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Chapter 157–alone 1 No 2

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    "Bite?" The old man was rarely serious, chewing the two words and asked, "teacher first ask you a question, you will want to go or if Wu Road? Once in the high Pindan environment, no way to go back."

    Is to look at the building into a Martial Arts Tournament occupation the children grow up day and night by this influence, heart carries with a dream of a pure and warm love, do not hesitate to Tao wenyan:

    "Of course, the martial artist!"

    The more important point is that if the transmission has been cut off, rely on Legacy records of the practice, but things work a half times, which is like the martial way, there are teachers under the guidance, the lovers reference, the relevant information can be discussed from an immense number of books, there are friends!

    "Very good." The old man like a sentence, "Gee, you should always remember the martial arts based, supplemented by comprehension, outside the box is jade, but does not mean that it can itself as a piece of jade that you want, the most taboo way of practice shilly-shally, would not waver in determination, choice, confuse, well, you start usually is how to use it to digest it?"

    Building into the language: "it can help me to restore fatigue, I use this, constantly pressing itself, and constantly improve their physical strength"

    His words did not finish, Shi old man no good airway:

    "Sure enough it is! I was so old that I was out of breath!"

    From the floor into the explanation, he sighed and said: "well, know how to make full use of adventure to improve their ability, rather than simply rely on adventure, have the heart and mind, it should be I teach you, ah, to say ah!"

    Wasn't it interrupted by you? Fufei building into a sentence, recall the said: "where after it can help me quiet, let me quickly picked Yuan Shouyi, but after half a year of hard, now I don't rely on it can skillfully sat in meditation, or even close to a level, but also to do in the"

    The old man nodded slightly, to make sure, but never interrupted.

    In addition to these two points, that is when I use it to the limit, the balance will be broken, leakage power, after the bite, into my body, creating talents." A floor said truthfully, "the first time back, disciple nearly died in Yanling."

    "It is a bit like gang and the outer environment" The old man mused, "Longhu real attention to addict the balance of yin and Yang, the awakening of frost ability and the first bite force should be similar to your current fitness, you can try."

    Building into a weak way: "already tried Does ability to reverse and awakening flame power almost"

    The old man mouth twitched, angry and funny way: "smelly boy, long skill! In philosophical terms, your subjective initiative is strong!"

    "Master, do you know philosophy?" The building to evade the crucial point road.

    The old man hey twice:

    "Do you think your master I am illiterate? Well, since the awakening of the frost ability, restore your arm injury, I can teach you something, for the second round of awakening, you don't rush, etc. to the flesh blood refining body exit peak, and can be put to, try again, then remember to find me, I see and then bad to keep you alive! Ah, now a young man, two are silly bold!"

    A building is said to be a guilty, afraid to talk to each other.

    "You temporarily at their own pace to digest it, how to follow its essence to its dregs, will fix things into Wu Dao, let teacher again pondering." The old man smiled at, "thick face, to have some research data."

    "Research data?" Floor into a curious question.

    The old man said: "do you think a faint smile on one's face only the ancient dragon and tiger live this one fix? The left house have be found, so we can be sure of the road and Wu Dao Shututonggui, but also could not break the shackles,

    And because perennial avoid habitat mountains, heritage inevitably cut off."

    "The military has a collection of legacy, a more in-depth research on the comprehension, also picked up a batch of volunteers to go this way, to do observation, ha ha, what is on paper is not carried out, after all just talk."

    Here, he exclaimed: "but use military information to you is not, you want to go is the integration of some characteristics of the comprehension of the martial way, and what their current direction is no coincidence, I still have to see the old friend got Longhu real legacy, with its own reference to what things you don't have to, too, the first body to peak concentration will temper again."

    "Yes, master." Answer honestly into building, in the next press when the teacher looked at the elixir, for me is a great harvest.

    Shi old man nodded and resumed a not too serious appearance: "well, so it, why should you go."

    Building is about to turn back to the dressing room, could not help but ask a sentence:

    "Master, are you really not curious about this?"

    The old man smiled and said: "you want to hear the truth or a lie?"

    "What is the truth? What is a lie?" To hold the floor give the third degree mentality of the road.

    "It is a lie, outside the gang for many years, its road has been laid, this thing can only be used as a reference or a moment, unable to directly promote my ascension, so even with the military cooperation for many years, I still did not pay much attention to their study of comprehension." The old man chuckled, "as for the truth, as I got older, can't afford to do things, even if the blend comprehension can help me further, dare to try, there are old friends with you this way, the mice alive and kicking experience, not better? You can get something for some channels."

    Also Hear the truth, but the building into the heart is relaxed completely relieved.

    The old man took out a small bottle of wine, sip, opera singing babbling, leisurely turned away.

    As master away, building into a mood like calm down after a sharp jump in the lake, quiet in a stable swing ripples.

    He suddenly sighed, there is a sense of loss.

    The elixir to itself, is the rapid increase on martial arts, is the largest and most unknown number, is not willing to let others know the secret, it is the one and only let oneself, is full of confidence.

    When it exists is the teacher know, understand when similar if left rare but not only after their own seems to have lost the feeling that the one and only, is no longer filled with certainty, so inevitably lost.

    But another angle to think, the elixir itself contains too much risk too much uncertainty, the master looked at his strong Gang, will be many, and you really the one and only with others, real confidence and certainty, it is not with the elixir, and "awakening" tenacity, perseverance, mind talent, self-confidence and fighting.

    They are my biggest Wu Road on!

    To understand this, building into the normal and feel relaxed, like is relieved of the burden of heart hidden for a long time, relieved that due to the instability of Jindan whenever and wherever possible concerns died.

    He started, remain calm, confident, went to the locker room door

    Shi old man out of the Wu Road venue, toward the teacher apartment walk, suddenly, he uh, patted his head:

    "Look at my memory, even forgot to ask the boy get what?"

    "Well, this is not the life objects, is outside the chain pterodonta"

    Building into the locker room, Yan Zheke just came out of the bathroom, with a black rubber arm hair, fluffy, fresh and moving, Li Mou excitedly back and forth, continue to talk, face sweat disappeared, apparently no shower, others are busy with their own things.

    Seeing the building coming in, Li Maomang shouted:

    "Orange, and everyone, it's my treat tonight, we go to the restaurant to celebrate!"

    He wants to express his gratitude and happiness.

    Yan Zheke took the ointment from the cupboard, jokingly smiled: "Li Mao brother, you ignore me and this is sun sword brother ah? We are also the protagonist today, to treat us three together please!"

    Sun Jian also should and way: "is, Li Mao, you want to rob credit? I was the last station in the ring Wu, U wwuuknshu) I was reading the Lord, how can you please?"

    To understand that they are building and others don't want ordinary family Li Maohua to spend too much money, then get together with Li Mao then I was so embarrassed, but eventually agreed on it.

    "I'm here to help you rub scattered bruises?" Go to the building into a strict Zheke in front of him, smiling took the ointment.

    Yan Zheke pursed her lips, smiling to see his one eye, Jiao hum a channel:

    "Then I'll try your craft!"

    Then she turned and walked to the edge of the bench to sit down, the cuffs, sleeves rolled up, exposing a bullying cream plugs skin, but perhaps because of the delicate skin, just a little bruising and swelling, all seem quite terrible.

    Pick up the first floor into her wrist, ointment in the small pieces of red boxing, and love and pity, it very seriously.

    "It's a good thing" Yan Zheke white fine teeth bite lower lip, looking at the floor into the whirlpool head, slightly shy smile.

    Of course, every day after exercise to their kneading, early full proficiency." Building into funny answer, heart relaxed and joy.

    See the Sun Yan Zheke swords Lin Hua et al have left, Li Mao also entered the shower bath, low shouted:


    "Huh?" A floor raised his head and looked at her, I saw her eyes as soft as water.

    "Thank you."" Yan Zheke turned to look to the side, whispered.

    Not thanks now, but thanks before.

    Hey hey hey hey:

    "We also need to say thank you ah?"

    This is a severe Zheke pretending to be innocent before the answer, at this time he borrowed, immediately attracted the girls laugh and jiaochen, see building into a mindless, again feel "the one and only"

    In this world, I only love the boy Zheke yan (to be continued. )

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