, even if the occupation do, met with a knife more than three, will also be cautious in, a little inattentive may have hurt, and just bite in the recovery from Dan himself?

    This is not a contest, the referee as the last safeguard, even some military force is too fast, or too close, the referee will occasionally to prevent dangerous situations, can at least have filtered out most of the real combat, and no eye, instant death!

    So, do not start already, a move must do everything possible, suddenly wounding, for a quick defeat, so that the number attributed to two pairs of two, so relatively easy!

    The sky was dark, do not see the moon not see bright, four pursuit to distraction, have not yet found someone close to the distance between the two sides, such as shortened to ten meters, and a section in the most dark Backstreet, building into tude speed, a few strides, to Wang Xu's side, he flashed from the left side. Staring at the first knife thug.

    Wang Xu kept running around a kind of inertia, flash ghosts feeling.

    Bear the brunt of the thugs saw building into a straight flush, high–speed, dare not neglect, with a knife and grin, lift the right hand, to severely split down, blood five.

    At this time, he saw a wrist, inside my mind suddenly split off building into a white lightning lit up the dark, stirred Liaoyuan flame, heat presses running down the spine down, to push the outbreak will itself speed instantly pushed to the extreme, like an arrow, a jump to the next the thugs in front of him, raised his hands, stand him wrong speed and distance between the two sides of the wrist, the wrist was cut, knife wrist!

    Close at hand, the long machete will lose their effect!

    Then, just a residential building into the wrist, back twist, thigh muscles taut, knees screaming on the top out, slamming into the body before the abdomen beater.


    Belly sag, sound dull, eyes bulging was the top of the beater, tears flow, a soft body, will be paralyzed, building into a hand to help him up, recovery, hand twist, twist off directly knife wrist, and tried to shake, let the machete landing.

    A face to face, he just spent a beater!

    This let beside the other thugs pupil contraction, without thinking, brandished a knife and cut over, no longer catch in front of Wang Xu, and followed by third also catch up.

    The floor into the back of a bomb, unhurried, hand force, will hold directly to the guy next to the thugs, let them become confused, itself is a step to the left, as if ready to swipe the key.

    Third thugs rushed immediately brandished a knife and cut out the rescue company.

    Suddenly, the floor into the spine movement, as the Dragon broke through the fence, driven by the muscle force, abruptly changed the focus back to the body, then steps for a spin, actually came to the rear side of reverse third thugs.

    This change, in the dim street was haunted feeling!

    The position of a building into a center of gravity to sink, put a sit Quaddafi trend, mind in Xuefeng collapse, white billow stream, unable to stop, driving his right arm raised, muscle force, the potential to play under the violent thump.


    This one hit third goons shoulders, played his voice, hit his right shoulder down collapse, beat him issued a scream, beat him to a machete, left hand right shoulder roll.

    Go forward with great strength and vigour big avalanche!

    Two respiratory, two enemies, only the even opponents is high or low fat or thin did not see a frightened courage, no attack, no longer consider companions, machetes casually waving, hurriedly ran back, wise!

    Put a building into a catch-up posture, deliberately issued a pedal pedal sound, he is more scared Pigunniaoliu, afraid to turn around, like arrows in the rabbit, quickly jump to the other end of the street, into the darkness.

    Wang Xu heard a scream, surprise stop, back up, saw the captor falls down, flee, is in smooth water.

    "Who?" He subconsciously asked, hiding in the dark corner of Jiang Fei is terrified, I do not know what is going.

    Just now I seem to see Superman?

    No, how orange became Superman!

    He took the phone flashing glimmer, not enough time to call out, the battle is over!

    A building where there is light, go back, watching two men fell humming, afraid they have sharp force, while the index finger to his lips, and motioned Wang Xu not to talk.

    Wang Xu saw the figure out from the darkness, his head in a daze, even behind the pain wounds are forgotten, doubt yourself is not already being cut down on the ground, in a deathbed, lustrous and dazzling dream, have the illusion of death.

    How could it be an orange?

    He is not to use free but not dare not fight strength for binding a chicken, which belongs to the fight that good students, their body is not strong, has not own foot, say bookworm too.

    This is orange, a few breath to settle the knife chase three thugs to their boss, hostile forces is quite valued six amateur seven swordsman!

    What is it not dreaming?

    That I taught him a few hands, let him in the martial arts?

    The pain made him awake soon, pay attention to building a gesture to finger, quickly turned to the other lane.

    A building back to its original position, pulling blankly Leng Leng Jiang fly, quickly left here, the dark Backstreet again deserted, only two shadow still curled up on the ground, a low hum of pain.

    Two lane, floor and meet Wang Xu, he let Jiang Feiduo not far from here, not the innocent high school buddies involved in anything like this before.

    "Do you have a place to go?" Lou Cheng bluntly asked.

    Wang Xu used the clothes inside a little wrapped up the wound, there are some trance tunnel: there is a place to go, where you can deal with wounds."

    "Then you go, I will not mix, and what things to say back." Floor tone firm, put himself not involved involved * BLACK organization attitude, just just save friends.

    Wang Xu relieved, nodded: "if it can settle down as I talk to you."

    Then, he quickened his pace, disappeared in the other end of the alley.

    Looked at his back into the building, shook his head, feeling quite fast, also left this is, Jiang Fei pulled back Liu barbecue near the car, sitting in the.

    Jiang Feiyi still suffering from the shock like, from time to time at next to the floor in a glance.

    I said, "do you want to see it at work in just ways. (www.) into a re coat down jacket, while returning to the news Yan Yan, while there is no good airway.

    "Do you know the hacked?" Jiang Fei asked a superficial.

    "Well, my friend." A building without saying more concise and comprehensive.

    Jiang Fei care about is not the problem, stare big eyes: "orange, when did you become Superman? I remember we did you have crushed my weight."

    High school physical education are martial arts physical fitness class content, two fake notes several times.

    "I said I joined the university martial arts club, every day insist on martial arts?" Building Yang Yang chin, "drive it, go back early."

    Jiang Feibian started the car side muttered: "you are not to chase the girls into the martial arts club? This just a few months?"

    "Both hands must be hard." Building into freely said, because Wang Xu, his mood is low, not to show off their small arena in general, fought several times each victory and occupation do things.

    Before the start, Jiang Fei once again looked into building a glance, with the light inside the car, just feel the high school friend face slightly haggard, but compared with the past, lean a little from the eye to the chin, lines and contours and see more clearly, he pursed mouth, there are some people stable and steady the temperament, say things seemed to be full of confidence, people do not consciously obey the arrangement.

    "Oranges, you seem mature" Jiang Fei can not find the right words to describe, this sentence, he ate barbecue once said, but now it is quite different means.

    Building a smile: "I hope this is commendatory terms."

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