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Chapter 76–cheap orange

    The clothes hanging on the floor into the locked the door, went back to his room, lying in bed, thinking of ups and downs, a long time can not be calm, there is the impulse to tilt.

    He took out his cell phone and sent a message to Yan:

    Today, after eating barbecue encounter a thing"

    He tried to tone his usual relationship with Wang Xu, he witnessed the Chase's thoughts, and his deep talk after the mood changes, are all described out.

    Yan Zheke from time to time with the question, did not say much, until the finished it seriously: "orange, I think, as the saying goes, everyone has their own future, not necessarily read, not necessarily Wu tao When it comes to this, think of ever told you, then you can beat the four month occupation nine Finished, no face in front of you!"

    She immediately sent a squatting corner circle face.

    A gloomy mood building has been watered down a bit, can not help laughing and said: "in fact I feel that time you've got there, never thought they could close to the occupation level so quickly."

    "Don't interrupt, also don't listen to me?" With my face Yan Zheke.

    Interrupt is yourself Of course, building into a dare answer, "gelasmus": "please tell the coach yan!"

    "Everyone has their own destiny, we are not God, not immortal, not God, that can change a few closest have been very great, as for other people," jinrenshi, listen to destiny 'six words, can't replace them to make decisions, not forced to reverse them the will." Yan Li made this passage when no expression.

    Building into a breath and press the keyboard: "I understand this truth, but feel powerless and depressed, once so good friends, now in a different world, but I can't do what, only watched."

    "Orange, the vast majority of people are selfish, I also, I to themselves as the center to the outer circle, which is the most parents, family is feeling good, they are bound to a level slightly important bestie and friends, and friends are divided into two categories, a class can be a good student a stage, a class can only accompany you through life, like two non parallel lines, at some point have been mixed, but because the idea, because the choice, because the character, because of different circumstances, sooner or later will be lopsided, not miss each other, Wang Xu to you, should be divided in this class." Yan Zheke hit a lot of words.

    This carefully explained her views into building itself, this is the first time to see if the impression of her mind and live a little.

    "Where is your other half in the future?" He subconsciously asked the question.

    Yan Zheke made a cross eyed expression: "I won't tell you. You are listening! Throw table!"

    "Yes, coach Yan continued!" A smile replied with floor.

    A feeling as if he make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks, restored a lot.

    "Can have many friends for life itself is inevitable and fit a certain aspect, but Wang Xu is obviously not, you want to give up his studies, mixed underworld play born killed? Would you like to provoke him a lot of trouble, and even affect their own family?" Strict reverse asked.

    Building seriously thought: "I do not want to let him affect my life now."

    Yan Zheke used a nod of expression:

    So, as you said, you have been in a different world, if he does not return, the gap will only grow, sooner or later, only memories, a cold, he lives in you, just an episode, you within the scope of their ability to help him with enough. Sorry can hardly be avoided."

    "I Grandpa and grandmother taught many pupils, some into the police, have joined the army, some fights in the occupation of martial arts circles, some were removed from the sea, some also embarked on a crooked road, and even a lot of people like, man in Wushu,

    I Grandpa and Grandma had to sleep at night, therefore fell dejected, fly, later, they finally figured out, try to stop them, save them enough, no need to brood on."

    "Life, to be perfect in every respect, but worthy of the heart."

    Building a look, deep in thought, after a while it took a deep breath. "I understand that good conscience, I am a freshman, can be met to save him, to persuade him to quit as a matter of conscience, has reached the limit can do, no more lies pregnant."

    "Yes, that's a good boy." Yan Zheke made a push glasses complacent, "in fact you today that is quite good, to save the people and not with muddy water, after I had often dreamed of his profound martial arts Hangxiazhangyi, at the sight of injustice roar, but it will not be worried about the man in Wushu, will not have a lot of follow-up the trouble you do today to meet me all about this kind of thing of fantasy."

    Building a little proud and delighted when a sudden, look out laughing: "are you strict coach to teach good deeds," Yan "," Yan "from the outstanding disciple!"

    "Puff! You use words more and more!" Yan Zheke looked back at the dog with his eyes.

    After the tilt and funny, building into a mood complete recovery, and even hung signs giggle, talked to more than ten points, only to brush your teeth unable to part take a bath, ready to go to bed on time.

    He got it all, lay down on the bed, Cai Zongming finally found the waves back home, on the QQ, see the news, made a reply.

    "Secret? You are not a girl, I am not interested in your secret, unless it is black history." Xiao Ming classmate with a shake fingers cheap Xi Xi expression road.

    The floor into the first to return to Yan Zheke, then didn't Cai Zongming have no interest, she said: "my way home this detour to Yanling, in a called" Phoenix Cup "small wusheng contest, you guess what I got?"

    "I wipe, you ya still run very far of, as for achievement, still use guess? You say the game name, I picked a is not clear? Are you stupid?" The other end of the network, Cai Zongming sitting in front of the computer desk, both hands knock on the word, habitual damage to the floor.

    Hey building into a sound, secretly muttered, to the effect of this is! I don't even know you, Cai Xiaoming?

    I take the initiative to say that the results, certainly not as you find out the shock!

    Cai Zongming open browser, search to the official website, click in, directly read the news:

    "Final, ginger orchid of Wang Ye? Eight to do occupation occupation?"

    "The three or four finals, Huang Zhenzhong of the white pine? Between eight and occupation occupation also do battle"

    Cai Zongming looked twitch mouth, immediately to the floor made a message:

    "I wipe, I turned out to be a wise fool you, in this match grade, you must bury the name to the broad masses of the people, where to find!"

    "Ha ha, look down!" Lou Cheng did not say much, looking forward to Xiao Ming himself found.

    Cai Zongming puzzled looking at the screen, sliding the mouse, suddenly found a news:

    "Number 656" player building causes physical overdraft, unable to adhere to, out of the quarter finals."

    "The last war?" He went in, suspected to be the namesake.

    "No product order Pine College students Beat nine occupation" After the meeting, he quietly read out the key words, and then did not hesitate to copy the phone, to the floor into the past.

    "Orange, your Ya won't specially invite a person to do a false website?" When the phone rings, Cai Zongming blurted out.

    Floor into complacent smile: "I go, you are not Yan Zheke, I as to cheat you specialized to do a fake Web site? Need your IQ so high?"

    "You can run to beat by martial arts club Wu brothers seemed to not long past what You have to do this occupation from Amateur do?" Cai Zongming conceal his amazement.

    A building to make the tone is clear: "not long? Good for three months! I learned a blizzard twenty-four strikes, improve the strength, speed and body coordination, have rich practice experience, also visited many field martial arts agency competition, and the first ring competitors are relatively weak, I am a play up, slowly put the twenty-four strike through the blizzard mix, master listen to the strength and the center of gravity such as mercury, relying on luck, finally reached the quarterfinals."

    Cai Zongming was silent for a moment before:" Orange, how do I feel you show off?"

    "Yeah, I'm just showing off!" Building can not help but laugh, "have the ability you hit me ah? Hit me? Can you hit me?"

    I wipe" Cai Zongming angry and funny, "you have never seen so cheap person! You're waiting for next semester, I will join the martial arts training agency, in my talent, a man's teachings, minutes to catch up with you, you will see how joseph!"

    Floor into contentment, ready to sleep, pro hung up the phone before the road:

    "I have the video game website, you worship!"

    Finish saying, don't wait for Cai Zongming to answer, he directly hang up the telephone, give strict night to go.

    After the contest that a few days, Yan Zheke know he gets up at half past five every day to temper things, deeply admire, also enhance the strength of many of his identity. UU reading (ww.)

    Cai Zongming holding the phone, stunned for a moment, find the game video, point opened to see up.

    I watched, his mouth a little open, but not closed, until a video playback is completed, only dream like himself:

    "Is this TM an orange?"

    "Feel like you can beat me.""

    "Don't be a walk in which the old lord?"

    Of course, walk in this kind of thing does not exist in the reality, only in the novel

    The next day at half past five, a floor to get up on time, Wu put on uniforms, with the mobile phone and the key to the area where Jiang Feijia go out jogging, doing preliminary warm-up.

    The dark sky, see a little light, on both sides of the yellow street lamps lit, no quiet, bring out the more lonely.

    Exhale into the mist, building into breathing in the cold. Cold in Chiang arrived outside the home, give him a call to determine the flash, he has to get up.

    After in situ dynamic pile, which is building into a training routine, see Jiang Feiduo winded out of the cell, a fat white Wu GI support of odd shape.

    He managed to smile: "let's warm up running."

    "Ok!" After yesterday's matter, Jiang Fei to practice Wu quite a bit look forward to and excited, "orange, we go to which side to run?""

    Building into already planning the process, pointing to the left: "run to three booths, to the people's Park exercise."

    "Three Mile pavilion? People's Park?" Jiang Fei open mouthed, a pale face, "you are killing me!"

    This TM at least ten km!

    Ask for a ticket

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