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Chapter 145–unexpected news

    "Are you all right?" Just a moment, Yan Zheke asked with concern.

    Move the building into the right arm, smile: "not what other, here seems to be a little serious."

    Yan Zheke funny and good way: "you are too hard on it, the old hurt it, give it an apology!"

    See the boy was successfully rescued, her mood was not affected.

    "I'm sorry, I must have a good rest after!" Building a "good advice", to his right arm apologized, but in fact it is to ensure strict Zheke not to hurt myself.

    Of course, it encountered death events if, within the limits of, or shot.

    "Remember what you said!" Yan Zheke looked back at the scene where a jump, sighed, "in fact that you say a little bit of a problem, some people are not afraid of death Dutch act problems, they don't feel alive a little happy feeling, life is completely dark, for them, are you a blow and a shout the more, the more they feel well, damn, don't know what was your reason, well intentioned, do great good, do not need to consider other."

    "Eh?" Building into heard confused, dazed by the.

    Yan Zheke smile, gentle and delicate: "because my cousin's mild autism, I often see the psychology of things, occasionally talk to their professional teacher, know some mental illness not only for spiritual level, is also related to physiological basis of disease, on the mouth is not good, there must be corresponding drug treatment."

    "I know what you mean." Floor if have thought nod.

    "Don't say it, anyway, we do not know, you save a life Better than build a seven-storied Pagoda line, he how in the future, we have no control, no ability to control." Yan Zheke's attitude is now completely persuaded to persuade wang.

    Let the building into a can't help thinking that, although he experienced a lot of things, is rapidly mature, but in fact, the world is strict, Zheke may more than you seem to have a complete and mature, forming three.

    "No, no matter he, let's go to dinner. Your roommate is waiting. Don't be late." Building into a convergence with emotion road.

    Yan Zheke immediately glared: "what's for dinner? Go to the hospital, ah, your arm injury is not a bit serious?"

    "Just a little, not too late to eat." Building into a slightly moved right arm,

    "The first time you ask your roommate to dinner, you can't just put them on dove, right? What if they say something bad about me?"

    "Well, you do well, they say no evil, you're poor, they spoke the same useless, I should not focus on please listen to me?" Yan Zheke Minzui Yang tou dao.

    "Oh, yes" Floor into deep agree with.

    But Yan Zheke is also to face the good girl, dove put roommate always feel feel shy, suspicious looking at the ground floor becomes: "are you sure that only a little bit?"

    "Determination! I'm still great, as the people can." Building deliberately with a point to show off.

    To their own control of the body muscles, similar to the specific extent of the injury, the heart has a bottom.

    Yan Zheke snorted, eyebrow stretch said: "after dinner, I accompany you to go to the hospital."

    "Yes, everything listens to the coach!" Building into a heart filled with the smiling answer, saved a life

    Because except weekends and holidays can not be out of school, the new campus as the "Premier" in the restaurant, the restaurant business school "that is quite good, floor to advance booking can be done, on the morning of the second Zong Yanru Hall of course not, early over accounted for a small box, it eliminates all Paihao distress.

    Building and strict Zheke agreed two minutes earlier than the arrival, the three girls have been gathered, waiting for a while.

    "Zong Yanru, you met. Don't introduce." Yan Zheke pointed to the petite, quiet girl, "she is Li Liantong, she is not obedient looks fool."

    True floor unexpectedly strict in sewage Zheke Tong was so a demure girl, slightly surprised smiling greeting: "Hello, I am a building, Keke's boyfriend."

    "You don't say, we all know." Li Liantong, a.

    Yan Zheke ignored her, turned to building into the last roommate: "Shi Xiangyang, killer surgery."

    I saw the building into a so-called "surgical killer" tall, almost equivalent to himself, showing a healthy wheat color skin, eyes a bit out of focus. A deep suspicion of heart, said the girl dormitory nickname, the surface but quietly laughed: "Hello, I heard you know?"

    He is just Li Liantong borrowed a joke from the black, Yan Zheke and Li Liantong, suddenly let Zong Yanru can not help laughing, low laughed.

    Shi Xiangyang apparently did not get to this point, blankly replied: Yes, yeah."

    "I sit beside the building into, when he hit the contest, hurt his right arm, is temporarily disabled, I have to rely on help to maintain life." Yan Zheke pulled the building into a liberal and dignified to sit down, and the dish made a foreshadowing.

    "The challenge cup?" Li Liantong curious asked a, "you are the main force?"

    "On." Floor into a calm recognition.

    Li Liantong did not ask, because in her mind, their own school martial arts agency is very weak, a lack of forest is relatively strong, and the martial arts agency last semester to get the same group phase will be rash and too much in haste, eliminated, seen other people really don't like, called the main just so so.

    Shi Xiangyang is not interested in the topic, first aid Zheke Yan ordered, then smiled and asked: "listen to the floor, Ke Ke said you are high school students?"

    "Yes, next door classmates." There is no cramped building into a true answer.

    Only care about, the beloved girl will let oneself become silly

    Zong Yanru immediately asked: "Ke Ke should be your school influential man?"

    "Sure, I don't know" The cost of building to describe many boys passing strict Zheke class of things, the girl quietly twisted, can only be halted.

    "Will you be a bit crush on her at that time?" Li Liantong eagle-eyed gossip details.

    Building a smile: "more than a little."

    Puff His answer immediately attracted a cross Yan Zheke wavefront, and the three girls were increasingly in the best of spirits, Shi Xiangyang with a smile: "you would like our home Keke, that is because she joined the martial arts club? Intends to approach?"

    "With a" deliberate "is not accurate, it should be said that" deliberately plan "." Floor into a smile, once again from the black.

    Oh The three girls a meaningful voice, Yan Zheke provoked white building into one eye, but wanted to wring his hands was turning the palm hold, hold in the palm, thin caress.

    "Good."." Li Liantong likes a building into a fit, asked, "then to Ke Ke contact, pursue?"

    At that time can not expose the intention of the pursuit, only to the old student's relationship almost chat." Floor into a low laugh road.

    Zong Yanru suddenly suddenly: "I said Ke Ke how each holding a mobile phone chat"

    She was not finished then, Yan Zheke put his hand over his mouth, two people a smile together.

    The dishes have brought, a few people began to chat while eating, for the gossip, floor to say, can not say resolutely say, and with curiosity and exploration, Yan Zheke ogle to recall details of the original, let the meal eat more warm, eat more taste.

    Wait until finally, three girls finally satisfied stop, each pick up the phone, back to the message.

    "Well, before a teach someone off, the new campus of the first jump!" Li Liantong suddenly uttered a low shout.

    "What?" Zong Yanru and Shi Xiangyang wondered.

    Li Liantong way: "cabbage, you see class group, Ru Ru, you brush school BBS should be able to see."

    Because Shi Xiangyang likes to say that girls over the soft white, and mouse and rabbit killer, usually also seem confused, Li Liantong is also a Chinese nickname.

    "We just met when we came." Yan Zheke curiously asked, "why is that building?"

    "Why didn't you say it earlier?" Li Liantong stared at the screen, "is the school of management, according to his roommate broke, like family itself, but the desire for enjoyment, borrowed money to small loans, a stack of a growing interest, because of being forced to repayment, and a lot of students cheat money, really finally fill the hole, just jump Dutch act."

    "Bah, the people living in the world is evil."

    Building and Yan Zheke look at one eye, did not expect this situation.

    "At least you let the money to help those students not to find people, but also to his parents not to face huge debts also bear the pain of bereavement." Yan Zheke joined the floor into the ear, comforted him again, lest he to save the people feel unhappy.

    Building into vomit mouth: "when help his parents"

    "Well, also be saved? Or, a head with the main debt!" Li Liantong and Zong Yanru, the discussion of this matter in the case of Shi Xiangyang

    A still make guests feel at home after lunch, Yan Zheke "pressure" to go to the hospital building.

    In fact, you don't have to go to the first class in the afternoon started soon, next might let me go to the city of film." Building into a distressed girl road.

    Yan Zheke snorted: "how can the university lack of absenteeism? I think this is the first school life"

    At this time, the building into a cell phone rang, took out a look, is their master calls.

    "Teacher, coach?" He vaguely guessed for what.

    Can ah, will save people." The old man teased a hand? Is it all right?"

    At the time, that skill, he guessed is building into a save the people lack of forest must rest can use toes, these two days not to the martial arts club.

    "A little bit more serious." Building into a straight answer.

    "I come here to help you, do acupuncture, give you some ointment, you can also help the hospital doctor cure colds." Shi Shi ridiculed a sentence.

    "Yes, where do you live?" A building may not want to toss to the city hospital to film.

    Write down Shi old man's address, he hurriedly told this matter to strict.

    "Then I went back to class." Yan Zheke relieved smile together.

    "Good bye, I waiting for you at the old place." A smiling waving floor.

    Where is Long bridge mouth, two people to dinner together.

    Yan Zheke walked two steps, suddenly look back, smiling way:

    "Orange, you just save time, well, especially handsome ~"

    Then she quickly turned her head and walked briskly away.

    Particularly handsome Building a proudly touched his chin and watched the girl away

    On the way back to his bedroom, Shi Xiangyang asked Li Liantong:

    "Dirty Tong, you feel a building? The worthy Ke Ke?"

    Li Liantong thought: "very atmospheric, talk is also very funny, looks better than the same grade boys to sink ripe and calm and steady, you, I, RuRu, can find a boyfriend like this, also is very good, but I still think he is not worthy of Ke ke."

    "I feel fine." Zong Yanru's impression of building is quite good.

    Li Liantong shook his head: "he was not handsome, not by face to eat, clothes to wear shoes, I also observed, ordinary brand, not good, that is to say, the family can only be considered in general, learning achievement is said to be secondary I don't think he is not good, but feel Ke Ke this girl deserves better than him a lot."

    "I feel the same way, however, the feelings of things really can not be considered so clear." Shi Xiangyang sighed.

    Back to the bedroom, Zong Yanru took his and Yan Zheke's textbook, hurried to the teaching building.

    Li Liantong opened the computer, with interest to brush the school forum, to see if there is no jumping before the latest news events, Shi Xiangyang is on the bed to take a nap for the afternoon of second class revitalized.

    Brush for a while, Li Liantong suddenly eyes bright, see someone sent a post:

    "Live video! Martial arts high is great!"

    Is to save the video? Li Liantong quickly opened, saw the boys falling height, a figure came out, agile as a tiger, quickly arrived at the nearby, hand to catch the jumper.

    But this time, with the way the figure at the foot of a cement floor suddenly appeared cracks, then do not know how he is with strength, actually will fall into straight horizontal throw, let down to secure the ground.

    This was Li Liantong's eyes widened, feel deeply shocked, feel the beauty of strength of violent flesh.

    She is not seen outside the strong Gang fighting, but the fire of lightning and the reality of life, too far, what is the lack of broken stone screen impact, let a person feel relatively less.

    Now, is a living building, is often heard in real life, sometimes encounter things, people will see the boys actually Enron next, as an ordinary person, she was shocked, felt the admire and admiration for the strong.

    "Really powerful ah, really man taste Which college is it?" Li Liantong mobile mouse, exuberant to see the video.

    At this moment, she suddenly shocked, because the familiar clothes, familiar with shoes (wwuukanhu.co)!

    Is he?

    Li Liantong eyes wide open, staring blankly at the video, until it's over for a long time

    The old man came to the building into a live teacher apartment, see debris everywhere, filled with garbage, with a perfect image of the elderly widowed lazy.

    On their own master life expressed "concern", he is to be open, he heard the old man laughed dryly: "before applying to a few old friends, haven't had time to clean up."

    "Old friend?" Building a casually asked.

    "For ten years, did not see the old friend, hey, in order to break the taboo to the field, he has played for ancient if left to mind, fully inclusive and equitable, by analogy." The old man laughed, "said there may be near a person called Dragon and tiger fairy Palace."

    Floor into a Leng, almost can not control their heartbeat. (to be continued. )

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