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Chapter 89–1 day plan in the morning

    The floor into a sudden blessing, the floor into the father and the floor into a mother completely two Zhang King touched his head, innocently staring eyes, no response, seems to feel that they have hallucinations.

    After ten seconds, building into a mother Qi Fangcai funny way: "you this child, one family say these? As for so polite?"

    "I was prompted by a sudden impulse." Building a laughed, "I went to bed bath, continue to exercise in the morning."

    His heart is Tucao sentence, and indeed the child grew up during the period of treatment is not the same thing, mom often hang in the mouth to show off yourself when learning to talk, suddenly followed people on television to give them a happy new year what the pay New Year's call, said, but now, like the words no surprise only frightened

    Hear the building into a lunar New Year's day to get up early to exercise, Qi Fang said: "love the New Year holidays, rest a few days, and so late, lack of sleep more physical injury."

    "It's all right."." Building into a smiling answer, brisk pace toward the room, first received today gift money out, remove the outside of the red envelope, put the wallet every child outside of the grandpa and grandma to the floor five hundred Yuan Wei, two father and sister-in-law gave himself five hundred, add up to one thousand and five hundred, this is the main source of their previous case-dough, while mom and dad is bleeding cash, Ma Ma Xi, Kellogg five hundred per person, each of the one thousand grandparents.

    A bath, he breathe, keep a trance, not too excited, insomnia, etc

    Manila God, soon entered the building into a deep sleep, wake up naturally when the alarm clock was ringing.

    Put on clothes, brush teeth, wash face, he became the first to Yan Zheke in fine fig, a "handsome man up" message, then take the mobile phone and the key out of the house.

    It was still dark, clouds accumulate, street light and yellow, building into a bone in the wind, in the silence of the roads open to the people's Park jogging, can occasionally see cleaners cleaning debris yesterday firecracker residue, that is the final of a grand carnival.

    He went to the destination, the sky has a glimmer of light, but because of the Lunar New Year's day, here as usual, lively, can only see a few sporadic exercise still adhere to the old man, let him not around the artificial lake on the other side, easily find an isolated place.

    Yin and Yang pile, condensate water pile, training routine, twenty-four blizzard hit plus fire pile, size of building into one by one with handgrips, temper, focused and serious.

    The new year has a good start!

    The ancient martial arts, Dai Lin Feng, Qin Rui et al. Sleep spread all across in confusion everywhere can see the beer bottle, filled with water and their leftover dishes, but the room was warm, there are quilt, they are afraid to be frozen to death one or two.

    Buzz! The mobile phone to wear constantly shaking, aroused him from sleeping.

    He rubbed his head blankly around, seemed to have amnesia, when picked up the mobile phone, finally remembered why I slept here last night is new year's Eve, after the family reunion and, to the Qin Rui and other brothers of the same master telephone, said everyone should Happy a staying-up late on new year's Eve, for years after the selection game to relax.

    "Hey, Xiao Fei, what's the matter? So early to call?" He saw the caller is rich men's sons Tao Xiaofei, and the sky outside the window just before dawn.

    Tao Xiaofei voice very low pressure, some excitement and some nervous tunnel: "wind brother, you guess who I see? I saw the guy who hit you that day! Didn't you say he put your hand on you and let you lose the game?"

    Wear to hear was suddenly shocked, waiting for him to finish, immediately asked: "how can you see him? Where did you meet him?"

    According to the master said, the man is likely to do with power or occupation, some strange Juexue occupation nine!

    Tao Xiaofei answered: "speak quite quickly after the last night we home new year, and I'm not out clubbing? Later I heard that wherever he goes to a few crown,

    And people in the past, playing in the morning, with a plan to pass out near the river to try the car show, the results saw that guy on the bank practice, yes, he must be feeling very deep, I remember!"

    "The wind brother, want to take revenge, xiongdihuo, gave him around, shuangquannandi four hands, bad can what?"

    He seemed interested in this kind of thing and felt very exciting.

    At this time, Qin Rui and another disciple was awakened him, drowsily watching the past, waving them to a quiet, deep voice of Tao Xiaofei said: "you first away, don't let him know, this kind of thing, I'll have to ask my master."

    The top layer chain body exit order, there will be a shuangquannandi four hand, five or six former amateur Mishina master enough surrounded him dead, even ordinary people, knives and daggers, the number of points, also have the opportunity, but the problem is, can endure much casualties? How much is willing to pay?

    In five or six before the master three amateur, about the death of a person's occupation nine, hard case, less need to fill half of the people in this way, it is not considered so the collapse of morale, wear to don't want to see the same living dead in front of their own, not to mention the light is to think on a headache in the aftermath, and that he is to direct revenge misgivings, intend to find the Master Chu Weicai.

    Quickly hang up the phone, he did not see Qin Rui et al, dialed the master's cell phone.

    Chu Weicai began to decline in blood, sleep early to get up earlier, at this time has been eating New Year's Day longevity noodles, picked up the phone, fed a sound.

    "Master, I have a friend who saw the occupation nine, he was still in xiushan!" A concise and comprehensive way to.

    Chu Weicai put down the right hand of the chopsticks, tapped the table, after pondered for a moment: "this thing you don't mix, the arena is not groundless talk now you can bear, you call Zhang Mingle, the news to say on the line."

    "Yes, master." To wear respectfully should be down, then up the number for Zhang Mingle.

    Zhang Mingle is the music circle with a great reputation Xiushan underworld God, once with their master of martial arts, at the peak of amateur product strength, but there is a bit of color and perennial after level has been difficult to say, but his two diamond Zhang Biao and He Wei is not fuel-efficient lights, have their own master and inspiration. Numerical control, his face either of them, only six or seven of the odds.

    As for his former master, as in occupation confused also Hunguo nine, Xiushan underworld circle, become one of the heavyweights, but in a dispute, being countered, was seriously injured, then exit Dan hopeless, was deeply annoyed, washed out, now often Niandao, was either frivolous, early carry forward out of the school, xiushan.

    Find the number dialed in the past, and to wear a few times, Zhang Mingle heard the familiar voice tobacco: "say, Dai Shidi, early in the morning how free find my brothers?"

    "I have friends who saw the occupation nine, he was still in xiushan." To wear out.

    Telephone that silence for a while, just came to suppress what voice: "unexpectedly has not gone Where is he?"

    "In the show by the crown bar behind the river embankment on boxing." Put to tell the truth.

    "A brother, brother indebted forever this thing ah, you do not, back to me." Zhang Mingle spat his mouth out.

    End the call, only to put towards the other brother Qin Rui's eyes, smile a way: "Tao Xiaofei saw the hit my occupation do, but don't let us master mixed together, to le ye treatment."

    Qin Rui young, curious, breath way: "we don't wear all mixed together, but we can go to the sidelines, go and meet Tao Xiaofei, hide in the car to see how to deal with that guy Le ye!"

    Dai rinpu Zheng Zheng, slightly nodded: "well, we went to Tao Xiaofei."

    Is this the guy who got himself in front of the face of disgrace, let the lost this year martial arts resources!

    A secret hideout, half lying in bed, Zhang Mingle holding mobile phone, facial distortion, abnormal ferocious, he still bandaged, hanging water.

    On the construction of "dog * third, this is not enough! Mother, dare in Xiushan, when I was really sick cats?" He said through clenched teeth.

    The occupation nine hidden in Xiushan for so many days, what is self-evident!

    The other side want to feel safe when try again!

    Think it a leg to smoke, he nearly killed, Zhang Mingle hated teeth itch, but looked at Zhang Wei and He Biao from the outside in, and calm down.

    Two diamond one of his crutches, tied into a mummy, no 35 months of time, if it is not restored.

    He took a breath, picked up the phone and hit the other men:

    "Xu Zi, you come over to my side, be careful, don't be tracked, specific things to say again."

    A telephone dial out, fifteen minutes later, led by Wang Xu of the five people gathered to the hideout.

    This is also thanks to the early Qing Road open relationship.

    Zhang Mingle's face was serious: "the occupation nine found, in Xiushan, we cannot swallow, to give them a lesson!"

    As he spoke, he opened the box in front of him, exposing the black hand gun with five shining metal inside, and looked at Wang Xuwu:

    These are the goods from the south, the quality is very good, you also tried to play many times, today just come in handy."

    "With them, get rid of the guy, after that I'll get out, then you can hide, such as one or two years back, in short, whether successful or not, I guarantee you'll never spend money!"

    Wang Xu turned a little change, and in Zhang Mingle's eyes, go with head high and chest out:

    Le Ye assured, to us!"

    "Well, other people to leave mobile phone, lest leaked news, if there is a change, and I speak yuddy." After the bar was raided, Wang Xu is mixed with Zhang Mingle's core circle, this time to retain the phone, as a contact tool.

    Out of hiding, came to the crown bar behind, far see indeed people in boxing on the riverbank, Wang Xu suddenly heart a tight, I feel it is not insurance, five men with five guns appears to be very powerful, there is likely to kill the occupation nine, but their et al mixed society, not the police, not a soldier. Not a killer, two or three months is the normal state of touch guns, suddenly to attack an occupation nine, really not sure.

    The occupation do attack, it is quite frightening, one foot themselves are not necessarily able to withstand!

    He looked at the terrain, the other four thugs said: "we can not directly in the past, the side view, we can find him far away, once run, we can't catch up, we still keep the opportunity in his way back is good."

    "Well, brother Xu is right." Others expressed their approval.

    Wang Xu rushed, picked up the mobile phone, on the other hand: "I give a loud report Le ye."

    Slightly back a few people, he was the first call is the phone!

    "Feed, feed! The occupation do indeed in the crown bar behind the show through the river, we can not close, Hello, Hello, afraid of being found, Hello, Hello, the gun is no problem, going to ambush, on his way back to the Hello, Hello, what this broken signal!" Wang Xu ww. (affectation, hung up the phone and dial again, this time is really a Mingle

    The people's Park building into a secluded place, with a mobile phone, mouth, I was so worried and an anonymous fire.

    * * involving black, involving guns, involving the spirit of arcane occupation do, I have the ability to mix?

    I TM just a freshman!

    You Wang Xu, you're trying to kill me!

    Don't I owe you? This thing is also looking for me?

    So, why not listen to my advice?

    Thought he wanted to push ups, a mobile phone:

    "Hello, the alarm call?"

    But consider for a moment, he gave up do so directly, because involving * BLACK organization in the police system must have an umbrella, it is prone to tipping off things, which is equal to yourself to sell Wang Xu.

    So find a trusted policeman.

    In this regard, although Never mind itself, but by others, one is Yan Zheke mentioned her Grandpa many disciples in the police, she and her mother and the resident Xiushan, know a few powerful local police is behoove thing, but the two is its own master Gang strong network, developed status it seems too high, can interfere with the trials of arrangement, and Wu powerful police contact old friends is very normal.

    Who should find it?

    This is a problem, but no matter how it is, you can never get involved in this kind of thing blindly! He and Wang Xu good relationship to good, he can not as hard ah, he is not Yan Zheke, and not their own parents!

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