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Chapter 195–Travel Notes

    a bath, put on a white T-shirt, dark blue jeans and sneakers, a building in the mirror, although consciousness is not handsome, but also the spirit of clean, moist self-confidence, facial features and a high spirited and vigorous momentum, which is close to the peak of Qi Lian body. To bring some changes.

    "don't know and Keke couples dress?" He cut the hair, smiling to himself, is to be on the go, thought and turned back, from the backpack and pulls out a thin coat of a jacket type.

    although his blood is strong, not afraid of the mountain–take a coat is very cumbersome, but it is the big aunt Ke Ke Qi body during the cold, to the glass Long bridge, blowing through the canyon winds, it might feel cold, at that time, this coat come in handy!

    well, life would have prepared against want!

    Dong dong! He knocked the girl's door.

    no two, Yan Zheke opened the door, Minzui smile:

    "wait a second"

    here, she seemed to feel that this is contrary to their own not to wait for the idea, added: "look relatively poor, feel shy like this directly out to get the face!"

    and boyfriend's first trip, there will certainly be a picture of the kind of thing, can not be careless!

    "good." Building into a smiling door, stood in the bathroom door, looked at the girl in the face of smearing, found her face really because the loss of blood and pale.

    "what do you see?! To sit in the room!" Yan Zheke jiaochen 1.

    "is this not seen? Always feel that this is a very complex and very magical craft." Building into a smile said.

    their usual never noticed my mother will not apply the cream ah what, uh, this is not a little unworthy?

    Yan Zheke hair with hair clips in the side, it is particularly cute, at this time the boyfriend looked a way: "I also know a little bit, every time my mother taught me, I do not mind too much"

    "a born beauty difficult to abandon myself." Building a half joking said sincerely.

    Yan Zheke mouth outline, shallow dimples, no longer speak, hidden a little proud, seemed to feel her heartfelt praise.

    building a now noticed that his girlfriend is wearing white T-shirt and jeans, just follow at the foot of white sports shoes, T-shirt on things from yesterday's letter into a black pattern today.

    "we couples dress." He was pleasantly surprised to say that this was exactly what he had expected.

    this is called heart to heart?

    "I've noticed that when you open the door, your mother knows it!" Yan Zheke briskly tone replied, did not have the nerve to take couples dress this topic.

    this is not the first concern you looking to go? Building into a mouth Tucao, but laughed: "is indeed the detective, observation ability really strong!"

    "it is ~" Zheke Yan Yang Yang chin.

    after a down-to-earth sense, building into a less careful, what they want to say to say: "Ke Ke, you like a lot of white T-shirt?"

    are almost the same, will not feel too monotonous?

    "yes." Yan Zheke casually replied, "a different style, different patterns, different version."

    "very complicated appearance" The building can only answer.

    at this time, Yan Zheke almost finished face, lips delicate and tender, will look up a lot, see the building into a want to kiss, not easy to control myself.

    "complex?" Yan Zheke turned a chuckle, "such as channel, you know that girl's clothes are more complicated after!"

    "yes, I have seen a post before, that this matter, said the boy's eyes are almost leggings, in fact, will be divided into thick, thin, with velvet, with velvet, not dew, half dew, as well as their free combination?" The floor into the light is to think think this is too complicated for your headache, but he love Yan Zheke that "after you", there is a feeling of enduring as the universe.

    Yan Zheke pursed her lips, nodded solemnly:

    "that is!"

    she said, briskly quipped one sentence: "why I said you most of the men's life is too rough, rough man!"

    all of a sudden, Lou actually speechless, think carefully, if indeed, only watched his jacket on the back of the backpack, go out to do.

    Keke, I received a phone call before the mouth Wang, he said he was very grateful to my girlfriend for her boyfriend's encouragement, we want to eat a meal on the evening of three, in the face of a xie." Near the elevator, the building referred to the things just.

    Yan Zheke paint eyes looked up and said: "well, I was curious about his girlfriend is what."

    Cai Zongming is a member of the training team doctor Wu, she is not strange, but her boyfriend often said the friends how, the other was shaking all the assorted embarrassment.

    of course, will not mention their own pursuit of talent building action had Xiaoming students advice, this kind of thing will be rotten in the belly of the secret, until the two sides grey-haired, memories of the past, it may be said.

    out of the door, two people to Yang Thai tourist center bought a ticket, take the shuttle bus arrived at Mo Fengshan, along the road, step by step up.

    the girl of my aunt has scruples, building into the schedule pressure slowly, they stop and go, pat rest, breathing with negative oxygen ions in the air, enjoying with unfamiliar environment of comfortable, fast until noon, did not see the bridge across the canyon of the glass Long bridge.

    not many tourists here, but also many rows of ten minutes before boarding their team, wheel.

    as a boy, building into a volunteer, the first to set foot on the foot, feel empty, one can see the shrouded in cloud, surging river, and because the height and small to the foot of the building as if ants, people instantly jumped down the impulse, and soon fell a patty of fear.

    not to here really do not know I am a little afraid of heights Building into a secretly spit bad, convergence of mind, condensate water ice, the fear of feeling to calm down.

    looked around the legs shaking not before the tourists, looked scared to dig up the guardrail on both sides of the men and women, he will give birth to a bit funny, looking back, hand to Yan Zheke, to pull her out, ready to protect his girlfriend.

    Ke Ke is quivering, weak legs, still screaming, afraid to move? Think of the building into an implicit expectation.

    that was the chance to show his manhood!

    Zheke Yan Liao Liao by mountain wind blown hair, did not catch the floor into the right hand, leaped lightly like a deer jumped on the glass Long bridge with interest, looked down.

    she walked a few steps, a little excited to see the floor into the road: "feel very interesting!"

    building a terrified, blurted out: "Ke Ke, aren't you afraid of?"

    "not afraid!" Yan Zheke proudly shook his head, and then looked at the feet of people tremble with fear scenery, explain a sentence, "probably because when I was young, the body is especially poor, often sick, always feel that they will die soon, ha ha, particularly when love habits, make blind and disorderly conjectures, feel dead this thing did not seem what good fear, often think of life in the most brilliant future should not die, what a pity."

    and then she convergence up his own emotion, with a smile: "not afraid to die, but also fear what?"

    her voice just fell, he heard the building into a weak way: "strict coach, you are quite right, so, can you pull me up?"

    er? Yan Zheke looked up and saw the floor into clutching the railing next to a pair of legs felt weak, trembling of the body.

    wouldn't it? Orange is so high? Yan Zheke endure hilarious impulse, was about to go in the past, on the hand, beauty save the hero, but saw it into building wind stand straight, face smile as usual:


    found a strict Zheke not afraid of death, he felt that the girl is very adorable, but very pity, to resolve just atmosphere.

    do not come out to travel, not in a strange place, I am afraid it will be a long time before we can see such a strict, right?

    of course, he does have a little bit of fear

    Yan Zheke finally can not help laughing, mouth laughed, she came to the end, relax, eyes diversion:

    "orange, in fact, I particularly like you just waiting for me to save your fear"

    hum, this will make the heroes have a sense of achievement!

    building a quickly holding arms, make good men and women being molested the appearance, shivering road:

    "then you come to save me!"

    Yan Zheke suddenly laughed clutching his stomach, squat down, lest lose image, helplessness.

    after a happy in love, two people go to the central glass Long bridge, please kindly passers-by to help each other, to shoot a few photos nestled in between the blue sky and white clouds.


    beautiful fixed frame, this is the first time two people alone photo

    afternoon, because even in the vicinity of the floor into play, only in accordance with the Raiders do, pick up a less pit scenic hotel, wait until dinner, two people hand in hand, happy and easy once again embarked on a journey to the temple to burn incense, habitation go to visit the people in the mountains, although can't see what interesting things, but two people together, or do what, for them, is the most interesting thing.

    five o'clock, they returned on time Tourist Bus Line there, took the bus back to Yang Tai town, found that "predetermined Yang Thai fish and shrimp museum".

    "now is not the season to eat crabs, but they are the most famous crab, or two points." Watch the menu.

    Lou Cheng surprised openings: "but you can't eat?"

    "how do you know?" Yan Zheke looked at her face to her boyfriend.

    "when I see the search of brown sugar ginger tea can not eat cold during the girls aunt, there are examples of crabs." Floor into explanation.

    Yan Zheke facial features a slightly turned, looking forward to the next:

    "give you some ah ~""

    after a while, steamed crabs come up with a secret sauce.

    before eating crabs are chopped into pieces, in the face of the whole building a ton of food, when a little helpless, I do not know where to start.

    "I come." Yan Zheke smiled gently, the crab took over, familiar and tick dirty, even the big crab legs have a mouth can suck out the meat.

    "Hello skilled ah" She was looking at the way, building into a sweet feeling, can not help feeling the sentence.

    "south of the Yangtze River over there to eat crabs, grew accustomed to." Yan Zheke smiled with crab dishes onto the floor into.

    building a picked up a piece, with a dip of soy sauce, just feel delicious and sweet, like the one immediately:

    "yes, very delicious!"

    love food is better than usual!

    his voice just fell, Yan Zheke suddenly floor the face: "wrong answer, zero!"

    "ah?" Floor into a face at a loss.

    Yan Zheke snorted:

    "you should say, well done."! That's the right answer!"

    this is really not the same routine The building is a Leng first, then a burst of funny, originally should deal with similar scene like this!

    after dinner, two people stroll Yang Thai crafts market, know here is pit, simply looked at, among them several times into the building to spend money buy some souvenirs, but are strictly Zheke distressed stop.

    back to the hotel, is nine kinds, Yan Zheke Wuzui yawned:

    under the "early bath sleep early, follow you tomorrow morning, not abandoned."

    building a point to nod, the in the mind is some different expectation, tactful ground asks a way: "does the abdomen still ache?"

    "a lot, the first day of the end I do not hurt." Yan replied truthfully answer.

    building and asked: "do you still need to rub your stomach?"

    Zheke Yan Zheng Zheng, immediately came over, cheeks flushed, spat:

    "no wonder and Tong said, most men have no shame, insatiable!"

    orange actually want to sleep here tonight!

    building is to say "I will refrain from doing what, and you can't do what I saw," the girl flushed with red cheeks, side head looked at beside the carpet, snorted:

    "then you have to behave well!"

    "take it, take it"

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