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Chapter 95–interpersonal communication

    "How did the video break?" Yan Zheke casually asked one.

    No longer depressed mood, completely out of the building into a vent to say: "just call my classmate, is the ancient martial arts he said, what Le God run away, the old building was caught, no local Mafia who cares about the thing before."

    Yan Zheke mouth half open, showing the lovely suddenly look: no wonder you look a lot easier, Xing uncle quite high efficiency. This is only one or two hours of time completed the sweep."

    "SaoHei action" Floor into subconscious repeated.

    Yan Zheke face a road:

    "The lives of four or five large, urban shooting cases, no point of action, how to city and province on account of how to eliminate social impact? If Uncle Xing strain fast enough, even if you find the application before coach, even if the other party is self-defense after the failure of intentional murder, even if the testimony of a witness to your advantage, also get into the office to toss for several days, or even half a month."

    "What will your mother think of you? You have to kill them? Now know the consequences? Dare not again so impulsive?"

    A building is really scared, regret a previous mistake hastily nodded, "know, never so impulsive."

    And according to their shallow legal common sense, this matter if there is no Xing Secretary strain and endorsement, it is really a big trouble.

    Though Wang Xu and another is in the boiling water poured thugs, fell tumbling, pistol thrown against the other belongs to stop, catch up after the ruthless killer, even excessive defense are not, is the standard of murder, but he and Wang Xu had to call in advance, is likely to be misunderstood with them a group, consume a few lives to seize the opportunity to hand, then do not say some may be sentenced, light is in custody is a headache for ascertaining the big house let worry.

    The Secretary Xing's endorsement, not only is affected by the police commission for help, but for good people, Wang Xu and his phone records can be considered his subjective alarm meritorious service, there will be no small amplitude of light punishment.

    This is really different treatment!

    Impetuous is really intolerable!

    Reflection, the building suddenly thought move, blurted out: "Xing uncle?"

    Just didn't notice, Yan Xing Xing is the director of Zheke call uncle!

    Yan Zheke Minzui smile, dimples looming: "if you choose me to help this busy time, and finally to Xing Shushu, my mom and my dad is a good friend of him."

    "Like this" Suddenly glad that they are building into a confession, or which day the Xing secretary in the Yan Zheke or her mom and dad before casually mention that one sentence, the consequences will be very serious, certainly in order to save the lost to serious, even if really together, it will!

    Zheke Yan Liao Liao ears drooping black hair, smart eyes to move, seems to think what, she quickly said: "I think, you should go to a formal Xie Xie Xing Shushu, although he is entrusted by the application to help the coach, but after all the real help is you, help you to resolve the trouble, oral light thank you enough sincerity."

    "It makes sense." Do agree well into building a Xie Xie Xing, director, master is master, is their own, can not be confused, "I had not always ignorant is depressed, don't think to do this thing, strict coach, you say how can I thank you enough sincerity?"

    Show attitude, mainly attitude!" Yan Zheke nodded with satisfaction, "the night you call Xing Shushu and ask him what time is free, you want to come to worship a year, then with a small gift, used to sit for a while, a solemn Xie, he knew you that people are talking about friendship, I have other trouble, you don't have the the coach can directly find him."

    "Is that a small gift?" Building into their own shallow social common sense asked.

    "You don't believe me?" Yan Zheke scowl at,

    Make a ferocious expression, deliberately to ease up the building into a mood, "this time, the precious gift but not good, one is born, two is the uncle Xing can not accept, he will take your precious gift, the coach think? The three thing, just to give you an endorsement, you give the precious gift, is not enough to handle?"

    Floor if have thought nod: "strict coach, how to feel you than I know a lot, especially interpersonal aspects."

    "Of course, girls are better than boys." Yan Zheke mouth hook, pink lips delicately, revealing a fine neat white teeth.

    And talked for a while, opposite the building into a mobile phone heard shouting "Keke" girl.

    "Someone is looking for you?" He asked a question.

    Yan Zheke will take away from the hairpin, hair like waterfall, hang down naturally, gentle and delicate and feminine look into building eyebrows, silly, just stay.

    "Yeah, my mother told me to go to my cousin's house at noon." Yan Zheke looked beside the mirror, finishing her hairstyle, "Jiangnan here celebrates the new year's sick relatives, a family must go to, and then have their own home entertainment were different from relatives, can go to the Lunar New Year's day on the fifteen, and each guest dishes are similar, eat behind all tired, every time in this new year, I will lean a lot."

    Building into a trance smiled: "Xiushan here is very relaxed, like my grandfather, a group of relatives over the next year, a group of relatives Grandpa over the following year, the rest of it and the relationship between the best of several walk, informal, do not go there."

    "I'm not like people say xiushan!" Yan Zheke white his one eye, the eye flow, building into a feeling to shoot the arrow.

    "Miss Xiushan Festival easy ah" She continued, "I hung up the video first."

    Just want to say it into building, appearing a problem after the next:

    "Coach Yan, I made a mistake today, you will be very bad impression on me?"

    Such things ought not to ask directly to say, other make up, but he did not hold back.

    Yan Zheke teeth bite bite lower lip, suddenly a mouth hook, shallow dimples: "look in your frank's sake, I reluctantly leave a bad impression"

    Here, her smile away, the more serious tunnel: "rectifies is still good after oranges, impulsive, think of your mother, your father think of friends, think about their own future, do not consider the consequences of this impulse, but not what events."

    "Well, keep in mind the strict coach education!" Building into the oath of departure, and fill a sentence, but this is killing ah, a living human life"

    Then he could not help but want to fan their ears, this is not what pot does not open which pot? If Zheke Yan said is how to do psychological shadow?

    When Yan Zheke thought eyes slightly up, very cute, she hesitated under way: "in fact, I do not accidentally kill the occupation to far better than you get involved in mafia disputes this thing for you."

    "When you first mentioned he stormed the bar, I secretly cursed, hateful, we dare to break the calm, Xiushan trouble, hope which heroes or the police shot, gave him the punishment, the results did not expect, not heroes, nor the police uncle, you are the 'hero'. Anyway, in my heart, he knew he was dead."

    She made fun of building a Shaoxia, she continued: "May this mind about my family, Grandpa heard they speak similar things often, it seems quite normal, for others, which are in the mood to help you enlighten!"

    "Well, I Grandpa often say, from ordinary people to Wu, completely not only have physical quality and their mood, still have to keep up with the daily mentality, a lot of people just have good martial arts, is always very special impulse blood especially strong, not carefully to make man Wu ban, this is it is common in many martial artists, but had made a mistake, so as not to affect the future, etc. through this stage, the mentality to keep up, will return to the mainstream, while others are a step in the wrong, can not go back."

    Here, she crossed the floor into one eye: "fortunately you belong to save, or else ignore you."

    By building into a horizontal heart fluttered, smiling way:

    Also please strict coach to save!"

    After listening to the strict analysis, he hung up the video and carefully reflect on again, with this lesson, there will be no similar impulse in the future.

    Learn from ah!

    As soon as noon, he thoroughly tidied up the mood, this dares to go out facing father mother.

    But at the moment, his mobile phone suddenly rang, look at the number of some familiar, I is the director of xing.

    "Hello, little?" The phone came across the Xing Secretary hearty voice.

    "Yes, Xing director, thank you very much this time." Building into a back bed.

    "Ha ha, nothing, should." Xing Secretary sound down the point way: just the hospital gave me a call, three died on the spot, one did not rescue back, a basic waste, only Wang Xu fortunately."

    "Ah, the death of a four residue, this case, I am really not pressed down, Wang Xu gunmen attempted murder must be sentenced, but can not cause substantial damage from him, not the mastermind, but also the subjective intention of the three alarm pull, minus a few years, but anyway, have five years, say to you, there is a psychological preparation, there may be hidden to testify in court, the jail time, I will find someone to care, don't let him bully."

    The floor into the mood is not heavy, after analysis of Yan Zheke, this is to be expected ending, he sincerely said: "this not what, nineteen year old Wang Xucai (www.ukanshu), prison performance better, minus point penalty, it also only 1923 years old, still have a good life, the total death on the spot anyway, thank you uncle Xing."

    He quietly changed the address.

    The Secretary Xing laughed: "you can think, I can rest assured, well, we have just launched a special type of crime action, arrested three and Zhang Mingle built around the king, Zhang Mingle himself is run, but don't want to go back to the people is not Xiushan, this thing to harass you and your family."

    "Small ah, as a parent, I say one more thing, mafia such things not on the table, even if they really have the ability, but also the big dog, the king gave the order, how to do, you don't think they will envy them and domineering."

    "Xing uncle, you rest assured that I have a good future, will never go this doomed to no hope of the road." Lou Cheng did not hesitate to answer.

    Some of the changes he vaguely aware of Xing Secretary attitude before sentence from their master, it is now pay more attention to their own.

    Seize this opportunity, he smiled and said: "Xing uncle, when you are free, I would like to worship a year?"

    The Xing Secretary immediately issued a hearty laughter: "well, I have to go on duty after the second and third grade, 7th, my relatives, 7th day, you can come at any time, the address is No. 9 South Street District 3 champion mountain building 2 unit 9 floor."

    The building will hang up the phone, always forgot to open the room curtains pulled out, lead cloud has spread, the winter sun is shining, wisps of bright sunlight in, lit up the house.

    This is a bright world.

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