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Chapter 130–ruthless but not reckless

    Yi mo!"

    Wei invincible!"

    Sing like shouting off a terrible storm as one falls, another rises, in the closed hall, and they echo superimposed, shook the building into the ear, into the essence, become a part of the Wei Shengtian style, let him look really invincible!

    In the face of the demonstrations and intentional provocation, to say the building without change of mood, it is certainly in a less than twenty years, the blood is filled, experienced the scene is not much, mortal combat experience is only once, and the old man used to see the elderly groundless talk do not compare, do that Xinruzhishui, flattering.

    He was a little nervous, trembling, and some inexplicable anger, feelings are mixed, and have spread to Zheke abuse Yan together, fermented into thick war.

    He took a breath, sticking, visualize the condensate water ice picture, to calm the mentality of the basis of the other, will push up the momentum step by step, and boarded the ring, is to automatically filter the echoing venues in Wei Shengtian under the oppression of mountains and seas are whistling, do not show the slightest weakness

    Pine City University, seven building two unit 302 room, Cai Zongming will put the notebook computer on the table, called Zhao Qiang, Qin Mo et al, sitting in the living room, through the Internet, watching television broadcast Yi mo.

    See the floor into the tall figure such as pine, be neither humble nor pushy, he could not help but sigh a sound:

    "How do you feel oranges are more attractive than me?""

    Zhao Qiang did not answer his slightly narcissistic emotion, nervously staring at the screen, even across hundreds of kilometers across the network and radio signal, they also can truly feel the atmosphere of madness and eight product Dan environmental consciousness is terrible, under the floor into picked up a heart.

    Don't get hurt

    Don't lose too ugly

    The studio, as a professional commentary, he caught Xiaowei brief moment, speed quickly with the:

    "We've said, Pine Road Agency building into Dawu martial arts athletes in a relatively short time, body quality and defects, by force, gravity techniques such as mercury and still listen to the strength and other advantages, the overall strength to do the real occupation level, is simply a fresh all day."

    "Now, face the real environment of his master Dan, force his focus skills, such as mercury, are less than the other, all the advantages will be offset, all the weaknesses are so, even completely unmasked, Wei Shengtian before the large consumption, even if he still influence the final fierce collision a building is not That's final., into what? I don't believe he can turn the boat in the gutter? You tell me how to turn!"

    Well, nonsense not to say, the second game is about to begin, we wait and see!"

    In order not to give Wei Shengtian enough time to recover, not a waste of forest Pinzhe injured created lack of opportunity to challenge the building into a speed is not slow, a few strides, and the distance across the opponent across the referee.

    Not long winded, no waiting, no pause, the referee waved his right hand, directly under the:


    Wei Shengtian of course not and building into a fight a protracted war, waiting in the adjustment process in the other stage, with the viscera and skeletal muscle remained uncomfortable, spine into a tension bow, with a bomb, the foot with strength, crushed the two pieces of brick, itself as arrow shot out.

    He is faster than a floor is expected to feel the opponent was bullying the blink of an eye to the front, no time to adjust the center of gravity to dodge.

    Only personally encounter, in order to truly understand the Dan realm of terror!

    This is not only to see the battle video and other people can accurately grasp the game, the building is now a hard to eat a loss.

    Just a close, Wei Shengtian hands clenched, right shoulder and elbow half closed, short distance is a hammer.

    This and he just performance on different method, if you say that is holding a long handled hammer fight, now is holding a hammer, a Li Yuanba, a hammer with a hammer, no distance, no moves, but suddenly and quickly, anxious to fight the cloak, is the so-called "chaos boxing killed grandfather"!

    The double beat beat method!

    Building into keep calm, shortness of breath, mind in lightning, hit the dead wood, brought a "flame" Liaoyuan, heat from the tailbone down and into the legs.

    He left a top, screw back swing, with a first shelling out.

    Bang! "Hammer" and "gun" hit, a majestic strong hit, let the floor into the hard to catch herself.

    There is a clear gap between the two forces!

    Wei Shengtian really experienced a fierce battle, remnants of the impact, but the building is also a hasty response, only time to use electric fire pile!

    Fortunately, building into a ready, just contact the right foot, then later made a step, homeopathy was removed and the residual part of the force, into the soles of the feet, with stepped crack a piece of brick, let the center of gravity in the back.

    This is the force of the Tai Chi resort, has been widely applied, building into the earliest self imitation leaf Youting, just in view of lack of fire fighting Molin even realization, at this point, finally blocked the beat.

    But Wei Shengtian's double beat which could be so simple, just check the left right hammer, hammer it, seeing to a series of beat, beat opponent directly.

    In the face of this building seems to have only two choices, one is by foot stepped on the ground rebound force back jump, just like the lack of the same forest, clever back back, heavy airs, but this is not war, the situation is different, the distance between the two parties is very near, all can let Wei Shengtian use short on acute hit moves onslaught, its back jump open, speed may not keep pace with his left under the hammer hit the momentum, some may be rubbed hit, very risky.

    The second option is again parry, do step, to maintain the current situation, waiting for the Wei Shengtian potential, but the gap between the building into a powerful thought with each other, and as the unloading force of Lin missing so delicate, a taste of defense, when not Nengcheng to slow the enemy.

    This really left right is also dangerous, dangerous, and master fight, once fell to the wind, it is really very difficult to get rid of!

    Building into a calm condensate water, like the fight in the face of a life and death, when Wei Shengtian is knocked out when he left the hammer, suddenly move, borrow the right force unloading rebound potential, a back, the body to the left side, but not after the jump forward, shoulder down, slamming Wei Shengtian the chest!

    Don't flash not frame, just ask!

    His mind in the snow capped mountains collapse, and the "white body flow" fusion, rolling toward Shengtian Wei Ran, and because the body lunges and to their left is on the right side of the opponent side, narrowly avoided a hard hit down the left fist beat, had to shave a gust of wind, and pain.

    And the distance between the two sides close enough, the building just together potential, will soon hit Wei Wei's chest!

    In the inferior situation full of danger, he was by virtue of courage, life and death fight fierce calm and accurate judgments, the difficulties, seize the opportunity to turn the tide only one!

    By borrowing Shengtian Wei beat force, he hit the fierce and furious, it seems that even the real stone can break.

    The reverse the outcome of rapid action let the audience have failed to react, still inertia loud cheer, roar swearing.

    At this juncture, Wei Shengtian was not panic, suddenly sat thigh, hammer swatting fierce momentum and strength suddenly to one point in its retracted, potential fierce urgency, seems to be his spirit, will have the same blood flow and to the point, the whole body suddenly lost the feeling of living.

    Just hit the floor into a hit, like a mirage, Ruanmian nowhere to the empty feeling.

    After a moment, Wei Sheng celestial bodies that point burst open, force, momentum and spirit of the moment gushing, bulging his muscles, propped up his fascia, with some black skin turned into hard stone.

    Bang! The first is "empty" to the building into a part of power can't crack bluestone, just let the upper body shaking about Wei Shengtian.

    His torso quickly echoed, hands out, will be building in his arms.

    Giant bear hug!

    Hold such a squeeze, ordinary people must head Qi fold, strangled directly, even if Wu, it is difficult to students!

    But at the moment, like a building into already expected, borrow impact rebound, back out of the laser was not ruthless than before, on the slow, let him not only marginally avoided this hold, and opened with the Wei Shengtian distance, after nimble steps, re set the shelf.

    He just for insurance forward, sideways smash is now back to!

    And before the forest missing to retreat into just the opposite.

    Floor to know, not a few will be able to master Dan exit down, must suspend the restlessness, not blindly seeking accomplish the whole task at one stroke!

    Wei Shengtian took a breath, stride forward, attack again, in the heart of the floor into the evaluation and a bit higher.

    Will only know only the ruthless ruthless opponent is not terrible, terrible is not only hard, also is not a kind of rash!

    The seats at the Pine City University Martial Arts Club, Yan Zheke had pursed lips, just change a few information between the nervous and anxious.

    She did not expect the building into a start into such a passive situation, did not think he did not fall into the, to attack exchange, palms are so pinched to sweat out.

    Wait until the floor by the potential impact rebound after the jump distance, restore the balance of power, long before she breathed a sigh of relief, show up for her boyfriend in a short time of judgment, courage, and resolutely clear bright eyes.

    The old man quietly, suddenly there a voice: "can"

    Lin missing after a short treatment has been restored to action, but face white as a sheet, a left arm weakness drooping.

    His eyes staring at the ground, not away for a moment, then clenched unconsciously

    The studio, He Xiaowei scared off a relieved smile:

    "The big pine building into a very reckless player ah, he didn't have a good luck, Wei Shengtian is now the end of the fighting, hey, that distance, even if the referee is not necessarily bad, save him, less broken bones."

    "But his luck is really good, reckless attack actually traded the opportunity, unfortunately, the strength is the final decision factor."

    "He can't win like this, imagine, how can not win!"

    "You tell me how to win?"

    To all the audience just from Yijingyizha to recover, Wei Shengtian again close with the building into the distance, right arm swing, such as waving hammer, severely hit the opponent for the shelf! (to be continued. )Author (notice: please use the APP to read novels, free advertising, web impact reading experience please pay attention to WeChat public number appxsyd (hold three copy) novel client installation!

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