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Chapter 182–intravenous drip

    ring game, an inevitable loss, an exciting, He Lingling and Yan Zheke respectively, this interpretation of the two characters, show the sadness and joy of life.

    most of the emotional catharsis until the end, the game turned toward the strict supervision, Zheke was aware of their tense muscles, legs aching and limp, actually playing the game than consumption is greater.

    just wave attack if failed to win He Lingling, most of the failure is me She was rather glad and scared to think, legs slightly trembling, standing on the sidelines, waiting for the final results of the competition supervision confirmation form and seal.

    waiting for the process to make her a little bit of physical recovery, can be more smoothly toward the high-rise, and into a rendezvous.

    "is it very happy and excited?" Hold the building into a girl, smiling and handed over the functional beverage has been unscrewed the cap of the.

    "um!" Yan Zheke forced to nod, took the drink, drink grunt, forehead sweat hidden.

    floor down sound, half joking half expect tunnel:

    "is that excited to kiss me as a celebration?"

    I don't mind when this prop!

    puff! Yan Zheke vomited mouth drink, spray the floor next to the half face, angry and funny to his white one, yiziyidun CuiShengSheng road:

    "big, color, wolf!"

    building a dumbfounding, holding the hands ready for his girlfriend wipe paper towels, first clean his face: "it is not Pro Pro, why I sprayed his face?"

    "hum, do you want to choke me?"" Yan Zheke looked at her boyfriend to come up with new towels, help yourself carefully wiped his forehead and face the sweat, then jiaochen 1, narrowed his eyes, enjoying the delicate tenderness.

    building a laugh: "then I sprayed or faces!"

    dry sweat, rest for a few minutes, two people came to the hall next to the Wu Road Association office, the form submitted to the staff.

    staff out of the corresponding game video, after verification, the results will be logged into the computer, and then on the form and cover a seal, let Yan Zheke go next door photo card.

    after a busy, Yan Zheke on the spot to get the only number "amateur two product" certificate, can also according to her name and number to check the goods order situation in the martial arts association national official website.

    she is a real amateur two!

    Lou imaging is he received the certificate of Wu daopin order, lovingly looked at, and praise: "Ke Ke, your passport is beautiful ah, the first time I saw one passport also looks so nice, uh, a born beauty difficult to abandon myself, how shoot!"

    Yan Zheke like joy and annoyance cross at him: "I used to read novels oranges, always do not understand a thing, now finally understand, know why they have to use the words to describe the boy!"

    "what words?" Floor into a curious asked a.

    Yan Zheke false teeth road:

    "with a glib tongue!"

    "er" Building a little bit feel shy, because he directly went wrong, but that topic is not necessary in a public occasion under said.

    his eyes filled with smile: "this is I wholeheartedly praise! You look at me, more sincere, more magnanimous!"

    Yan Zheke with a smile, drew him: "OK, I believe! Don't show you exaggerated acting in the door!"

    "where are we going now?" Good prejudices on the floor, the transfer of the topic.

    Yan Zheke took out his mobile phone from a small pocket, looked at the time: "he should run out soon, we under her."

    "good!" After his girlfriend successfully got two spare goods, building into a heart back into the belly, finally have to refuel other teammates in a leisurely and carefree mood.

    Guo Qing was a little talent, strength than the same goods order boys are also strong point, itself has played is good, so the cultivation of "move fist" that suits the martial arts style, her progress is very obvious, in the competition for the amateur team in four it can be a small, almost the strongest, neat and quick beat his opponent, with the victory of the season head outlet, only the last night.

    "Xiaowen sister they game at half past four, let's go back to the hotel, to take the time to rest, I'm exhausted!" A strict Zheke rendezvous with the building, said Guo Qing careless.

    she is in good health, and pressing opponents, two days played five games is cruelly tired, just want to be able to recover a little more.

    the evening is also the most important and most crucial one!

    however, the schedule is fair, because her opponent also played five group games.

    Yan Zheke before the focus on the product itself, the other number not enough attention, only knew Sun Jian were out of curiosity heard the sentence: "Xiaowen sister there hope?"

    the morning of the game, they seem to have strong competitors, lost the battle.

    "big, Keke, you don't know? The seven amateur 456 fewer people to the places, the top two team qualify." Answered Guo Qing.

    this is to encourage Budo Association of low level players, amateur rank that more fans have the confidence and motivation to chase high, like this year's amateur four match, the registration number two hundred and ninety-six people, places for up to fifty, divided into fifty groups, each group before the two qualifying, cross showdown winner set products, nearly seventeen percent of the proportion, compared with it, the amateur two less than ten percent probability!

    Li Xiaowen, Wu Meng and Jiang Fu although they have no talent, but wins in hard, insisted on participating in the daily special Wu training, that alone is stronger than most of the Wuhan registration of goods order, plus the "Blizzard twenty-four strike" is not what the ordinary the odd play, they as long as it is not a particularly bad luck, no, two times three times also can get the amateur Four certificate of product, however, go on to, the martial arts and martial disciples school students to participate in, the difficulty cannot be mention in the same breath.

    "ah" Yan Zheke always stretch, sincerely for the seniors happy.

    oneself happy, certainly also hope others can be happy!

    Li Mao and Lin Hua after strict Zheke than earlier, grouping good luck are undefeated qualifying.

    back to the hotel, watching Guo Qing first back to the room, Lou Cheng took out the room card, while opening the door, habitually said to Yan Zheke:

    Keke, you go to take a bath, massage early, early recovery, lest leave anshang."

    these words were spoken, he appeared a few thoughts and:

    next is the room needing, coexistence with two beds in the hotel room

    this time, Ke Ke has successfully set product, not the back of the game

    Dong dong! His heart suddenly wonder why suddenly, only feel a bit dry lips, seems to be looking forward to what, longing for what.

    he becomes slightly heavy breathing, what time Zheke Yan body did not know the little thriller, she lowered her head, looked at the side of the carpet, thin gnat road:

    "orange, orange, or do you come to our room?""

    ah? First floor is one Leng, immediately understand the girl, she hopes to have Guo Qing massage places, no longer needing you!

    a lost hit, he turned to look at Yan Zheke, I saw the girl quietly looked at herself, then quickly looked down, like a dodge deer, a little shy and a little sense of fear.

    cute She's not ready yet Building a fleeting thought, spit out a mouthful of foul air, smiled:

    "that line, you take a bath to send a message to me!"

    Yan Zheke dimple a blooming, shining bright eyes looked into the low floor, shouted:

    "orange ~""

    "what?" Building into a vague rhetorical question.

    a girl with a beautiful smile, no answer, turned, waved, briskly entered his room.

    when the door closed, mobile phone drops into a building sound, received a message.

    he took a look, I saw a red Yan Zheke smile:

    "how nice of you!"

    orange ~ you are so good Building into two words linked together, lost all disappear, smile reproduction, happiness and satisfaction.

    back to the room, he turned on the tap, washed a cold face to relieve the head of the pumping pain and thick fatigue.

    "thunder shock Zen" used in massage on the same will greatly consume the spirit, and he is to switch to the normal massage to recover, so long after the treatment, has already reached the limit.

    look in the mirror, but his face tired in high and vigorous spirits, building into a breath, a review, a little wrong just mind.

    perhaps the intimacy and stimulation of this two days, in Ke Ke refused needing, he was so frustrated, almost shows between the lines.

    the boys in this regard to * *, the beloved girl always thinking further, more intimate, without any mistakes, but cannot be only thinking of similar things, was too wretched.

    and more importantly, respect for girls' ideas!

    Ke Ke is a conservative girl, and is the first love, and their communication is fully prepared to only one month early, beginning also because advertising is hasty need to adjust the mood, gradually accepted, similar to the intimate fear, think it is normal to every little bit.

    to the extent of the kiss, all their performance is good enough, her kindness!

    I do not know how many times after the meditation of respect, building into received news of Yan Zheke, so that he can pass.

    because of Guo Qing the shining bulb, while building into massage muscles, scattered bruising will still get goosebumps, mind, but I can endure, no need to go to the bathroom "calm", Yan Zheke with a smile, looked at him and busy. Concern told of the sentence: "this time don't use shock strength, the coach said let us anyway applied to restore the main tomorrow."

    no deep relief fatigue!

    building into the present is to come out with will be, immediately promised a good, and then continue with the previous busy, attention, familiar way.

    "you two are going to stimulate me to death this single dog?" Guo Qing looked a while, suddenly the pillow pressure on his face, whined and said, "I can only come back each other therapy Xiaowen sister."

    Yan Zheke snickered: "that you can find a boyfriend!"

    "but Lao Qiu doesn't like me" Guo Qing answered a little stuffy.

    Yan Zheke knew he was wrong, hurriedly said: "I want to help you in a wait? How are good sister come back late!"

    "you do not accompany the orange?" Guo Qing took off the pillow, puzzled and asked.

    Yan Zheke hem said: "we are not always to stick together!"

    "orange, I will borrow your girlfriend ten minutes ~"!" Guo Qing clasped his hands, poor request.

    she also wants an early massage, early recovery, in a relatively better state to face the last battle.

    Lou Cheng smiled and said: "special circumstances, reluctantly promised you."

    at the end of four points, the end of the massage, Yan Zheke helplessly watching the floor, to his ear, small track: "wait for me to come to you as a Aqing"

    "good!" Floor into a true smile.

    returned to his room, he washed his face with cold water, lest he too tired to fall asleep, can not afford to open the door to the girl.

    brush less than twenty minutes of the forum and micro-blog, he heard a waiting knock.

    open the door, he suddenly stopped, there is a feeling of bright eyes.

    Yan Zheke has changed a dress, wearing a white cotton dress with pink knee, foot jacket, a pair of lovely canvas shoes, legs with light skin stockings, looked long and straight and obscure.

    her hair hangs down like satin, black fine good-looking eyebrow will be as bright as the stars Mouguang fully bring out the lovely nose stand and enchanting pink lips, moist and attractive.

    see the building into a stunning and slightly stupefied eyes, Yan Zheke a little disturbed ground and looked at herself:

    "wearing socks is a bit strange, originally wanted to ship socks, the weather is not cool? There is no point on the leg and scattered bruises"

    spoke, she found the floor into the eyes of burning, immediately come to understand, shy look to the side, crooned:

    "big satyr!"

    building into old face a red, looked hard, coughed, just want to have the nerve to say a few words of praise, Yan Zheke looked at their toes, eyes flashing red face, thin, easy road:

    "can I ask you to make an appointment?""

    she had long wanted to take the initiative to date the performance of their two days of accumulated mind.

    "dating? Where to go?" Asked to become pleasantly surprised at the floor.

    Yan Zheke holding a little proud: "ah ~ you are not actually marine aquarium?"

    "poof, where I head?" Turn up the floor into the brain, the past is now not until four forty, half past five there to stop ticket, six pm, around an hour enough Go ahead!"

    Yan Zheke turned, but saw the floor into the eye fatigue, immediately distressed road:

    "orange, you look tired ah!"

    "ok!" Building into a strong hold up the road.

    Yan Zheke thought, shallow smile: "why don't you take a break down? Just get five."

    here, she chuckle: "small expert massage will help you rub temples oh!"

    Lou Cheng looked at his own state, afraid of waiting for what the contents of marine life can not remember, had to laugh: "that good."

    he got out of the house of the road sideways.

    Yan Zheke took a step, saw a familiar environment, think before the massage, heart suddenly accelerate a beat.

    is needing

    no match at night, orange can not control

    if he is unable to control the harm to me, how can I do, to what extent he tolerate

    to what extent

    Yan Zheke felt her face was hot, heart up, the pace of some difficult, but still mimihuhu walked into the room, she didn't look at the floor, to the bed by the window:

    "lie fast!"

    floor with pillow head pad, try to lie to lie, the girl left massage temple space.

    Yan Zheke press the side skirts, kneeling legs up, leaving only in canvas shoes feet on the outside, then bent down, hand, left the original side from a building into a head around, and began to knead on both sides of the temple.

    temporal pain relief, the girl sweet aromatic flavor Cecil strands into the nose, building into a loose mood, struggling to suppress the tired pouring out, so that he could enjoy the gentle, he is sleeping.

    well, only fifteen minutes sleep

    Yan Zheke heart and flustered, mind flashed into a floor, unable to restrain the emotions themselves down and kissed the scene.

    should I struggle or not?

    similar ideas just flashed, she suddenly heard the building into a long breath and rhythm.

    a glance, she found her boyfriend in just a few seconds fell asleep.

    he's so tired?

    Yan Zheke was surprised and full of love, as a martial arts family born girl, she does not know the consumption of physical and mental shock strength is how much, but in my mind there is always a building into a "manual without limit" impression, so even saw her boyfriend looks sleepy also, think that the distance is just so so, he is really very tired very long.

    and now, when building the exhausted and tired naked, appeared in her eyes, she was suddenly aware of their own understanding, her boyfriend also has the limit, but also get tired and weary man.

    cousin's shock fist can only hit four

    he previously massaged me for more than an hour with shock and normal manipulations

    he is not physically unlimited, I am his limit

    Yan Zheke micro red eyes, the circulation of the eye, nibbling on lips, with a smile unconsciously, Moxiang the building into a frown.

    this fool, sleep is not stable, still frown, dream inside still miss something? Worried about having overslept and missed the appointment to the aquarium? The girl was thinking, and saw the building into a frown because their unconscious movements have smooth stretch, suddenly the tilt of the mouth, draw the outline of a mischievous smile.

    her slender white fingers like jumping notes, a bit to heal the building into a frown. So he slept peacefully and saw calm, faded awake when mature, just nodded with satisfaction, let your fingers down, gently outline the face of a road line.

    the outline of a smile on her lips, fingers are increasingly obvious, lively as cheeks each write a word in the floor.

    "stupid" egg"!

    "idiot" Silent meditation a few times, Yan Zheke laughed like a hen stole a small fox, fingers continue to slide down, stroking her boyfriend's new little Hu slag, brushed his lips.

    "is this rascal bully me" The girl staring out, eyes suddenly dizzy.

    her thought of their usual building into a lip sucking licking, thought he seemed to taste delicious like hunger, he thought of the morning bustling about figure, he thought when he leaves in the morning and hidden exhausted look

    Yan Zheke eyes imperceptibly had drunk, looked at the sleeping floor, pink lips delicately, a silent declaration:

    "sleeping beauty, I am your prince ~"!"

    Liao Liao her hair, a little bit buried his head, heart plop plop sound, inch red face.

    slowly, the girl fell into the floor, pink lips mouth, she learn each other, carefully began rubbing and sucking, and then stretched out the timid little tongue, a fast outline lip.

    done it all, she lifted her head and touched his lips, a little confused and a little surprised thought:

    "how his mouth is sweet"

    eyes down, Yan Ming saw the mouth of the building is full of their own lip gloss.

    "no wonder taste good familiar"

    she laughed, eyes blurred and touching.

    at the same time, the clouds moving, the sun exposed, light from the window, sprinkled on the sleeping boy bent over his sentimental and shy girl, bright, quiet and warm

    building a woke up, it was already dark outside, Yan Zheke is on the other side of the desk with a lamp, bathed in warm orange, before the focus turned to forget from the bag on the shelf of the textbooks, slender and graceful figure.

    "what time is it?" Lou asked blankly into, picked up the side of the mobile phone, and empty head swell.

    Yan Zheke heard back, but just looked at him, and suddenly twisted past, Blush Cheek: "six ten."

    "six ten" Is this building into a mobile phone display time, above there are two missed calls from Sun Jian.

    for ten seconds, he suddenly awake, annoyed remorse and said: "I am, I overslept!"

    beloved girl initiative invitation date, himself overslept!

    Yan Zheke side face, bit his lips, with a clear smile together:

    "I deliberately did not wake you, see you too tired ~ there are many, many, many opportunities!""

    listen to her tone light, it was the building into a laugh, feel better:

    "also, there are many many opportunities!"

    he got out of bed, put on your shoes, are going to wash my face, completely sober, and then back to the sun sword brother phone.

    Yan Zheke secretly, secretly watch his lips at a glance, in his passing, hurried back, poker-faced looked at books: "may the check out."

    their room will expire tomorrow, but wait to have dinner, go to Wu Road venue for teammates refueling, and then go back to the old campus together.

    then went to the toilet outside a building, not to speak, when I heard a knock at the door, followed by Sun Jian's cry:

    "orange, in?"

    "in the!" Building hurriedly answer loudly, screwed the door handle.

    behind him just packed textbooks and other items Zheke Yan Qiao face a red, blurted:


    her "no" to an abrupt end, has opened the door to the floor, side head looked at her suspiciously.

    Sun Jianli outside the door, laughing: "orange, asleep? Call you no one answered, the check-out, and so on to go directly to the Wu Road Museum to refuel them."

    "good." Building into a back over his head with a smile.

    this time, Sun Jian eyes Ning, instantly shocked, then with a smile, laugh:


    "huh?" Building into a road.

    Sun Jian patted him on the shoulder and said heavily:

    "eat remember wipe mouth!"

    "what ah?" Floor into a vacant to.

    sun sword eyebrow, a pair of I know the expression, he also ask, singing a pop song, stepped into the elevator.

    Guo Qinggang said, Yan Zheke not in her room

    what and what ah? The building became confused, turned toward the bathroom, and Yan Zheke embrace textbooks, low head, a fast talking partly hidden and partly visible dimples, say: "I will return to the room tidy"

    she was from the building Cengceng rub into ran, ran out of the door.

    "strange" Building into a shake head, into the bathroom, subconscious look into the mirror.

    this look, he suddenly froze in there, because their lips are full of familiar Lip Balm color!

    how could this be? He woke up, angry and funny to come up with a mobile phone, "shocked the pale face to Yan Zheke sent a message:

    "you this rascal!"

    after sending out the news, his face was filled with a smile, the taste of the remaining girl taste and taste again, clean up the clean.

    well, honey peach flavor

    Yan soon returned to a "pathetic" expression: "it's none of my business! You are the big lady-killer, fell asleep to bad, I'll give you a crumpled crumpled, you put me to press down, still mimihuhu kissed me!"

    "true?" Building into a question mark above the head expression road.

    he fell asleep instinctively Pro Yan Zheke?

    this is really a skill ah!

    Yan Zheke "healthy look" answer:

    "false ~"!"

    hum, if it was not the paper rubbed almost wake you, I will not leave evidence!

    puff Building into a laugh out loud, they really understand by the girl while asleep to kiss, just wish I did not wake up, can not directly feel the kind of beautiful, can not seize the opportunity to counter Pro back!

    night, Jiang six meet a good opponent, failed in the final test, Guo Qing, Li Xiaowen and Wu Meng smoothly pass, got the spare four goods certificate, Li Mao is lucky, the last enemy wounded in the previous game, caught by him. A chance take, therefore, he also became the two amateur warriors.

    Lin Hua usually had to make no reply, aggressive attitude even through six, the amateur three, let her boyfriend Sun Jianpo envy.

    the next morning, building into view and thought "very cold map" to the memory, every little bit subtle changes in muscle, fascia and viscera.

    this is the mill Kung Fu, he was not in a hurry.

    special training until Wu Shi, the old man took a clap together:

    "this fixed product competition, everybody's performance is also good, has not lost the old man my face, does today restores the training."

    speaking here, he looked into the floor, Lin missing and Yan Zheke, etc. one eye, hey hey laugh:

    "yes, Qinglong Corps for a special format."

    "ah?" The building is not forced into others immediately.

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