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Chapter 99–the secretary is also a person

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    Before going out, building and called Xing secretary, do the final confirmation, this is a matter of courtesy, even though they had said seventh day in, can come at any time, but not straight away, if I did not get up? In case of unexpected guests are entertained?

    "Small ah, what time do you come?" Just switch on the mobile phone, the Xing Secretary hearty voice will be introduced in his ear.

    Building into a smile way: I'm ready to start, this is not afraid of Xing Shunin home there are other guests, first call to ask a."

    "Ha ha, the other guests really, but are you going to sit, although here, I'll give the account for a sound." Xing Secretary tone easily answered.

    "Good." Building into hang up the phone, about the car, to mention the wine and tea bags, not anxious not Xu floor, the mood some subtle.

    This is the first time in his personal identity to another seems to advance into the pay New Year's call, society, do adults!

    Less than twenty minutes, he arrived at the South Mountain District champion, the newspaper name easily through the entrance guard, came to the home secretary Xing Building 3 unit 2.

    Here is a staircase a household design, out of the elevator, the building into no need to identify, went straight to the front of the package copper door, rang the doorbell.

    The buzz echoed with the sound of the door, soon to be opened, a young man half side body and back, smiling: "Xing, you stay, there are other guests."

    Xing Chengwu forthright laughed: "that you be careful on the road, go back to do a good job, a new year will have new progress."

    Then, he turned to look into the floor: "come, come, don't mention it, when it is in their own home."

    Out of the young man curiously looked into the floor, said nothing, turned to the elevator.

    Into the house, for the shoes, pay attention to talent building is a director of Xing big man, even a casual Home Furnishing clothing, can not conceal his mighty elite temperament.

    Khan, that day is not a small impact, emotional stability, not how to pay attention to Xing secretary is what kind of person If I meet on the street, I'm afraid I don't know Wipe the building into a cold sweat does not exist, will be in the hands of the bag handed over:

    "Xing Xing, happy new year, all the best!"

    "You are a junior home, what gift? I'm still thinking about giving you lucky money!" Xing Chengwu opened a joke, readily take over.

    He opened a look,

    A slight frown: "Ning winery wine and raw water of Maojian green shoots? Why should your little doll be so grand and spend a lot of money?"

    "No money, just home, just jiehuaxianfo." Lianqu the building into a strange feeling at the door, smiling answered.

    Xing Chengwu brow, laughed: "no money, then I would accept it, well, back to my heart just offered, I am not in this life what hobbies, like this two!"

    "This is of help to me." Floor into a joke.

    Xing Cheng generals the bag on the table, greeted the building into a sit down, doubts: "expert?"

    Building into a smiling way: "Yan Zheke and I are classmates, she said to me you love uncle Xing day a cup of tea, evening wine money two."

    Xing Chengwu was surprised: "you and Xiao Ke are classmates? Well, it's not necessary to find me through your master! Haha, it seems that we are coming, that I don't mention it, when you really is your nephew."

    "I did not call Xing uncle?" Building into a sense of humor, "I heard Zheke Yan, Xing uncle you are good at gold and modern Xingyi?"

    He is going to talk a few words on the left, always feel comfortable or not, after all, with the Xing secretary not too familiar, really thick skinned stay will only care.

    "Yes ah." Xing Cheng Lu Wulue proud, "if not for Jin Youcheng, which I can sit here and talk to you? Not high paraplegia is glorious sacrifice."

    This scratch his itch, opened the chatterbox, off the reel said: "I am a formal martial arts school practice step by step up, finally entered the police academy, in our work, the flesh on the most suitable, unlike you, play arena referee and supervision look, we really want to when the gunmen, a Kungfu gangster, it can only take life to fight, do not say Kim can stop shooting, avoid the crucial situation, at least let it become seriously injured, not to save the number of police powers"

    Building into a babe, is the first time to understand something similar, with rapt attention, from time to time with two.

    So it seems that Xing secretary should not belong to the major forces, by the state to cultivate the martial If he had thought.

    The Xing secretary said that when intoxicated, inside the bedroom door cracks open, a tall woman holding hair plate middle-aged woman came out, her facial features delicate, slender legs, like anger like Johnson said: "Dad, mom and I go shopping, as long as you at home this year. Not calm down, to set aside several people for an hour!"

    She has just finished, and found a strange man, look suddenly sank, stern manner, a thousand li away.

    A floor feel shy to sit, with Xing Secretary to stand up, listen to him and said: "this is a small Jingjing, Ke's classmates, the young master building last time I mentioned into."

    "Building, this is my daughter, Xing Jingjing, two years older than Xiao Ke, but school late, than you only a year, in the China Sea university, and her best friend is Xiao ke." Xing secretary said with a smile, "this is my wife, you call Ding aunt on the line."

    Ding Yi good Good sister." Building a don't know how to call Xing Jingjing, simply called the sister school.

    Because Yan Zheke told him in advance, some afraid of Xing Jingjing, fear of saying the wrong thing to offend her.

    "I heard the old Xing mentioned you, young Junjie, extraordinary skill!" Ding aunt said smiling, "you and Xiao Ke classmates are still reading? Where is the University?"

    In Pine City University, and Yan Zheke or classmates." There is no building into a hide, this kind of thing, Xing Jingjing asked Yan Zheke clearly.

    Ding aunt also want to address a few words, next to Xing Jingjing but pulled her, action, attitude seems very irritable, impatient as in the same closed space and floor.

    "You and laoxing talk, we could go shopping." Ding aunt frowns, immediately calm way.

    The building is very surprised Xing Jingjing performance, not much said, only polite a sentence.

    He did not mention the gangsters lady-killer words like, why Xing with cockroach like Jingjing dislike hate yourself, even the most basic manners are ignored?

    Put on the knee boots, Xing Jingjing and her daughter out of the door, Xing Chengwu could see that building into doubt, could not help but sigh, sat down and opened the wine to mention, with a small cup on the table, down two of the money.

    "Small ah, Xing uncle suddenly made a drink, do you mind if I drink two?" He forced a smile.

    Building hurriedly replied: "it does not matter, you free."

    Xing Chengwu drank half a cup, closed his eyes, as if in the taste of alcohol and spicy, for a long time before: "do you know this story, we are most afraid of what the two gangsters?"

    "Don't know." Building into a straight answer, do not understand why the Secretary Xing said suddenly.

    Xing Chengwu said: "a smile like Zhang Mingle the elder brother, in fact we are not too worried about, they sit households, relatives and friends are here, Yougenyoudi, do not line, will have scruples, unless you are ruthless, generally not fanhun."

    "But there is also no lack of acting isspicy, love the kind of adventure, such as building a third, but overall is controllable, if the first day I can contact in advance on the construction of the third, beat him two, let him notice the dark do timely withdrawal, exit the Xiushan, which have behind the case?"

    Listen to the director of Xing description, building into a mused: "Xing Shu, you are afraid of crossing criminals, do one or two tickets go?"

    Xing Chengwu nodded: "yes, the criminals fled to spoil, no scruples, do not afraid of big troubles, like the shadows do, anyway, after succeeded, as long as not to be photographed, do not leave evidence, once away, think it is very difficult to find, after all we don't know who is even more. Don't know that he has no other record."

    Here, he sipped his wine, looked slightly trance: "there is a, is the big boys, have enough ability to cause damage, family and school education and the lack of the kind, if still in legal protection, courage is too big, day dare to poke a basket son out!"

    "But their crime is more like a whim, for these killings there, in front of the foreshadowing, in this, are not against the emperor In order to exercise the courage, dare to kill the passers-by, watching the film, I want to find a girl, you dare to take advantage of the dark, to pull on the road"

    See Xing secretary does not look into floor, suddenly flashes, remembering a past, and once talked of the past Zheke yan.

    High school, in the school on the road, I had been raped and together not * case, pass the various versions, scared the girls jittery, male students are organized to send part of the resident duty female classmate home.

    Xing Jingjing, the rogue Bludger and lady-killer of excited state Chief Xing's performance Are the parties to her?

    He looked at the Secretary Xing bitter wine (ww.ukanshu.cm) suddenly have sympathy and regret for your Xiushan three acres on the sub field to talk to people, your deputy director, criminal police face the accident, when there will be incapable of action and painful remorse.

    He is also a man, he will neglect, he also has pain and bitterness

    Xing Chengwu did not think of building has to guess the story, slow mood after transfer to the topic, smile:

    "Small ah, you want it, the key moment to protect my family and friends, because I used to Jingjing a special hate Months and years pass by., police and martial arts, now do not understand, in Hua Hai University joined the martial arts club, then maybe you can meet at the National University of Budokai on."

    "Xing Shu rest assured that I intend to Wu Road for the future." Floor into a sincere answer.

    And talked for a while, he left, the secretary did not retain xing.

    A few days after the end of the floor will sigh, this thing out of the back of the head, continuing his leisurely holiday, the first day of school in the blink of an eye, close at hand.

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