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Chapter 189–Tim

    keep smiling, keep smiling Rui Shu hung the occupation smiled the pink of perfection:

    "your classmates play on their own lack of wood in this game is what evaluation? Satisfied, or feel not perfect?"

    ask, she blinked, looked at the innocent forest, the small ye pray don't say "joke".

    Lin silence for more than ten seconds, slowly way: "just pass."

    "just passed? Why do such an evaluation? In a very short period of time to solve a product with the order of the Wu, no matter what the standard evaluation, enough to be called 'pretty good' it." Shu Rui keen to seize this ask down.

    Lin gapping tunnel: "the first time was solemnly recording fist, convergence is not fast enough, he hide in the past."

    although he was in "Yin and Yang" removed a part of power, borrowed part of power, but it is not the means of martial arts, the state level is put in there, there are still some forces failed to resolve, can only rely on the flesh hard resistance, because of this, he was some influence, in "a leg sweep" with "meteor Jin", had to slow breath, slow tempo, Deng Hua insurance.

    if a little better, maybe Deng Hua in the first time when he was beaten back!

    "refining the body peak physical fitness, you can do this stage, has been very good, no need to brood on it?" Shu Rui eyebrow stretch said, vaguely felt caught with the lack of forest conversation skills.

    just mention specific combat details on the line!

    "there is insufficient to look for reasons, physical quality is not enough to strive to improve the flesh." Lin Shen slow answer.

    Shu Rui rolled her eyes and sweet smile: "so, Lin mean to break the body as soon as possible into the Dan environment limit?"

    "um." Lin lack no modesty and no pride, so flatly nodded nodded.

    ha ha, this is not so difficult as well, feel out of temper, Shun is the donkey! I really is a once-in-a-lifetime reporter Shu Rui ~ a boast heart, curious and asked: "if your fist and building into the earthquake shock boxing is not the same, leveraging the skills and unloading force" Blizzard twenty-four hit "may have some difference, can tell you their names?"

    Carter, her mind and thought, feel like asking the wrong question, Lin missing answer seems to have expected.

    indeed, the lack of light to return to a forest:


    God TM secrecy! Shu Rui want to reach his face with a sigh, but in front of the camera, she must keep good manners, only watched the forest and not to lack micro nod, stepped away from the locker room door.

    clean up the mood, continue to interview with Shu Rui came out of the locker room of a martial arts club members, such as the old man asked Shi on the selection of the final ranking match what goals, such as ask Sun Jian in "two Xiang Ming" under the idea of brittle failure, such as asking Lin Hua for the last time to feel the situation

    because the high number of bonuses will be broadcast into reality, Li Mao and others were quite excited, the interview is very complex, so finally tasted Shu Rui light taste, the only doubts that song Da Wu Dao Shi coach seems to agency trials after qualifying goal lack of interest.

    "thank you Guo Qing classmates." Near the end, Shu xiaojinjin said.

    Guo Qing a face is bright, busy not a way: "polite what, should, should!"

    Shu Rui saw a few steps outside the locker room door, casually asked: "building into a classmate still inside?"

    "in." Guo Qing answered crisply, followed, her face became a little strange, added, "Shu reporters, you'll have to wait and interview floor?"

    "yes, one of the big hero but he wins today." Shu Rui said without hesitation.

    Guo Qing Zhang opened his mouth, seems to want to say something, but eventually turned into a meaningful reminder:

    "may wait a long time"

    "never mind, this is not live." Shu Rui don't care too much smile.

    prior to the interview after the game belongs to the Qinglong clan live, we must pay close attention to, and now television has switched to the backup of a field, on the road agency in an interview with Dawu was placed at the end of the last, in other words, this is not a real-time broadcast.

    since it is not live, I certainly can afford!

    he can have to linger?

    Guo Qing took a deep look at her, no more said, left the Wu Tao society

    in the locker room, the building is still to Yan Zheke's arm ointment.

    before the game, Yan Zheke actually didn't do too fierce collision, also because of the hard frame arms and a hammer to Tao bruising, in addition, was thrown out, her arm still had to pull the opponent fingerprints, slightly fascia muscle, but it will never a few places to deal with, and the floor is more relaxed, the battle is the fist and Mo Conroy cross strike two times, stepping on broken pieces of brick.

    to their strength of the number of "injury", ointment, massage effect, only a few minutes, but after the bath, building into a full ten minutes dawdled, was not ready.

    seeing the locker room more and more quiet, other people have all gone, he suddenly accelerated progress, finished kneading.

    "you helped me out." He will pass the strict Zheke smiling ointment.

    Yan Zheke tender white his one eye, snorted:

    "you are too slow!"

    building into the heart, known to all!

    though she said so, she took the ointment jar, dug out a piece and finished the painting.

    less than two minutes, all fix, Yan Zheke is to be withdrawn, but heard the building into a low chuckle:

    "I have another injury"

    "where?" The Yan Yan Yan blinked eyes, again and again and again and again the ground of concern ground ask.

    "here" Building into open mouth, the tongue to the teeth gap, "against the" Ming Ming "when the bite!"

    severe coach can kiss a kiss to heal!

    Yan Zheke angry and funny, pursed mouth, with dimples, with little fingers dug a little cream road:

    "come, I'll give you tu!"

    orange is really getting cheeky!

    at the same time, her hand was stretched out.

    building a flopped laugh, immediately said: "I was wrong, don't be so strict coach"

    his right hand out, painted with a semi arc wonderful, grasp to the girl's wrist, make a stop.

    Yan Zheke immediately to the interest of the fresh fried shoulder elbow, a bomb, a flick of the wrist, speeding over the building into a grappling, will ointment to his mouth.

    building into the size of handgrips which will so easily broken, shoulders shaking, right hand bombs thrown out and caught the girl to close at hand arm.

    Yan Zheke bit her lower lip, bright eyes, left to join, and building practice and work in pairs.

    for a moment, two people in the middle of the fierce wind, hand to point to, very lively.

    the final result is no accident, Yan Zheke only practicing martial arts is too superficial and wrists caught floor respectively.

    "you don't even let me ~!" Yan Zheke gasped, "yizhengciyan" smile, an oval face due to movement of flushing, forehead slightly see sweat.

    such hidden sparring slapstick is really very interesting!

    she said with a light tone, but found no answer, but focused on the eyes and looked at him.

    "you, what are you looking at?" By building into holding hands, face and he looked at this, Yan Zheke suddenly some inexplicable panic.

    building a swallow spit: "Keke, your tongue also in pain?"

    "um." Yan Zheke's eyes are bright.

    "I'll help you" Building into a whispered, hand with kunugi, once the girl pulled over to his bosom, and then let go of the wrist, hugged her shoulders, low head, and kissed the past, kiss on red lips.

    Yan Zheke hands gently on his shoulder, and then close your eyes and take his shoulder.

    kiss on they have practiced things, building into a finished outline lip, ate sweet seductive, put out his tongue into the girl's mouth, touch the shy creamy sweet tongue, licking it bites sore place.

    temporary escape, with a kiss building more and more, more and more enthusiasm, strict Zheke began tactfully, only remained a little sentimental, resting on the shoulders of her boyfriend hands imperceptibly into a cuddle.

    sucking the sweet, building into don't feel satisfied, once again caught the girl to Buxus, take it into his mouth.

    Yan Zheke struggled a few times, feel more and more strong to boyfriend is more and more intense, the body slightly trembling, his head suddenly flashed a confused, inexplicable "with him as he thought.".

    a sweet tongue, seize the opportunity to put it into the building took over, poor light honey love, short long suck suck, feel tender and fragrant everywhere.

    Yan Zheke body trembling more and more intense, suddenly, she pushed me into the floor, queshe back, barely sit straight body, with misty eyes, red with pink face, gasping for shortness of breath, beautiful to the extreme, attractive to the extreme.

    building into a hit, suddenly kissed the girl in the past, fragrant dark tongue spit, and kiss him together, the fierce exchange taste.

    intense excitement feeling on the floor behind her hands began to walk down from above, from the left to the right touch, touch, feel the beautiful girl back line, touch the root bra strap, also rouluan Yan Zheke's martial arts clothing, let part of it out of the hem pants off.

    lips lingering, kozu dark Du, building into a girl only sleep breathing more and more anxious, more and more stimulating, into a warm and moist bursts of fragrance, gushing in his face, let his body to increasingly turbulent tide.

    his right hand slipped down, to drill into the strict Zheke Budo clothing hem, vividly feel the delicate skin.

    at that moment, a sudden knock on the door of the dressing room.

    Dong dong! Dong dong!

    Yan Feng seems to be finally awake, a push away the floor, down his head, panting, quickly finishing his clothes.

    the building is quite upset and unhappy, controlling the tone, Shen asked:


    when the door will be punished!

    outside the locker room, a nice female incoming:

    "building into a classmate, I am a loose city television reporter Shu Rui, convenient for you to accept an interview?"

    inconvenient! The building is very want to answer, but taking into account the Propaganda Department of the school repeatedly told, and he and Yan Zheke had just done a bad thing, was blocked in the locker room, so suck the mouth:

    "then you wait a few minutes."

    it was a few minutes to wait, because the loose, loose, one would be able to withstand a clear outline of the body, the lower half of the tent is now so bright and so outstanding!

    really to just go out, a "sex maniac" hat is the most basic, they might even lose face to the pine city tens of millions of young and old in front, in front of their own fans forum lost It is better to buy a piece of tofu moped!

    "good." Shu Rui with impatient answer.

    building into how can so long for? How long has it been? What the hell is he doing in the dressing room?

    wait, his pretty girlfriend doesn't seem to come out either

    building into a calm, visualising condensate water pile, can lower body still stubborn, did not give him a little face.

    "only cold bath" He gritted his teeth, the top of the tent, rushed to the bath compartment, quickly faded clothes, unscrew the faucet.

    Yan Zheke sitting on the bench glance with all this already laughter from the waist, her light struck the side position, shy and happy whispering "regret, regret!"

    at the same time, there was a network language in her mind:

    "call you wave!"

    washing the cold bath, calm the building into a tent, wearing the clothes, glanced at Yan Zheke, opened the door and walked out of the locker room.

    kuangdang! Close a good child!

    Shu Rui with a smile: "feel shy, excuse me, is there. The game for one half, I must as soon as possible to complete the interview."

    hum, the elder sister is also on the university has the boyfriend's person, also can not guess what you are doing?

    "not so polite, you ask." The wrath of the building into a What is done cannot be undone., only into deep frustration.

    Shu Rui have caught pigtail behind others, smiling: "building into a classmate, you hit the two boxing Mo Conroy today seems very special ah, all martial arts used before you and are not the same, is a new trump card?"

    "yes." Floor into a calm answer.

    as long as the people watching the game, will notice this, he has nothing to hide.

    Shu Rui satisfied nod, continue to ask: "when I interviewed Mo Conroy, found him still in the name of the pendulum, face is pale, as by a strong cold injury, does that mean you practice into a" ice "from the overwhelming strength?"

    "can not be counted into practice, but a preliminary grasp." This is not modesty, is truth.

    real a fresh blow to frost but not Conroy frozen, let him bear the surface short frost.

    his "thunder shock Zen" and "Jin frost" practice too quickly, master is only confined to the superficial level, not "Blizzard twenty-four strike" is illegal.

    look! Have a look! The answer, how honest! There is, there is no! Compare sb, Shu Rui Dunsheng tears impulse fist, particularly grateful look upstairs into one eye, see each other rather baffling.

    "as far as I know, even if Dan gas environment, a similar strength also has shortcomings, refining the body environment to play such a strong grasp, I am afraid cold, must have the corresponding ability or special talents?" This topic according to Rui Shu, asked again.

    Lou smiled and said, "can I choose to keep a secret?"

    let others guess what I am!

    Shu Rui moved to tears, look at the people, said a secret are so polite so polite!

    "of course." She sketched a smile to answer, then changed the subject, with other things.

    did not use how long, the end of the interview, the building immediately waved his hand, his head did not return to the dressing room.


    hear the locker room closes the sound, Shu Rui lengleleng, couldn't help from the camera back there brother handbag, took out a small mirror, carefully seriously according to their own face.

    do not stay up too late, my face value has dropped a lot?

    otherwise why a hide like monster ran, superfluous words didn't say a word, no one wanted to protect the heart, always face, can use two words, not to say three, often a word block to open her mouth?

    as an outstanding beauty, Shu Rui since the eyebrows and eyes open later, always can feel the social good, only to buy train ticket for standing room never mind that there will be a boy, most courageous, out of position, occasionally forget to bring change never mind, to borrow a little the success rate is very high

    "no change" Shu Rui repeatedly looked at, make a conclusion, it will be just the thing out of the back of the head, took the camera brother, hurried out of the martial arts venues.

    building into the locker room, see Yan Zheke have packed the goods, are waiting for their Qiao livings.

    "this is back ah?" He was expecting something.

    Yan Zheke cross his one eye, suddenly soft track: "you are so tired, or go back to sleep."

    "can you see?" The building still thought he was very successful.

    not too familiar with the situation, play two Jin really tired of frost

    of course, I'm detective Yan Zheke ~ "Minzui smile, walk into front elevation, arms outstretched hands, gently help him to pinch a few temples.

    while enjoying the pain eased into the floor of the comfortable, the girl suddenly cushion on tiptoe, pink lips quickly pecked his mouth.

    then, Yan Zheke turned back to a common channel:

    "departure ~"!"

    "good." Building into imperceptibly reveals smile

    back to the dormitory, building just want to go to the small bedroom, behind came a burst of hurried upstairs.

    this step is so familiar, let him subconsciously pause wait.

    soon, the door opened, "Wang mouth" Cai Zongming students hummed briskly into the.

    "my lover, you come back?" A building with a little surprised smile asked.

    Ke Ke himself and tarry so long, the race left the martial arts venues and even Xiao Ming students before and after their feet?

    where did this go?

    Cai Zongming's smile: "the oranges, I have good news and bad news, if you want to hear first?"

    "bad news." Building into not very care to answer.

    see the king can not hide the joy of expression, and then the bad and bad to go!

    Cai Zongming: 1: "see you today in the martial arts venues two boxing beat a strong occupation nine, I TM by stimulating the heart, restless, impulsive, went to the lake after the zhanzhuang!"

    "is this good news? You really are not stimulated not ah!" Building into Cai Zongming's tone of laughter.

    what time did I make? I've been overrun by gorillas several times a day" Cai Zongming a face of the past cannot bear to think of the past to retort.

    "go on line, you try your diligence." Building deliberately perfunctory answer, "good news?"

    "good news?" Cai Zongming suddenly louder, "I have just successfully meditating!"

    "ha ha ha, I really was a genius!" He learns a cartoon character laughs.

    building into a surprise around Cai Zongming half turn: "can not see ah, this meditation?"

    "what is this?" Cai Zongming was funny, "do you not understand this metamorphosis I practiced for several months before the success of bitter meditation!"

    is worthy of mention of a master talent mouth Wang, as long as serious, is still very powerful The building was a friend happy, on the mouth but hit him: "you have this time of awakening, this meditation is successful before the winter holiday!"

    Cai Zongming did not mind the slightest, hey hey laugh: "orange, I am now in the mind of the flash of a pile of idioms."

    "what?" Floor into a curious asked.

    Cai Zongming coughed:

    "blockbuster, soar, out of an ignorant person, after three days, when regard with special esteem energy-saving, material"

    "hehe." Floor into a reply.

    "as the martial arts agency fourth master meditation, before the end of the semester, I will spare the impact before three, next semester, at least two amateur!" Cai Zongming hope is not in high and vigorous spirits, science building, mobile phone, flash to the balcony, good for my girlfriend.

    good! Looked at his back, building into a sincere smile.

    I'm getting better and my friends are getting better!

    next year's University Wu Road, mouth Wang may be able to compete for the bench qualifying

    back to the small bedroom floor, to take off clothes, lying on the bed, and Yan Zheke chatted, to fill a nap, suddenly saw a message pops up, from the other side of the cloud".

    this is his aunt's eldest daughter Qi Yunfei's QQ nickname.

    "building into brother in?" "The other side of the cloud" asked.

    Lou Cheng returned a smiling face: "Fei Fei, what matter?"

    his cousin and cousin who often talk a few words on the QQ, there is an exclusive to the brothers and sisters group.

    "building into a brother, I heard you in the aunt said Sondar participated in the martial arts club, also practice a little?" Asked Qi Yunfei, with a lively leaping expression.

    poof, mother's mouth Building into Renjun live, fufei a modest, replied: "ok."

    my mom didn't seem to love their martial arts, it will also have to show off the cousins know!

    Yunfei weak Qi said: "I have a thing to ask your brother into the floor."

    consult? Good formal Floor into Leng Leng, generous response way: "say."

    "I, my boyfriend doesn't want to test high school, want to go to school Xuewu, building into a brother, what do you think?" Qi Yunfei "blinking watery eyes".

    how? The floor into consideration under the tone answer:

    "it depends on whether he is really love, or simply avoid reading, even if true love, also to see if he has no perseverance, can not adhere to, if possible, is also a good way to learn kung fu."

    as for talent, as long as the common practice, to spare a product there is still hope, and in these places to find a water Xiushan Ning on the standard of work is not difficult.

    Qi Yunfei was silent for a moment, said: "he is really love, there is no perseverance, can not insist, now I can not see I'm afraid he is not that reliable martial arts to cheat"

    "he wanted to go to a school? Tell me, I'll ask you." The building is easy to return to a sentence.

    he consciously in martial arts circles Xiushan this one is a bit of a network.

    Qin Rui's ancient martial arts is at least the top of that group of xiushan!

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