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Chapter 92–you can go

    The sky was bright, shining down, everything is clearly showing their own appearance, and the old residential road leading to the river bank between the intersection of a street intersection, stood a noodle stall.

    These simple tables and chairs messy dumping, chopsticks noodles everywhere, iron buckle in ten steps, grey-haired boss limp behind natural gas furnace, shivering, eyeful of fear, not far from him, but a not eyes, incontinence ferocious body, and two were over different parts, curled up into a ball of thugs, they whisper or coma, life passes quickly, around the mixed hematuria.

    In addition to the street a head more than and 20 meters, a large area of the ground is wet, but three people, a sideways curled up, ears after the neck is full of neck burns, abnormal distortion of the body, there are urine odor from a bloody black clothes man, and also activities, curled up, shivering Wang Xu, his pistol thrown aside, stained with mud, glimmering.

    This hellish scene, only standing in a white background with a black border Wu GI boy, it should be said, is to have faded immature, closer to the young boy, he was panting slightly, back straight, like a javelin, looked a little confused.

    Four police cars, a dozen police, when Xing Secretary pro team arrived, see is such a bloody, scary and unusually delicate picture.

    Qin Rui line of sight is also present in this scene, so he can not believe their eyes of the scene.

    Honestly, just see the black clothes a man hit or even killed an enemy when he is scared to shudder.

    He is not seen nine occupation battle trials on TV and video game highlights, let the chain body strength standard exit peak is not what secret, but that is the restraint of the ring, the referee stopped occasions, and a death scene establishes sentenced has a great difference.

    The man in black clothes that just a few strokes, the occupation nine observation, reaction, will, determination and ability are the perfect spot to play out, the cruel, brutal, tragic Budo, blood and terror on the other side of the genuineness of print in his own heart, left an indelible mark, let oneself as as he stepped out of the darkness "demon", completely lost the fight of courage and self-confidence, just know fear, only know fear, only to shiver.

    But such a terrible warrior, so horrible "devil", in the twinkling of an eye but lying dead on the spot, not dead in firearms, died in the murder weapon, is another warrior living dead!

    And killed him, is his high school classmates, a few days ago met Lou cheng!

    It is said that it is the first half of the building into practice martial arts!

    The past is harmless to human and livestock, and building into a gentle!

    Is often give their homework copy, will not fight floor!

    Is a fun party students at parties, has been joking tone said his Wu Dao level building!

    He's not kidding

    This may be the biggest shock of Qin Rui nineteen years of life, the biggest shock, which he bent neck, frozen in window, reflecting the eyes wearing a white background with a black border martial arts clothing youth.

    Shit, I seemed to say he was free to show his hands, and now it's really his hands

    Between your hands, "the devil"!

    "Building into"

    Tao Xiaofei almost will face to the window, to see the figure looks, but no matter how, are their own after the building into a table!

    Just the black clothes man caused great fear for him, so he was unable to control bladder incontinence in the car, the line of sight seems to have been flying out of the eyes flashed Jibao scene has been echoed by someone * Yin was hit hard in the picture, only sleep under normal circumstances, the top limit of human body but this is, seems completely invincible.

    At the same time, invincible people have been lying on the ground, like a monument by someone strong shattered.

    This person is someone you know, is a person who never thought of

    "Was he hiding his skills in high school?" Tao Xiaofei completely forgotten behind a charming beauty, could not help himself.

    "Well, I never offended him Fortunately, I did not promise wind brother to help teach the proposal"

    "Also wrong, hide skill have what profit? Who will be fighting everywhere, what is hidden? Rhinestone, FengFengGuangGuang, okay?"

    "Oh, don't give up smoking and drinking can have this effect? How dare I TM give him a face!"

    "Can our relationship be saved again?"

    Want to go to, at this time Tao Xiaofei did not dare to get off, not close to the floor, to greet him, he really want to do that, I'm afraid each other over one eye, his urine a crotch, really urine

    Dai Lin Feng ancient martial arts disciples rather than building and become classmates three years Qin Ruitao Xiao Fei shocked, after all did not know each other before is what kind of person.

    It still is the case, they have also been deeply shocked, one can look alive their strong just hook et al majestic-looking, was killed on the spot back into the building.

    Contrast to clearly present!

    At this moment, wearing rinpu et al mind consciousness out of an idea:

    No enemy under dan!

    Fortunately, Tao Xiaofei hadn't been the aggravating questions of conflict with this guy on the following invincible master Dan exit

    Shit! Hemingway martial arts how lucky, even sudden incidents, insurance and to avoid the building into the game!

    The cold wind blowing, bloody came, Xing Chengwu looked like the Secretary punishment stand head and shoulders above others stood on a pile of the dead of the building, can not help but lengleleng, but soon wake up, waved his hand, to have gun subordinates: "the aim of his own people, don't worry, you soon to protect the scene. See there are several live with the ambulance immediately to rescue the injured."

    Before departure, he experienced feeling is not an accident, an accident that several casualties, therefore directly contact the hospital, let the ambulance arrived at the same time, also run empty waste precious time saving ratio!

    Command finished, looking at some still stay Leng Lou into, he quickly approached, Lang channel:

    "Building? How are you?"

    "Xing secretary, I, my anger, did not hold back on the shot." Building slightly slow over, hurriedly explained, "only he is I play, those are his dry."

    A well Xing secretary, turned to come several high rank subordinate: "arrange for someone to witness the masses statement, looking for more witnesses."

    "This is a small building, today he is reported to the police, he received the news by an elder told me the police report, I feel the time is urgent, may not, commissioned in the vicinity of him, I can save a few lives, ha ha, is a good student for ah, real force strong."

    Commissioned? When did the bureau chief entrust me? Building a lengleleng, but tactfully didn't refute no answer.

    Long Xing Bureau a command is issued, to arrange a see everything in good order and well arranged, ambulance to the scene, then a policewoman said: "no matter what, you still have to go to the program, the small recorded statement, not favoritism, in strict accordance with the rules to do."

    When the cop noticed in Xing bielebiezui director to say, you can not favoritism, it must be because you are not ah, but also have the qualitative? Good Samaritan students!

    Besides, it should follow the procedures are brought back to the police station to make a statement!

    Yes, this is my mobile phone, you can check the log, it can prove to be building the elders through to me the police report, I also have to call him." Xing director handed over the phone.

    The policewoman side catch, side of the building into a way: "small classmate, we to the car with a statement."

    Floor into a nod, silent with her toward the police car, mood is somewhat depressed.

    To kill myself

    A living human life dies like this in his own hands

    This feeling is really very complicated ah

    However, the impact was personally killing black clothes man bloody scenes and tumbled flying out of the eyeball and his body roll figure tempered, let oneself rise something called Hangxiazhangyi emotions, not so much guilt, not so much heart shadow.

    Er Wang Xu He seemed to finally wake up, turning is being carried to the ambulance Wang Xu.

    Wang Xu was locked in handcuffs, divergence, trembling, like the frightened cub, stop trembling.

    "Just experienced the scene, his courage is broken, will not leave the trauma is hard to say, but certainly is not dare to fight, or so, at least after prison can restore more normal life, no longer mixed underworld things, well, burn in behind, not disfigured." Pay attention to the floor into the eyes, Xing Bureau smiled and said.

    Not dare to fight the thugs, which is obviously not willing to keep the boss.

    So good Building a repeated this sentence, took a deep breath, came to the police side, accept the policewoman asked from the name, age, school and other personal information until today. In this regard, he is exactly the antecedents and consequences, honestly answer, only fuzzy one thing and added a word.

    Fuzzy is his relationship with Wang Xu, only described as ordinary small, more than three years did not contact, only recently met two times, he knew his master is outside the gang is strong, add by Xing secretary came by.

    Recovery ability of thinking, he had learned the Xing Secretary carefully, of course, fear, fear, sadness and feeling also come in a throng thriller, appeared quite complex.

    Later can not be so impulsive, just die on the spot for two times today, wandering in the edge of life and death!

    Each other if you know a bit, it is filled with blood from the heart empty, chasing the feelings from the air, dream of a brilliant future and nothing, only lonely tombstone tells a story to regret.

    "Why am I here? I came to shoot a gun how? Don't talk to people about guns? No car ah?" Then a familiar voice entered his ear.

    He looked into the floor, surprised to see Tao Xiaofei, see Qin Rui and his brother wearing rinpu et al.

    So what happens?

    Not ah

    The idea of rotation, the floor into the impulse to suppress the inquiry, pretending not to see did not hear, and then ask through the QQ or phone it, and now as much as one thing less.

    He noticed Tao Xiaofei keen senses, a little nervous, but just witnessed the scene after the normal nervous not panic is strange, but early in the morning before came out from the bar, with the car, very consistent with his style, while wearing rinpu and Qin Rui et al is quite far fetched, said is Tao Xiaofei received the call, come and meet him, waiting for him to do it, eat breakfast.

    However, the ancient martial arts which people ask the police did not seem to care and to wear, and they are excellent relations, authentic passers-by, at present no signs involved, no contact with any person involved, so check the log, done without delay after the confession, they note, (.Com) contact, ready to send them away.

    She finished the record, and the noodle stand owner's confession to come to see, face to face about the car out of Tao Xiaofei, Qin Rui and Dai Lin Feng et al. A few words, and survey the scene, examine the bodies of colleagues for a while, and then go back to the floor into the road:

    "My classmate, you can go."

    "Can you go?" Floor into quite surprised.

    How this is also a life ah? This is the way to go?

    He's ready to go to the police station for a morning or even one or two days.

    She looked up, casually said: "yes, can go, if you want a" courageous "or" to give bonuses, ready to do boldly what is righteous' office to make a phone call, we help you apply for."

    Er Silent floor ton, but since I don't have to go to the police, he was no longer so much, go to the Xing Secretary side, just smile: "Xing secretary, thank you."

    "Not so polite, call me uncle Xing is good, gaotu ah!" Director of Xing Shu Shu thumb, "quickly go back, a good adjustment, don't leave what trauma, subsequent things don't worry, you find my master is through the hall."

    Along the way, the building into a slow walk back, divergent thoughts, how can not concentrate.

    Suddenly, his ear spread a trumpet, side head to look, the BMW seven series saw Tao Xiaofei parked in the side, open the door to get off, a little nervous and a little fear of smile:

    Lou Cheng, er, Lou brother, I'll take you back."

    Through the window, building into a saw Qin Rui, he saw the wind.

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