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Chapter 86–Shi old man's intention

    Looking at Qin Rui leave, building into recover vision, hope to the small pond in front of freezing.

    Around the faint mahjong crash, obscure songs, sound and touch the basketball, the students happy laughter, the eyes are reflected in the ice itself, as if from high school through the time to.

    At that time his face is not clear enough lines

    At that time their body thin, often feel tired

    The time of their own generous enough, say things not because timid, introverted, do not love dealing with unfamiliar people, but when facing others, unless very good really, or always think too much, say worry will appear ambiguity, anxiety is not enough to say that it suspected some expression let the other person will leave a bad impression, think too much, think too much, but bound hands and feet more and more anxious, more anxious, more poor performance

    And now, through the example of the role of Xiaoming students, through the martial arts exercise brings in fine fig through a field contest victory, accumulation of confidence, he finally understand the truth, most of the time, do not think so much, not too concerned about the opinions of others, like the contest, and shilly-shally, will only lead to the failure of the same most of the time, said, what is secondary, words can express on the line, it is important to show the confidence and sincerity, of course, a sense of humor a little wrong.

    Thoughts of ups and downs, floor deliberately read gradually precipitated, the students singing singing, playing chess is still playing, chess, mountain climbing is climbing, it seems that only his own one, in the busy looking for quiet, in the cold wind had aftertaste.

    A familiar voice to the ears, trance, he was back in high school.

    Said it was hard to say depressed, really bitter really depressed, just before dawn, has been sitting in the classroom to start early study hall, the night has been deep, also did not go home, take time to the end of evening homework, discussion and boarding students, time is a open class a picture of a test paper the claws to occupy, youth seems to become pale.

    But now these hard to remember, depression also cheerful is flowing drip, the test was get satisfaction scores satisfaction ranking joy, is finally finished the homework in advance, you can go home and free, is the class time, and at the same table, before the table, after the table said various interesting beautiful spread embroidered stories and malicious gossip;

    Is to seize the break time slapstick chat is wanton publicity, do broadcast exercises when watching Yan Zheke Wu secretly meet different teachers bring different jokes or care;

    And Jiang Fei, Cheng Qili caught at noon time, occasionally out of school to play a game on the net to vent, is clamoring for martial arts strong, collect their posters of the young, is the holiday slept until noon madness, is void when looking at the novel full and moved on and off;

    Bit by bit, repeat yesterday.

    This is the season of the rainy season, this is my high school life, this is their own can not return to the youth.

    Cold wind blowing, building into a suddenly laughed, because think of the word: the man is a vulgar animal, the highly variable and unknown for a long time now, like a hungry beast, will probably eat a little taste of food, and all the past, memories, the bit between the best fermentation and just get to taste, however, has been unable to reproduce.

    No wonder there will be a rebirth of this kind of thing, sometimes, see not change history, but taste the past.

    This feeling for a long time, he will mind pressure, back to the KTV box, sang with pauses and Yan Zheke chat, to four points, a few people think it is stuffy, went around looking at the beautiful mountain scenery, breathing the cool and fresh air, laughing had their embarrassment.

    At half past five, the tour bus will come back to Lou Cheng et al Xiushan, Roasted Whole Lamb after supper, no activity,

    Each home, each looking for the mother.

    The meal when someone talk, people frolic booing, someone to listen, someone whisper whisper, floor is muffled large fortune, happy to eat a meal.

    Come close, sitting on a table of Hailin Qiu Wu they stood up, took the glass, inside the shallow layer of red wine.

    She looked around and saw the floor into the table, suddenly laugh together:

    "Jiang fat, you can really eat ah, so many roast mutton are finished, and other tables are left a lot of it, no wonder so fat long!"

    Jiang Pangyi saw the face of injustice, resentment next to the building into one eye, I TM not how to eat ah, were chatting to drink warm!

    Brothers are used to back pot Lou clapped his shoulder in silence.

    With this topic will attract all the attention of the students, after the sound of the crisp road:

    "This reunion, we start with the Jing Wu Jing Xin teacher, the end of the time, we respect each other about yourself, I know you will later have the opportunity, go their separate ways, not necessarily can have too many opportunities to meet, but I hope we never forget this classmate friendship, to know the three years well, some of the students are in high class time over two years, that is, hundreds of thousands of days, our time together than their parents more than relatives, our memories belong to each other!"

    "Do the cup, travel on the road of friendship does not fade, a smile is enough!"

    It is the school's speech club Floor into a smile, to water on behalf of wine, raised the cup.

    Just know when chatting, Qiu Hailin joined the Speech Club in the imperial college.


    A neat sound, everybody drank Tass, was exciting and sentimental.

    After a succession of people leave home, building and Jiang Fei to Qili Cheng, Cheng Qili and Qiu Hailin said to the session, together with the fight to the end, the eyes of several tables of the debris, like a feast after the messy, like a dream to wake up.

    Into a deep look, breath, turned to leave, this classmate party in the last one.

    Here is the memory

    The past can no longer chase, now know how to grasp!

    As the process of Qili chasing Qiu Hailin.

    As their pursuit of Yan Zheke

    A few days after the party arrived at the end of January, when the new year's eve.

    Lou looked at mom and dad to pack up to Grandpa home thing, want to think, simply into the balcony, against their kind of pot leek, took out the phone.

    Night to accompany the family to chat and talk, Yan Zheke, to Cai Xiaoming and other friends send messages or take advantage of pay New Year's call, afternoon to master a phone call, said.

    After the bell, building into heard a familiar voice hoarse: "yes ah, remember to master my pay New Year's call."

    "Yes, master happy spring festival!" Floor into a smile to say.

    "Fast what music!" The old man is not good "airway, pipe, smoking and drinking are in a sneaky way!"

    "Ha ha, who?" Asked the building into a laugh.

    She usually looks like a lonely old man ah, uh, so want to be sure he knows that there will be a fat beat

    Shi old man sighed: "my daughter and son-in-law."

    Please say hello to her elder sister and I." Floor into a polite.

    Hey, master's tone can not hear unhappy ah, this is the saying goes, mouth do not, the body is still very honest?

    Exchange a few words, the old man said: "since you called, have something to say to you first."

    "What's the matter?" Surprised and curious.

    The old man coughed several track: "next semester is the national competition, not what relationship with us, from the start to the next contest, a * * month, so for a long time, just temper and certainly not set bidding, the little guy to find the actual temper to you, or a new foot the true to the division series, beat?"

    "The actual temper? How do you get it?" The floor is excited.

    The old man said: "other schools generally find near the university martial arts agency or martial arts school exchange of training, or small batch to ring not far from the game, I think, so the actual strength is not enough, the future how to face these mountain top teams? Since you have almost quasi level occupation strength, and lack of Shanglin, as well as the growth of other people, you can select a team in the years after the match."

    "The trials?" Building into a stunned talk.

    Are you going to the tryout?

    "What's so surprising about hearing a tryout? This can be more strong and combat (uukansucom) ah, anyway you can not in the trials in go too far, delayed until the second half of the Budokai division series, work hard, you can get some tips or bonus." The old man said with a sneer.

    I do not know why, suddenly some building into a full of excitement. tryouts, ah! Professional martial arts circle entry game ah!

    "But, master, this will not delay the usual study, the selection of home and away" He was worried and asked.

    Shi old man hey 1: "you this is despise your master? I will give the chairman will say hello to you, our away game scheduled for the weekend, anyway division, not too far."

    Here, he added: "you should have a good temper, seize the opportunity to enhance the combat, at the end of April, I reported directly to the occupation nine set product match!"

    "Do the goods directly to the occupation match" The first floor is to pour a breath, he is full of excitement and excitement.

    Is the first qualification tournament a professional level?

    This is right, people have to pursue!

    End of the call, he would like to immediately and Yan Zheke to share this thing, but want to think, decided to press, and soon when the cross year before the fight to say!

    So there are excuses and Yan Zheke listen to the sound of firecrackers and breathing each other into the new year!

    That will occupy her from the old year to the new year!

    I am so witty!

    Back to the living room, see mom and dad quickly finished, floor quietly returned to the room, took out a gift to them.

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